Kerry Taylor-Smith

Kerry Taylor-Smith

Freelance journalist

BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences

Kerry has been a freelance writer, editor and proofreader since 2016; she specialises in science and healthrelated topics and has written on everything from astronomy to nanomaterials to mental health and social media, and everything in between!

Kerry has an honours degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath where she studied a range of topics including chemistry, biology, and environmental sciences and is NCTJ trained. In 2009, Kerry became staff writer at Laboratory News, before being promoted to web editor in 2011. She would spend her days writing sciencebased news and features, as well as interviewing scientists and, writing editorial comment pieces.

As a freelance writer, Kerry’s work has appeared in many science, medical and lifestyle magazines and various websites, including Patient, NetDoctor and the AZO and Compelo Medical portfolios. Her articles cover a wide range of topics including nanotechnology, physics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and environmental issues amongst many others.

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