Prof Swaran Singh

Prof Swaran Singh

Head of Mental Health & Wellbeing, University of Warwick


Professor Swaran Singh trained as a surgeon in New Delhi, India and changed to a psychiatric career following charity work with traumatised child victims of ethnic violence. He joined PGIMER, Chandigarh where he conducted research on psychosocial aspects of Sikh militancy and deliberate self-harm as a form of political protest.

He moved to UK in 1991 and was a lecturer and consultant at Nottingham conducting research on first-episode psychosis, and ethnic influences in mental health. In 2001 moved to St George’s University of London as senior lecturer to develop the ETHOS early intervention service, which gained an international reputation for its success in improving outcomes for young people with psychosis and its cost-effective use of resources.

In 2006, he joined Warwick University as Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry and consultant psychiatrist for the East Birmingham Early Intervention Service. He is currently the Head Mental Health and Wellbeing at Warwick University. He is also a Commissioner for , UK.

He has published extensively on culture and ethnicity in mental health, onset and outcomes of early psychosis, transition from child to adult care, mental health law and medical education. His other interests include jazz, blues, cricket, poetry, literature, philosophy, gardening, fishing, idle speculation and meaningless meandering.

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