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Hi to all,

I am now 6 weeks post THR and because I have not been given a six- week follow-up appointment with my surgeon due to admin error..( !!)...and having to wait until September for " a quick 5 minute appointment squeezed in at the end of the day"...(  !!).. I turn to you very experienced people for advice. 

Firstly, when should I be ok to sleep on my operated side? I have tried to lay on it briefly and feel comfortable and as far I can tell my hip is gaining strength as expected.

Secondly, when are we able to drive once more? Do we have to wait for the go ahead from said surgeon? Do we need permission in writing? Again I feel ready and definitely in need of getting back into the driving seat. What do insurance companies require to ensure full cover? 


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    Hi Jem

    The attitude of the hospital over your 6 weeks appointment seems rather extraordinary.  I had an x-ray as part of my appointment, my consultant looked at it, said everything was ok and told me he never wanted to see me again.  I can't see how this is going to be achieved in a 5 minute appointment at the end of the day.

    I can't help about sleeping on your operated side as I never sleep on this side.  However and there seem to be lots of different answers on this, I can tell you about my resumption of driving.  I drove for the first time after my op to my 6 weeks appointment.  My  consultant was not interested in whether I was driving or not and I did not need his persmission.  I had previously when speaking to my insurance company (LV) about something else asked about new hips and driving and they told me they weren't interested either!  It seemed to come down to me and whether I felt I was ready, could do an emergency stop etc.  The day after I saw the consultant I went back to work which is about a half hour's drive away.  It felt a bit painful the first couple of days and then I was over it.  

    Do hope you get the appointment you need and best wishes.


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    Hi Jem

    I went back to my Consultant at 6 weeks and he was happy for me to drive. Now after my second I am due to see him at 5 and 1/2 weeks due to Bank holidays here. 

    Last time he said he was happy with my XRay post op and that was that. He basically just said keep walking and told me I could fly short haul at 3 months and long haul at 6 months. 

    I have continued with my injections for 5 weeks last time and will do so this plus I will continue with the dreaded stockings to 6 weeks. 

    I see him for my discharge appointment on 21 August and will report if he says any more then. 

    Best wishes. A X

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    Hi Jem,

    I had the anterior method for my right THR 8 weeks ago. There are a lot less restrictions with the anterior. I was driving short distances at 3 weeks but surgeon left it completely to me and whether I felt up to it. The car insurance Co. was never involved. I don't think it's like eyeglasses where they need to be informed if you wear them. You do need to be off of any narcotics.

    I too, like Sylvia, am rather surprised at the hospital's attitude. Is there anyone you can call to get your questions answered in the meantime? I had a NP I could call or my surgeons PAs.



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    Posterior approach. All restrictions lifted at 6 weeks. No X-ray taken. Started driving at 3 weeks when going to out patient therapy 
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      Thanks Steve, think

      I will have to rely on my own judgement I think. Thanks for the advice.

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    Hi Jem, I went to my pre op assessment yesterday followed by a hip class with the physio. He said they don't make you sleep on your back anymore and you can sleep on your side as soon as you feel comfortable enough but advised to use a pillow between the knees. He said drive at 6 weeks or earlier if you drive an automatic. Whenever you feel ready. So it seems there is different advice depending on where you go. Good luck with your appointment



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    Jem call his secretary first to see if she can give you earlier appt. If not get onto PALS or your equivilent. It is outrageous that after major surgery you have been treated like this. Good luck x
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      This afternoon you wouldn't have believed I had a THR, in the park with my 4 yr old grandson and hubby, them on the roundabout and me running round and round with it. Even teenagers there were laughing. I'm almost 23 months post op now xx

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      Dear Auntiebeanie

      You have done very well and it is great that you are able to run around with the little ones.....but I was advised twenty years ago when I had my hip surgery that running would reduce the life of my prosthesis.

      Good luck and please take care.


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    Hi there I'm just one year post op tlhr , I was discharged from hospital and the

    only after care I had was my GP calling to see me the following morning.

    I have not seen my surgeon of the hospital since I was very annoyed with this after care or lack of it,you have so many feeling and things going on your don't

    no if these feeling are correct or not,I still get stiff and sore some days if I do to much gardening or shopping, but GP told me we are still repairing up to 18 months after op.

    I don't no what I would have done without this site in those early days, my fellow hippies on here seemed to be the only people who cared and showed any compassion and i will never forget them all for this.You will get there little by little you will see a difference take it steady don't over do it .much love Anna 🙋

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      Hi Anna,

      It's just amazing isn't it the difference in quality of care from one person to another! You are quite right, this site is worth its weight in gold- bless them all.

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    I had the anterior approach and started driving just before four weeks.  The internet searches I did said as a rule of thumb It's okay to start driving between four and six weeks depending how ready and able I was to do an emergency stop.  I have an automatic car and had a thr on my right leg.  I didn't contact the dvla or my insurance company but did wonder if there had been an accident if the insurance company might have tried to argue I wasn't insured because of the operation but this didn't happen.  I've got my post operation check up just after seven weeks.  I understand from my physio that this sometimes includes an X-ray but not always.  I'm in the uk and had my operation privately.  

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    Wow, where do you live?  This is really poor follow up care.  It would be unheard of in my Surgeons office.  I had anterior LHR and was driving at three weeks.  My recovery has been pretty textbook, walking w a cane at 8 days, off of all RX pain meds at 8 days.  Walking with no cane at 3 weeks.  Went for a 4 mile walk unaided at 4 weeks.  At my six week checkup I was released to do most all activity.  I am back to swimming and exercise class ( but specifically told NO YOGA OR PILATES).  I can play tennis again in two weeks -12 weeks after surgery.  I am going to Physical Therapy to strengthen and stretch my muscles, but I am almost done w that.
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      I am much the same as you but I had a posteria approach. I was walking without aides at three weeks and walking my two dogs three times a day at five weeks. I sometimes wonder if I have come on a little too quickly so it's nice to hear I'm not alone. I had my six week follow up yesterday and don't have to go back now for a year. Glad to hear how well you are doing. Long may it last.

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