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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help and provide me some support as I am due to go for my open myomectomy surgery in 3 weeks. I have a 10cm fibroid and I was told by the hospital SPR that I had to have a hysterectomy. I was gutted, as I am only 34. I was however offered the GRNH injection for 3 months, which made a slight difference, but enough to make the consultants believe my fibroid was just a benign and not anything else. 

Since then I have been given the Esyma tablet to take me to my op date on the 8/8/17.

I am really scared as I've never been in hospital and never had a general anaesthetic before, I keep thinking what if I don't wake up. Please help.

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    I was scared of general anaesthic too but there is nothing too it you will be fine x
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      Thanks, it's just the thought of it, I'm trying not to over think it. Did you also have a Mymomectomy?

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    Don't be afraid, 21st century surgery is very advanced, anaesthetists are the most qualified doctors you will come across. Its better to do something about getting the fibroid out.  I had an open myomectomy to remvove 32 fibroids and to be honest I wish I had done it much earlier as it was less scary than I thought, I felt very little pain, as its all managed with pain killers and felt bettter at 3 weeks and now have a great quality of life with fibroids. Good Luck with your open myomectomy.

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    I'm 39, had an 11cm and 19cm fibroid and am now nearly 3 weeks post my open myomectomy and felt exactly the same about the GA. In fact that was the bit that weirded me out most. As it was, my anaesthetist was lovely and took the time to calm my nerves and explain everything. She also assured me her job was to monitor and care for me throughout the operation and ensure I had the right pain control for afterwards too. I had an epidural, GA and then morphine drip for after the operation.

    I was worried about a count down and feeling like you are getting dragged into unconsciousness. It wasn't like that though, they put the canulas in my hand and that was last thing I remember before waking up a bit groggy post op. I thought they were taking me through to the op not back out as I'd had no countdown, which was a bit confusing!

    If you can, try to focus your energies on preparing your mind, body and all the practicalities for the operation and your recovery period. Leave the worrying about the operation to the professionals, as that's the bit they can control and you can't. You can control how well you recover by ensuring you have the support you need and tools and tips to make it successful.

    Good luck, I hope it goes smoothly for you!

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    Thanks ladies, it really helps to hear all of this stuff and to know that I'm not alone going through this. I'm getting my hospital bag together now, so buying things like stool softner and windese etc, as I've heard that will help for after the op.

    Can I also ask if any one had the blood drainer attached to them after the op and if it really hurt once they removed it.

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      No blood drainer for me, just a catheter which didn't hurt when being removed on the day after the operation. My tummy was numb for a few days after the op though so doubt a drainer being removed would have hurt either.

      Some other things to add to your preparation pile that I found really helpful -

      - Mint tea and chewing gum for the inevitable and painful gas. I only drank mint tea and water for a week after op

      - A large U shaped pillow - a godsend when you get home, am still using mine for sleeping and sitting up in bed. If you only get one thing, get this!!

      - a shower chair

      - a grabber (hospital gave me one)

      - nightdress

      - empire line dresses and loose joggers

      - stock up on paracetamol and ibuprofen so you don't run out. Set an alarm so you take these regularly and proactively when you get home - stay ahead of the pain not vice versa

      - download some audiobooks for when you have no attention span post op

      - get Netflix if you don't already

      - earplugs and eye mask for daytime napping

      - a few pairs post op compression pants, really help you when you start getting more mobile

      - granny pants

      - a filter water bottle you can take water wherever you go with no spilling. You need to drink a lot of water.

      - stock up on soup, bran flakes and tummy friendly food

      - take your own pillow to hospital (and use on way home too)

      - take sanitary pads

      - don't bother taking make up to hospital

      Not an exhaustive list, but hopefully some stuff to focus on instead of worrying about the op. I personally was pleasantly surprised at how minimal the pain had been. The morphine made me mega nauseous so have been on paracetamol and ibuprofen since day after operation. It is more uncomfortable than painful, and being very tired very easily. Exceptions are when I've had bad gas & guts, over done it during the day or when I got period cramps day 3 after operation (day of my release).

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      Thanks for the list I will try to get these things and it will most certainly keep me busy until the op.
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      This will be me soon too, I like you worry. Great to speak to people on hear who have been through it & come through the outside. The great thing is, the alien/s inside you will have gone. You are not waiting for them to shrink or die, it/they are gone & a new life starts. Good Luck, Gods Speed, inmy prayers.

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      Hi Heather, The best thing to do is to try and keep yourself busy, which is what I am doing. This website is helping me too and talk to women who are going through the same problem. When is your surgery and is yours also a same op as mine?
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      Hi Sophie, Not got a date yet & not sure what they exactly want to do, but seemingly i'm not a candidate for anything else other than open. I myself am not so sure of that but i've seen a few people now & there comes a time when I've got to do something else, going to try a few natural diets & suppliments see if they reduce the bleeding in the meantime tho xx

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      Hi Laura,

      Thanks for the list. Really helpful to see this. I have my surgery in a few weeks. So I will use the list to prepare.



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      Your welcome Samy, I hope it's useful. I found keeping my mind occupied was the best way to stay calm in the run up.

      Good luck with your op and recovery, I hope everything goes well! X

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    Hi Sofie, good luck. Mine is Tues next week 25/7/17. I want to wish u a speedy recovery. We can chat more here after the Op. All the best.
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      Good Luck Jennifer, My prayers are with you, talk to you post op. You can tell me how it all went xx
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      Thanks Sofie, how was yours? Wshing u a speedy recovery. My prayers are with all women who passed those these and those that are about to.
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      Hi, I haven't had mine yet, it's on the 8th August. Hopefully you can tell me what to expect. Good luck and don't worry you'll be just fine...they are experts and do this kind of op all the time x

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      Hi, alright I will give u a feed back. Mine is Tuesday. Thanks a lot and Stay healthy.
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      Hi jennifer, I hope you are doing okay and the Op. went thought are with you.
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      Hallo Sofie, thanks for checking up on me. I was discharged yesterday 'friday' the Op that was carried out was not my expectation but my Dr. Explained that I wouldn't need the Myomectomy. That it was a cyst in my uterus that has been preventing me from taken in, so the cyst was removed and they advised me to live normally and try to take in from now to 6months. But if I insist they take the myoma away, I have to come back after 6 months.

      The morden Dr's. Are good and upgraded u don't need to be afraid. I was but after everything I could move that same day all alone to use the toilet and back to the bed. I had just 4 tiny cuts I wished I could upload pictures of just the cuts here, if the admin don't mind. No fears, no worry. God has inspired the surgeons already... Lol

      So.... That was it. Am fit and strong no pains for now just a slight bleeding which they said it's normal.

      Thank you all for your prayers am also with you guys who would have op or surgery. God will see you through.

      Stay healthy... Am with all of you.


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      I'm so glad your Op went okay, mine is in a weeks time. So did they do a keyhole op on your then and did they put you to sleep? 

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      Hi Sofie,

      Sure they did put me to sleep for 2 to 3 hours I was administered a general anesthesia. Believe me u won't know what happens next until u are awake and feel a little cramp but was gone after another round of sleep. Lol.

      Alles gut. Just relax Ur mind and make it up. We shall keep in touch.


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