Bladder infection/irritation after intercourse

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Hey everybody. 

So me and my girlfriend recently started having sex. It was her first time, not mine. 

The first 2 times, she didn't have any issues. We didn't overdo it, left a few days in between (I was on vacation) and there were no problems. 

Afterwards however, she started experiencing pain when going to the bathroom (to urinate) and a constant urge without really urinating. Having heard the situation before, I immediately thought it was be a bladder infection. She never got any type of medication, but drank a lot of water (she didn't do that previously), got herself some cranberries and cranberry juice. After a short while she had no more complaints. We would have intercourse a few more times after that without any issues. 

Now suddenly, after a while of abstinence (she was on her period), we restarted, and she's having issues once again. 

I was wondering what exactly I/we could do to prevent irritation as much as possible. It seems like it's a recurring issue, but not constant. Worth noting that - if I recall correctly - both times happened after I (accidentally) ejaculated inside her. Could this be one of the causes? 

Thanks in advance! smile

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    Hi sebby..

    maybe she could have cystitis or a UTI ( urinary tract infection ) she ideally needs to take a urine sample to the doc and they will test it there and then..

    also... make sure she doesnt have sex before emptying the bladder..

    i find sex when the bladder is a little full can cause this.... ( for me) 

    if she has a uti it will need antibiotics..

    the bladder can sometimes also become more sensitive before a period..

    she may have what they call over active bladder.. where by the bladder muscle may go into a spasm, ( mimics cystitus) and can be relieved by taking Oxybutinin from the doctor for as and when it occurs ..

    this can make the bladder feel full and a sense of urgency to wee, but when at the loo there is infact no urgency..

    by pressing above the pubic bone lower abdomen if there is a dull pain then maybe this could be a UTI and need antibiotics as it doesnt go on its own..

    maybe as she has not had sex much she is sensitive at the moment etc..

    if she develops a white vaginal discharge it may be thrush and she may need canestan vaginal internal cream from the pharmacy to cure it, also you need to apply to yourself too, as can pass it back and forth.. ( thrush is a yeast infection not a STD) 

    just some things to think about 



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      Omg! Today, I experienced the same thing as your girlfriend did. Last week I lost my virginity to my bestfriend/boyfriend and we did it way too much. Multiple rounds in a day, for more than thirty minutes everyday for four days straight. We never used condoms; we used the withdrawal method instead. I know he didn't ejaculate in me because he ejaculated in front of me. Anyways, everything was good, my vagina wasn't hurting or anything. But today while I was working I had consistent urge to urinate but only little urine came out and when it did, it stung sooo bad. Please give me some suggestions as to how your girlfriend treated it. Thank you

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      Sounds like you def. Have a bladder infection or UTI.( Not an std) An irritation after having sex from bacteria getting into the urethra (pee hole) when I first started having sex I had them constantly until my doctor FINALLY told me I have to pee before and especially after sex. Every time or I would get one. 15 yrs later and I will still get a uti if I don't pee after sex...

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    I'd guess at cystitus, but jay is right, it'll need to be tested at the doctors. It's so important to get antibiotics for this as if it's left it can lead to further complications. 

    It's a common thing for women to get, especially if she's never had sex before. It occurs with new partners as well as the female genitals aren't used to the partners bacteria. 

    I think they call it honeymoon cystitis as well because newly weds tend to have a lot more sex and this can cause an increase in bacteria. Weeing straight after sex helps, and I wash with water before and after as well, and get my bf to do that too. I also take 10.000mg cranberry tables twice a day which stop the bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall. This helps people who tend to get cystitus a lot. Lots of water!! 

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    This fix my problem, hope it will help you. I found out i have GUM DISEASE, which makes perfect sense too, bacteria goes from the mouth to " you know what ". After I got that fix, my wife did not have urinary tract infection again

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      Hi there! Could you elaborate more on your answer? My humble self thanks you.
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      well ok, my wife didn't get UTI before because I didn't have GUM DISEASE, but the last 2 years she gets bladder infection almost every time we had sex (going to see doctor 1 or 2 times a month) and I found out i had gum disease ( stop seeing my dentist the last 4 years ), after I get the gum disease fix, she is bladder infection free about a year now, meaning that she doesn't have bladder infection after we have sex

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      So you mean that happened through oral sex right? Alright thank you very much.
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    I am also having the same issue as stated above for some years now but it depend on how frequently I have sex.

    My partner is also careful but sometimes we forget ourselves .

    How can I prevent the occurance of this pain and what can I use to that I can be cuure of this.

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    Hey there!

    So there’s a whole routine I do before and after sex that I’ve found to be 100% successful in keeping my UTI’s away! I have sex 5 times a month usually and I have not had a single UTI using this regimen! So here’s what I do… Before sex I take a shower and clean my private parts just with warm water. Then, before sex I drink 1 teaspoon of D-mannose powder with less than 6oz of water. (not anymore water than that as you do not want to dilute the solution). Immediately following sex I always wipe down my lady area with witch hazel to get rid of any gross bacteria that could have moved to my lady parts after sex too (just pour some on a cotton pad). After about 45-60 minutes, (which your sexy time would be done by  [wink]  if you’re not too kinky haha) I chug 32 ounces of water in under an hour (the d-mannose should have collected all the bacteria in your bladder by then so now you can flush it out!) . You want to drink it in under an hour so you can pee your brains out afterwards. The next day after sex, I take two cranberry azo gummies, two probiotic gummies, and my regular multivitamin. I also do another cleanse with the D-mannose powder but the day after I usually drink 16oz of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it (lemon alkalizes the bladder making it harder for bacteria to grow, Yayy!!) along with another bottle (16oz) of plain water. Again, I do this after I let the d-mannose powder sit in my bladder for 45-60 minutes (taken with less than 6oz of water). Also I rinse off immediately the day after sex as well with warm water just to really clean my lady area. (even though I did use witch hazel right after sex, this is just another precaution). That’s it!!! No more UTI’s and I can have sex whenever I want!! I hope this does work for you!! I also wanna mention that I follow up with the azo cranberry gummies every single day in the mornings whether I’ve had sex the day prior or not (again another precaution because I’m paranoid about UTI’s).  AND WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF NO MORE UTI’S WOO!!

    Best of luck!!!!

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    Hello everyone,

    Me and my girlfriend are 19 age ,we had sex on past wednesday,and the problem is she is aying me that she often gets sensation of urinete but if she go to the restroom it just comes by drops...can someone help me by telling what's the problem...pls guys

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    Hi, so me and my boyfriend had sex on sunday and it was both of our first times. On monday i had the constant erge to pee but it would only be drops. Any advice???

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