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I have had chronic BV for probably 4 years now. I know I don't always have it, but more so than not I have it each month; for me its mainly the odor. My doctor always said it could just be that my vagina is naturally out of whack. Or just having sex or getting my period can throw it off and that there isn't much you can really do besides take the antibiotic.

I was in a relationship for over 3 years with my boyfriend. And I get it is a comfort level, trust, openness and understanding from each partner, however, I never once let him manually stimulate me or perform oral sex, nor any man ever. (I know, I know....I've been told im missing out) lol.

I cannot get it out of my head that it would totally disgust him. He never made comments the entire relationship about the odor being bad, but I usually always washed before and after we would have sex.

I guess my main question is for others who suffer all the time and are in a committed relationship has your partner ever said it's an issue when going down on you? Or did you use any type of sex stuff to mask the odor more?

I am no longer in the relationship with my boyfriend, which opens up another new set of issues for me trying to be comfortable enough to at least have sex with another man. And if it would be a random hookup, do you just not care and let it happen?

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    I have too been battling this now for 2 years and I have tried all the remedies with no relief. So this is my method I use organic coconut oil and put it in a ziplock bag roll the bag up and put it in the freezer I cut off a piece 4 days a week and insert it just before bed time. I also have started to watch my sugar and carb intake and it's working for me.

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      just plain coconut oil? does this eliminate the odor for you?
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      Hello there. I see you posted your story about a year ago. I’m not sure if you will read this or not but I too have have issues for YEARS just like yours. After  numerous doctors I was finally told that I have been throwing my own vaginal PH off by over  cleansing. We are only supposed to wash our precious part with water and our own fingers. No wash clothes, loofahs, etc. By over cleansing we are washing away all the good  bacteria and the bad bacteria causes an  overgrowth which in turn causes BV. I hope this helps you and you and your precious body part start to get along.  I have told several doctors over the years that my vagina and I do not get along. Only now have I realized that I’ve abused it by over cleansing. 
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    do you always take antibiotics when you get a flare up? dumb question but are you sure it's bv and not just a natural odor? do you have other symptoms too?

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      No I stopped wasting my money on them. I realize my period and sugar is what knock my ph level off so I eliminated my sugar intake the week before my period and I use the coconut oil and take vitamin c to try to stabilize my ph.. They have strips u can buy at Walgreens to test ur Ph
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      yeah that makes sense, both of those things really impact my symptoms too so maybe I should start focusing on ph balancing down there!  thanks
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      Yes lemon is very acidic ph of 2

      So it will balance you out perfect so good bactira can grow.

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      Yes, my physical exams I get always come back positive for BV. So my doctor was kind eniugh to habe it where i could get my prescription whenever I wanted without having to get tested.
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    Definitely late to the post but I've been dealing with bv for 10 years. I also have menstrual issues and suffer from uterine fibroids. Since I've been dealing with this nightmare for so many years, I've found things that help. Firstly, if you're constantly getting bv, like at least once a month/after sex/after menstruating, get the 5 day metronidazole vaginal gel from your gyno or Pcp. Do not have sex during this time! After finishing, start a daily regimen of probiotics. They have them in pill form or you can eat yogurt daily bc they have probiotics. It's best to shower with a gentle soap, no fragrance. A HUGE thing is do not use tampons! Pads suck, I know, but when I used tampons it would sometimes cause bv.

    Lastly, I've been married almost 4 years, together 9. Find a man who isn't selfish and one who is understanding. The right one will be supportive and understanding. It can make you insecure but you need to get your ph in check and start a regimen to see what works best for you before getting involved so you won't have to worry about feeling some type of way. I hope I wasn't offensive, it's been a long journey for me and that's my advice. Hope it helps.

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      I too suffer from the same thing with BV. After years of having issues. I was told that you are only supposed to wash your vagina with water and our fingers. No wash cloths, loofas, etc. They carry too much bacteria. In doing so we are messing with our own pH balance, washing away all the good bacteria which causes the bad bacteria to have an overgrowth. I’m currently on anabiotic’s right now. My infection turned into a serious BV infection. I was so angry when I left the doctors office knowing I was NEVER told this and it’s SO preventable. 
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      You have some very good advice. Can you tell me how to check your phone levels? Thanks.
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      Sorry, for the auto correct. I'm trying to find out about checking the pH levels.

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      hi thank you for sharing your experience. I noticed you mentioned that you have been with your hubby for quite a while now and I’m very happy for you because you have someone that’s very understanding and supportive. Thankfully my bf is too but I feel like s**t every time I get bv again. I have it like ALL the damn time and it’s driving me crazy. I wanted to ask a question and it’s totally okay if you don’t want to answer but I’ve been told that letting my bf finish inside me May also be cauding me to have bv again. So I was wondering if you let your husband finish inside of you? And if so, have you noticed that you get bv more when he does? Also, if you do have children, is it harder to get pregnant having bv so often? 
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      Semen is alkaline and our vaginal pH is, yes, letting your bf cum inside you will increase your chance of developing BV. I have been with my bf for 5 years and I would not dream of starting to use protection, now. I know this is probably a sensitive spot for a lot of us in long term monogamous relationships. Seriously, try Boric Acid suppositories. They work quickly(24 hours) and saved my sex life.

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