BV That Won't Go Away :( Started after an antibotic

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 I've been suffering with BV for about 9 months now-- with random but infrequent yeast infections as well. This all started for me when I was prescribed an antibiotic for a UTI, which I had also never had. It has been an absolute nightmare especially since Ive never ever had an issue until that medication.. The worst part is that I told the doctor at the time that I could not handle antibiotics well since I have a very weak stomach but they made it seem as if i had no other choice. I've had antibiotics for other reasons before and they have made me so sick and puking but never resulted in a yeast infection, bv, or anything similar.

The symptoms that are the worst are the CONSTANT burning, itching and irration, as well as a small amount of yellow discharge. I've had the same partner for 3 years now and I am sick of doctors who ask me questions that try to place the blame back on me. No I am not wearing clothing that is too tight, sleeping with new partners, and I do know how to wipe properly.. Again none of these problems ever occured in my life until AFTER this antibiotic I was given for my UTI. 

I've tried taking probiotics daily, vit c, using boric acid suppositories, eating raw garlic, vaginal probiotic, very strict protein and greens diet, alkaline water, tea tree oil, etc. 

I'm really not sure where to go from here. I've seen probably 10 different doctors. All but once the results came back as positive with BV, or BV and yeast. I've had no break from this in the last 9 months-- NOT ONE DAY. It's terrible. Because I'm not on my death bed the doctors don't seem to care but it completely interferes with my life right now. 

The naturopath put me on a very restrictive diet that was nearly impossible to maintain-- left me feeling starved. I'm very active, in my 20s and eat healthy well balanced meals. But boiled eggs and greens for every meal.. The other doctors just want to put me on antibiotic after antibiotic even after I explain that I believe that's where my problems began. I refuse to take another unless it's life or death right now as I'm almost sure it will just mess me up more-- or if it does give me relief I doubt it will be for very long and I want to sort out the root cause.

Please I really really need some suggestions. Do I need to stick with the only greens and protein diet? (I do not eat meat)

sad sad sad I could have never imagined what having a problem like this was like, it never crossed my mind and now its all I think about. I want my life back. 


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    Like you! I'm 22 and it started after I took trimethoprim for a UTI!

    Exactly in the same boat as you and I have tried everything :,( my life revolves around this and I am compleatly hopeless and depressed right now.

    Have you tried yoghurt with probiotics down there? like actually inserting the yogourt into the vagina ?

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      I havent tried inserting yogurt. I have used vaginal probiotics which relieve some of the issues but then leave me using liners the next day and its messy.. Plus its only a relief for a day or two. 

      I completely understand the hopelessness and depression! It's really crazy to me to learn how many other women are suffering and yet theres no real solution, just a guessing game of trying everything under the sun.

      So sorry to hear you're going through this too

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      hi there im desperate, what helped? i ive been batteling this for a year now, antiniotics after another one, Bv then it will turn into a yeast infection, or UTI, i know how to clean myself, idk what else to do, im so depressed as soon as i wake up i walk i become so irritated, what helped u

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    I'm sorry to say that I have the same problem as you& im much older. It's a nightmare. I'm going to my 4th Dr in a few weeks, an infectious disease Dr. I wish that I could find an antibiotic that would cure my BV. I'v tried all of them. It's all that I think about too, bc I itch & am so uncomfortable. I feel as though the Dr.s believe me to be crazy or exaggerating. If this was a man's problem they would have found a cure by now. 😟

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      Couldn't agree more, it's all I think about too I'm so sore and Itchy all the time.

      It's genuinely making me depressedsad.

      You haven't been douching and that have you? I take pro-biotics every day but nothing seems to help.

      Have you tried the yoghurt?x

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      No I haven't tried the yougurt thing. I douche with tea tree oil then insert a tea tree oil suppository. But this only helps for a few days. Also, I'v douched with Hydrogen Peroxide with bottled water, sadly that only gives me relief for a few days. I read about this online by Dr. Oz.

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      I'm sorry to hear your experiences with doctors too! It just doesn't make any sense to me- in one breathe the doctors say that it's really common and happens to almost all women, and yet...if it's such a common problem why is there not a solution yet???? And yes they always seem to think that it's something that you can just ignore and move on with your day. Well... if any of these doctors were burning every single day I'm sure they would feel differently. It is NOT normal, and they should not try to convince women to act like it is.

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    Hi grace, have you had any more support from the doctors? I'm in such desperate need of help

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      HI Jemma,

      I was referred to a specialist but haven't been contacted by them yet for an appointment. I'm going to follow up today to see how long of a wait it will be. I'll be sure to share any tips they give me!

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      Thank you grace. Any advice would be very appreciated
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      Have you heard anything else ? I'm still suffering sad

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      Hi Jemma,

      Unfortunately I haven't been in to see the specialist yet... I am going to call today to follow up on how long of a wait it is, they did not tell me when I was last in. 

      I was recommended to try the boric acid for another two weeks by the doctor I did see but I'm a little hesitant because it really hurts and feels uncomfortable for me when I use them. 

      I'm sorry you're still going through this as well- I will update as soon as I get a chance.

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    I had BV for a year and CURED it in 2 weeks!!!!

    Here's how to do it...

    Fill up a Bassen/bowl with hot water, the water should be uncomfortably hot to sit in but won't burn you... then add salt to make it relatilvy salty water. Then sit in it submerging your whole vagina for 10 mins and then stand up and re-new the water and sit in it for another 10 mins so 20 mins all together... do that in the morning and in the evening for as many days as it takes to cure it. Make sure you quickly change the water over and don't take too long. You can do several things such as watch something/read/listen to music while doing this. I have told loads of my friends to do this and it has cured them all in a week or two and the BV hasn't come back since!!


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      Another thing you can do for the yeast infection is put a garlic clove in your vagina for a couple hours while you sleep? And apparently that has worked well with a lot of people but I've never had a yeast infection. Hope these work!

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      I would advise against that. My sister did that for a yeast infection and her lady parts smelled of garlic for about a week. 

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