Dental allergy?

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Around five months ago now, I had dental work done. It was a composite filling, The moment the filling was placed, Something felt wrong, I had this strong burning pain in my face. Told the dentist but nothing was done about that, I went home and my cheek felt itchy and my eyelid on that side felt really itchy and it swelled, The next day I felt ill and noticed the gland in the right side of my neck swelled up, So phoned the dentist and went back. They checked and said they could see nothing wrong so consult my doctor. I had also noticed this strange chemical taste from the tooth which made it difficult for me to swallow. I became extremely ill over the first month, My neck tenced up extremely bad and I began having burning pain in my arms and tensed tendons, My stomach hurt like you wouldnt believe, I constantly felt like I wanted th throw up and the stomach felt like it was very much on fire, This went down into my intestines as well, My stomach and intestines also swelled up and I had constant gas for near two months or perhaps it was a bit long. So.. Here I am 5 months later. I have a constant throbbing in both teeth, Strange chemical taste at times that bothers my throat if I swallow it. All around my eyes are black and swell throughout the day, Arms and legs have these nerve twitches that happen quite often, I also have those in my face lately and alot of burning sensation throughout my body as well as itching, On the topic of stomach and intestines, I wont go too into unless someone asks I suppose, Vision has been blurry lately. And I know the first thing someone might say is it sounds like poisoning! Well within the five months I have been to the hospital atleast 9 times trying to figure out just what is going on with my body since the fillings. Nobody has had an answer for me. I have been to another dentist for a second opinion, First said it sounds like poisoning but realised no metal is in my mouth so said could be allergy but they are still not too sure. Even the Dental Pathologist I have been to see twice cant seem to figure out what is going on really. I also notice my mouth felt very hot for a long time, Eventually the gums swelled and became very red and now they are receeding extremely, A dentist I recently saw said it looks like gingvitis which doesnt make much sense as my mouth was healthy before all this, I am extremely afraid at this point to have anything done. I dont know what will happen. Also to note my lower teeth. Whatever is leaking from the top teeth got into two small cavities on lower teeth and very quickly they became huge cavities and it felt like whatever leaked into them caused irritation and then spread throughout the lower jaw. Any other info at all that someone might need do ask. I also at one point could not eat, Eating caused me extreme stomach pain so I ended up dropped down to 102lbs! I could not stant up or sit up without assistance. Could a systemic allergy cause things like this over the course of months as it is constant or might it be something far more serious that is not being detected? All I seem to do anymore is just sit in my room and cry. I really just dont know what to do anymore. Nobody can seem to help me but I cannot live like this. Any information would be welcome or any course of action I should take that I am just not thinking of would also be welcome. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and/or reply.

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    Not sure if there is a way to edit messages, If so. I have not figured it out. I just wanted to add as well that, Allergy medication like Benadryl can at times take the edge off of all this, I have had Advil work but not too often. Lots of throbbing pain and swelling around the filled teeth at all times. Also noticed a constant rash on my rear, To say that politely. My neck is constantly warm feeling has been since the start of all this. I really just want my life back, I am too afraid to have the teeth extracted and as the dentists can pinpoint why this is going on they advise me not to have them pulled with the chance that this isnt an allergy situation but its mainly the only thing that would make sense. 
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    Also to note within the first month, I noticed inflamation in the skin as well as burning pain, Most notable, Arm, Calfs and forehead. Cheeks were itchy and the gums around the teeth felt very itchy like on the inside, I still get that at times, Though it does also feel like a bloodflow issue going on, Though I do suppose an allergy can cause your whole system to be out of whack especially if its constantly ongoing with no break from it.
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    Hi James, first of all, you can't edit your posts.

    What country are you in?

    Did you have an injection prior to your dental work?  I have had a similar reaction, though not as long lasting & I would guess that it could be an allergic reaction to something connected to the injection - could be the needle, or the drug or nothing to do with it.

    Can you go back to your GP & ask whether it could be an allergic reaction because you have found that Benadryl helped a little.

    Tell your doctor how depressed this is making you feel.  Persevere.  Advil might help with the pain.  

    If you have gingivitis, then your dentist should help you to deal with it.  Have you read the following

    It might help you.

    Good luck


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      I live in Canada. It started as swelling around the tooth that was filled and my neck became swollen on that side as well, Also noticed a burning and swelling in the lower part of the neck. The burning pain spread to my shoulder and a month later I stupidly had a filling done on the other side of my mouth as well where the same things happend. My cheeks became itchy, Eyes did as well and swelled, And are currently black all around constantly, My skin pretty much anywhere I can rub lightly and it gets extremely red and painful, All the tendons in my arms and legs became so stiff I could hardly move my fingers without extreme pain, That lasted months, My stomach and intestines would bloat alot and there was also burning pain as well, Fast forward a bit, I was so bad I couldnt sit up or stand without assistance, I weighed 102lbs and couldnt eat or drink so much as water without extreme pain. I started drinking Gatorade as well as eating strawberries as I like them but.. I started to realise when I ate them my stomach would hurt just a bit less and then I would become extremely tired and passout, This went on for a good two weeks. I evntually found I could eat and drink without much pain and my intestines seemed to started to work a bt better. Still not fully where I want to be and the burning in my arms and legs arent as severe, I do get muscle tremors in my legs and feet alot and sometimes in my arms. I find it very difficult to just pin all that on allergies. I couldnt see an allergy doing -that- much damage to the body.
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    Sounds like you're allergic to the plastic in the composite.

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      I keep tasting aluminum and if my saliva comes into contact with my teeth when the taste is bad? Instant stomach upset. As well as intestinal swelling. I do find that while Benadryl does seem to make the intestinal and stomach swelling go away or seem to.. It does also increas the metallic taste in my mouth and then my throat feels tight. There is a spot on the back on both teeth that feel like a large gap of nothing there at all. I just had some Ice cream and some came into contact with that area and would you guess.. Extreme pain when that happend. I do notice that my teeth honestly feel weaker and more sensitive at the ends. I am really hoping it is not from the fillings leaking if they are which to me it sure seems that could be that case. I even have sores in my mouth from where I left the metallic tasting saliva sit for a moment. If I leave my tongue sit on either tooth it gets sore, Physically hurt and eventually end up with a sore on it. It could be allergy to whatever was used and I just wish to know. It also feels like the middle of my teeth are throbbing, Its very very odd. Though I have had x rays and they see no infection. What scares me is it is taking such a toll on my body and it feels lately my body is starting to give up in stopping whatever is going on. I do wonder since the fillings show up as extremely bright, Which means that metal of some type was used, Wouldnt it be aluminum? As thats what I have been tasting and is it possible to be poisoned by said metal? This could very well be allergy but it could be worse off than that. I do have a referal for sometime next month where I can have the teeth pulled but if its poisoning of some kind, That might just be a bad idea. Though.. At this point leaving them in is also a bad idea seeing what they are doing to my entire body. I have tried Advil and that.. Doesnt seem to really do much at all. Benadryl just takes away the systemic swelling but not for too long. I also notice that since the fillings my eyes like all around them have been black and this one might be -Too much information- but my anus has been oddly itchy and futher more stool has been rather dark. Which chalks up to poisoning of some sort. Though even IF it is poisoning, Removal of the source would at least allow my body to attempt to heal, Hopefully. I worry that since its been ongoing for so long removing the teeth could cause shock. But I have to try something. Oh! Lower teeth that have cavities those became extremely worse as did the wisdom teeth behind those, The tops look dull grey while where the roots are they are still white as they should be. the metallic taste can be tasted on them as well again leading me to think of leaking. Heck, It could be all three issues going on at once. Probably extremely rare but I am pretty unlucky when it comes to rare things ongoing with the body. Thank you all for you replies by the way, Did not expect one so soon. If I repeated anything, Sorry. Lately my memory has been pretty bad.
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      Composite fillings don't contain metals, they're a mixture of plastics and glass.

      The taste is called Dysgeusia. It can be caused by various things. It usually causes tastes of metals, lemon, bitterness, etc. It can sting, cause salivation, tingling etc.

      Hope these bits of information helps.

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      I could add a whole bunch of other things I have gone through and many do say it sounds like some sort of metal poisoning, To my knowledge the center of a composite filling shoulf not be grey and should not show up as bright on an x ray unless there is a presence of metal of some sort in it, Could be the dentist wished to save some money, Who knows. I do know composite fillings should not contain any metal of any kind, I also get this white chalky substance in my nose as well as it leaks from my eyes at times. Again.. Signs point to metal of some sort. All I can do is keep on going with whatever seems to weirdly work for me and get the teeth removed and hope for th best. I will however go see an allergist and see what gets said. You could very well be right Bella, Though I can taste it so strongly! I can say I have had a bitter chemical like taste but mostly just this metallic one. Sorry if I seem argumentative or whatnot. I guess I have just been a little on edge lately. These 5 months have been pure hell for me and I have been a little overly emotional. What makes me wonder is again when the taste gets strong and I swallow saliva, My throat somewhat closes I know this as trying to eat while that happens results in food becoming stuck in my throat even that ice cream I had earlier did that. I either have far too much saliva or hardly any at all, To bone dry at times. Whatever the case might actully be and you might just be right. I am determined to have it figured out and hopefully corrected. 
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      Not argumentative at all. Dysgeusia is simply the name for abnormal taste. I have it severely caused by TSW. It can indeed be caused by metal allergies, any allergies, trauma, illness, lots of things. Yes it can cause lack of saliva and over production, I indeed have both too.

      If you believe there's metal in your composite, I presume you've asked your dentist who performed it. What did them say?

      Your allergist would suggest patch testing but often it's a dermatologist who performs these so they might refer you on.

      In the meantime there are things you can do to help allergies

      Equally things to push metals out of your body. For instance cilantro chelates nickel. Fir saunas push any metals out. Certain drinks like nettle or dandelion tea detox them out too. But please be slow and careful.

      Let us know when you finally get to see someone

      God bless

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      The fact I can make this metallic taste show up far worse when I want? Kinda lets me know its not a made up taste, IT is for sure coming from the fillings, The dentist didnt say much of course. All around the teeth feel like they are throbbing, Pretty sure some ners died as I can take my fingernail, Put it against the gum around the tooth and press it as hard as possible and feel absolutely nothing. Whereas months I had extreme pain and swelling in those parts of the gum. Also how is it that the same lower teeth are deteriorating on both sides and ..Only fillings were put in. My legs feel like they are burning most the time as do arms. if I move the upper teeth with fillings, I do feel worse, same for the two lower teeth where I can tell the cavities are much worse. I was also told by a dentist I oddly have cavities inbetween all my teeth whereas looking at my previous records, There was nothing. So something serious is going on. I do have to sadly wait until October 11th to get these two teeth out, I will hate to think of my overall health by that point. And using chilating agents when fillings are still in your mouth is highly advised against as that can cause serious issues. Im very scared to have these teeth removed. I would want all 4 teeth extracted but no idea what they might find or the extent of things by then. I have this feeling I wont make it to that date and if I do extraction will just pose a whole host of other health issues if not death. Something just tells me I am going to die from this. I have a friend whose mom had leaking fillings and by the time she got to Interface they had told her had she waited another month, She would be dead. I have so far.. Been waiting 5 months and now have to wait 4 more months where my oral and overall health will deteriorate even more than it has. My body overall cannot handle being like this I can tell its starting to just give up on stopping whatever is going on, I have alot of burning pain where the teeth are and things I used to combat it all now no longer work. 4 months is way too long to wait however I have absolutely no choice unless I want to do it myself.. Which I probably should have from the start of this.
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      I almost wish to put my entire story from the very start here and how ill I became and everything that has happend, So that if it happens to anyone else, It gives them some idea of what to do and what not to do. As is my case, Hospitals were entirely a waste of time.
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      Sorry someone told you the Dysgeusia is made up, some people are so mean

      I presume you can't go privately or you would have

      Yes doctors have made me worse countless times. Been neglected, discriminated against, all sorts.

      God bless

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      It's so difficult to just.. Live like this. Its not living at all. Its suffering, Its a never ending nightmare. I just want to wake up and have it all be gone, But I know thats not going to happen at all. All I can do is wait and hope my bod can handle being like this for another 4 months.. And that removal will help..

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      Instead of realising there is something wrong, They just continued to say that they arent a dentist, Doctors did that is and Dentists due to this being a systemic issue would tell me that they are not doctors so I would be sent back and forth for months being told they cant see anything or that they arent this or that, Meanwhile it took me honestly almost dying, I felt honestly pretty close, For my mom to be like alright, Off to the hospital ..For the 9th time and through that was sent to Internal Medicine where again not much help at all there. And just ..More waiting. Alot of people I know have said if it was them and no help was given? They would have ended their own life due to not being able to handle constant systemic pain, And granted, I have had such moments.. Its scary not fully knowing whats going on with your body and just knowing you are getting worse and nobody has an answer or solution. The dentist I last saw who sent me the referal for Interface even said, They do not think having the teeth removed will help me, Due to whatever it is, Having gone on for so many months, That by now damage is done and probably cannot be reversed. I just worry more so that there is an infection in a tooth and such a thing is spreading. They are aware there is something going on with the pulp of the teeth ..Time is sadly a factor in all this, Such a thing should have been dealt with moooonths ago. 
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      Hope it helps to know you're not the only one suffering extremely

      I'm seriously ill and predominantly bedridden. I have paralysis, seizures, excruciating pain, and over 70 symptoms. Sometimes, suffering is just too much.

      I hope you have hope. I hope your suffering eases.

      God bless

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      Is it tooth related? Or just something else entirely? If it is something you would rather not bring up. I understand completely. I have and have had an uneasy life so suffering just seems the norm. Was born 4 months pre mature at 1 pound 11 ounces. Had heart issues at birth had open heart surgery at that small, Had laser eye surgery as I was born legally blind, I was suppose to lose both legs as they were coal black but somehow that corrected itself, I do have leg issues and had them my whole life, I had paper skin thin at birth as well and had to be on oxygen for the first year of my life. I may not remember all that but it does make sense what with how I am. My body is obviously a fighter if it can put up with so much. All I can do is just have hope that this will all be over one day and I can look back at this as some sort of horrible nightmare and also ..Never ever have fillings in my life ever again. Currently the teeth thing is pretty painful but the redness and swelling in my legs and the burning? I will never understand, It seems more than just an allergy thing, It really does. I'm not sure if what you are going through will ever go away however do wish you the best all the same to your extent whatever that might be. 

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      Not tooth related no.

      Off topic somewhat, but regarding your legs, have you ever used steroids anywhere on your body?

      Thanks for your kindness. Unfortunately I'll never get better. Been seriously ill and predominantly bedridden since 2000 but have entered a more progressive phase lately.

      Must say goodnight

      will keep you in prayers.


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      Steroids? Never. Only thing steroidal I have ever had were inhailers and that was years ago. The tendons in my legs are too small so there is alot of tension in my legs as for whats going on lately? I still say poisoning of somekind, Strawberries oddly help feels like whatever is getting into my body gets drawn out. Who knows though. In any case, Goodnight and thank you for your quick replies. Sorry to hear about your illness.
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      Steroidal inhalers are steroids. They can absolutely cause TSW. However as you say it's a long time ago it shouldn't have been this leg cause.


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      Leg issu is from birth. On topic of oral health, I notice I get these yellow lookng painful canker sores, Also large what I assue is pus filled pimples? Saw a couple on my collarbone and there is one on my chin. They are pretty painful. Could that be an allergy thing..? It doesnt seem like it would be.
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      sounds like you have an allergy to Balsam of Peru! Please get tested for that specifically! The fillings are the culprit. The apoxy they use has BOP(Balsam of Peru) as a hardener. I discovered this after seeing 12 different doctors and specialists!! 


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      Hi, did you ever get this issue sorted? Was it your fillings?

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