Does anyone take Baclofen to control cravings?

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Some who r  suffering from alcohol addiction all their adult lives. In the last few years alcohol abuse increases due to inceased long term use. I understand  some  First Step Drug & Alcohol clinics offer  Baclofen 10mg tablets once or twice a day. For those u have little hope of stopping. When I looked the grug up it states this medicine is used for sclerosis treatment and addiction treatments. Controls the cravings. Baclofen can help those facing alcohol addiction with the pain of withdrawal with great ease and stop cravings for alcohol.

I asked the hospital staff where my son was admitted for a illness due to alcoholism for help could they prescribe him Baclofen .The hospital staff refused to prescribe Baclofen to him on basis that they knew nothing about Baclofen and they would check into it. Never got back to me..under the circumstances w hy or how could this be the case? This hospital also has a alcohol treatment program I was tring to get my son in before he was released from the hospital for the illness he was in treated for. My reasoning for Baclofen was if I could find a way to get my sons mind of alcohol by a drug that stops the cravings then meybe there would be a better chance for him to admitt himself to the treatment program.

i was fightin a loosing battle on both sides. Noone cared ..

 Has Baclofen stopped the cravings for others? Once off the drug does the cravings come back?

I have taken Chantix to stop smoking and it reduced my cravings right away. And I tried every way to quit for 20 years. In less than a few weeks time I was a non smoker and no cravings. Today I still miss smoking. Want to try one or bum one off a friend. When I do take a puff I turn green and choke and say to myself how did I ever smoke?

is that what it's those who find sobriety say when tempted to drink? 

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    When I was admitted to hospital when I used to smoke (bearing in mind I smoked for over 30 years) - I gave up on my own, after a 3 week stay in hospital - I was offered patches, but I turned these down as well. I have nearly died 3 times and very close on the last couple of times, I am still in cancer remission now. I still get cravings, but I would not ever go back to smoking.

    I don't understand why Baclofen was offered to stop cravings, it can be used for controlling muscle spasms for Cerebral Palsy, or even Motor Neurone Disease. I have been on it awhile ago now for back pain caused by Torsion Dystonia.

    Are you sure it was Baclofen that was mentioned and not another medication?



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      I tried many times over a ten yr period to stop smoking.

      i chewed the gum the patched the lozenge . It wasn't until Chantix came out that blocked the cravings in the brain til I stopped thinking about it. It was always in every thought like any addiction. Been smoke free for 14 years now.

      PLZ read the posts below and referal sites on Baclofen.

      hope you r well and thanks for UR post.



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    Hello hope4cure,

    Yes, you were not mistaken! Many people take baclofen as an anti-craving medication, and some even claim complete suppression of cravings with a high enough dose. I have been to countless hospitals, four inpatient rehabs, and almost lost my life on more than one occasion. I am currently taking baclofen as an anti-craving medication, and it has been by far the most beneficial alcoholism drug I've ever encountered! I have tried Campral (no effect), naltrexone (terrible side effects), and Antabuse (stopped taking it in order to drink). Some people find success with Naltrexone, but if your son is having trouble with drinking baclofen is definitely worth trying!

    And yes, it is a relatively new treatment so most health care professionals do not yet know about it. Such a shame. However, clinical trials have shown incredible results so far. Here are just a few, but please do more research.


    There are many, many more that I will gladly share with you if you are still curious. Hope you and your find a way out of the nightmare that is alcoholism/addiction!


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      THANKX, I've read on other site how a high dose will stop the cravings.

      i read the references u lft and will sent to my son.

      i hope he can find a doctor that will help him. 

      Stay strong how r you doing now on Baclofen?

      i wish u mich success! confused

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    Sorry, there is no cure for alcoholism- your son needs to want to stop drinking- no drug in the world will help unless he wants to stop- the drugs that are available to help with cravings are just that, an aid- they wont make you stop unless you want to- there is no quick fix- alcoholism like all addictions is a disease of the mind, body and soul- those who are addicted to whatever substance face an ongoing struggle with this disease every day of their life- the good news is many people manage to stop drinking and go on to live happy, healthy lives- but they have to want to stop and have to want to be in recovery more than they want to drink- to be blunt - only your son can make that decision- he has got to want it- recovery- really want it- it is hard work- but well worth the prize that is on offer- a life free from the destructive influence of alcohol or any other drug- i have battled addiction for 30 + years- today i am clean and sober- just for today- tomorow i will worry about tomorrow- i wish you and your son the best of luck -
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       Thank u so much for sharing UR story.

      you re so right about this disease of the body, mind & soul.

      I am so happy to hear u found sobriety. It's like u said u have to want to. 

      I hope UR life has turned out well.


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    Baclofen does work.

     There are actually about 50,000 French patients on it.  At the right dosage (which varies depending upon the person (30mg for me, 170 mg for my sister)) it stops the craving to the point that you stop drinking without any effort whatsoever.  I and my sister continue to drink socially and my daily consumption over the last year is very stable at 0.8 units a day.

    The 2 years study of baclofen vs placebo (double blind) at a dosage of up to 300mg (its name is BACLOVILLE) has ended and will be disclosed and a psychiatry conference in Rennes next week (congrès de psychiatry).  The study is paid by the French NHS as baclofen is off patent for more than 20 years.

    The NHS Glasgow did one small study on baclofen (unfortunately at very low dosage) but still recommended to continue to investigate.

    Testimonies of cure are all over the internet by the dozen but in French as this use is the discovery of a French cardiologist addicted to alcohol.  If the result of the BACLOVILLE study is as expected it will be a major discovery: the first drug which actually cure an addiction.  There has already been one testimony of a baclofen cure broadcast in the UK by Radio 4 (inside Health).  It will not be the last.  Just a few days to wait.

    To answer your second questions : Yes the craving comes back if you stops the treatment during the first year.  There is no longer data so far.  What is well documented (because baclofen has been prescribed for over 30 years is that it causes no addiction whatsoever.  When you find your switch dose, that is it.  The only way forward is going down very very slowly.

      I do not see that as a problem (perhaps an inconvenience).  I have been on the contraceptive pill for over 20 years and nobody found it strange or worrying.

    There is hope, good luck and best wishes for your son.

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      Sophie, you have done all UR research.thank u so much for UR post. I wish more rehab centers would have a better understanding of this disease. The free centers by the states r just a housing facility or let them out for work urine tests etc. In house he will just get kicked out. My son has tried so many times & failed.

      He needs to read that there is a way to control the cravings, without the mind sabatiging every attempt tp quit.

      i hope to see him sober some day before I die.

      he must quit or die. He is very sick. 

      I have studied Baclofen online and the French heart specialist who was a alcoholic wrote the book about it. 

      I hope u r doing well and wish u the very best.


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      hi sophie, thanks for your post, found it really useful. were the results of the trial ever published? i googled it but no joy. also, and this is key for my situation with alcohol, do you really manage to drink socially? so you could go out for dinner, have a couple of glasses of wine and then stop? were you a heavy drinker/alcoholic before you started taking baclofen? thanks, ned
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      hi I'm at 180 gr of Bac and haven't hit my switch yet. was your sister still drinking when she hit hers?
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    I just got out of impatient treatment (rehab) and I read quite a bit about Baclofen in regards to its ability to stop drug/alcohol cravings. In my experience with Baclofen, not only did it help my lower back pain but it also helps tremendously with my opioids, alcohol and cocaine cravings. There have been some studies done at major universities in the US in regards to Baclofen helping with cravings. I will call my impatient treatment to get the names of those of those studies if you want. I wish you the best!

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    I'm 47 year old woman and was drinking up to 3 bottles of wine a day for years.although it was a slow progression from teenage years till now.I have been on it since 9th of August and didn't believe it would work for me but had to give it a go as I was desperate.Well it hit my SWITCH as they call it on 26th of August.I can't believe is that simple.I just don't want to drink anymore.Have even been to the pub for lunch and it doesn't interest me at all.This drug WORKS!!....Just can't see how it will get approved for drug abuse anytime soon as its out of patent and all that entails.Side effects are pretty severe but so is being drunk all the time
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      Hi Nicole I am on Baclofen too for 3 months now and haven't hit my switch, at what dose did it happen for you?
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      I am overwhelmed to hear of your success. Your story is very positive and will help many of those who need a push to get over the hardest part and that is the horrible mind boggling cravings. 

      I am very pleased and encouraged to learn that your taking control of your own life and found sobriety. Life is a gift! You are an inspiration for many who struggle with this disease.

      Thank you so very much for your positive story.



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      My switch happened at 180,after only 16 days on baclofen so hang in there and it will happen
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      Thank you,I know that one day this will be the number one med for alcoholism but it will be a slow process because there is nothing in it for the big pharma company's.

      Don't get me wrong,it won't be for everyone as the side effects can be pretty horrible but for me the alternative is a lot worse

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      Great to hear Terry that you recognize & have the courage to ask for help. 

      Sometimes an increase slowly of bacfolen is a proceedure the doctor can do for you.. Once you have  found the correct dose that works for you I hope you can do well and your future will be full. I hear so many positive results from this drug. There is a lot of research on line if you are interested.

      Where there is breath there is hope. Life is a gift!


       wish you continued success.

      Peace & Healing


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      Wow I'm at 180 after three months and the side effects are crazy, how did you manage in 16 days? And were you still drinking at the time and how much?Also did the Bac cause weight gain for you? (Sorry for all the questions it's just so good to finally hear from someone for whom it worked)
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      I don't know how I managed it in 16 days and looking at it written down like that it sounds mad.Yes I was still drinking about 2 or 3 bottles of wine a day till I reached 180mg and didn't want to drink.

      sude affects were pretty severe.Extreme tiredness was and still is bad,find myself nodding of in the day just watching TV or in my phone.Very dizzy even when lying down my head would sometimes be swimming,though this has now gone.swelling of hands and ankles.Strange marks on my body like small whip marks and bruising around these sights,these have now gone.A very annoying tickly cough which would have a coughing uncontrollably ,this has only started to go now.Numbe and tingly fingers,still ongoing.Skin feels hot and sensitive and my skin looks like I have bad circulation,a bit mottled.My stomach makes some very strange noises and bowel habits were runny at first and a bit constipated now.

      I did seem to put on a bit if weight at first but now loosing a bit,Probably due to no wine calories and the food I ate to go with it.

      hope this helps although reading the list of side effects it would prob put some ppl off,I won't say it's easy but for me it's much better than drinking and all that goes with it.The tiredness is the worst for me,I don't seem to have much energy and go to bed by 8 most nights but I do get up at 4.30 for work most days so it's not that early really

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      Hi and thanks so much for taking the time to reply 

      Did you not have the prescribing dosage schedule for High dose baclofen for Alcohol that is posted online? Are you still at 180? Once you hit your switch you are supposed to slowly go down to what is called the maintenance dose which is always quite a bit lower than your switch dose.. So  way more manageable. I have read all the research,books and clinical trial info online.

      I feel nauseous and dizzy  at the moment..Praying that my switch hits soon as I'm not sure how much higher I can go..

      We are about the same age (you and I )and both female with a long drink history and same amount which is why I'm hoping it happens soon for me..

      I'm so over the hangovers,wasted time and guilt etc etc I'm sure you can relate. your symptoms and the tingling etc are definitely because you went up at such a fast rate, they warn against this. I really hope these get better for you really soon. 

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      I used to go on a forum but when I went to go back on it I couldn't get in because my pc and iPhone don't support JavaScript.There was a lot on there about baclofen and dosing that I remember but just had to wing it really.I got up to 180 and because I was worried about running out I started to lower the dose but at 120 a day I started to drink again.So I started going up again and at only 0.5 extra 3 times a day I hit the switch again.So my maintenance level seems to be 135 a day.I will in the future see if I can go down lower but for now I'm leaving it at 135.

      I to have read loads online and Dr Oliviers book but everyone seems to have different ways of taking it,titrating up differently and taking different amounts at different times of the days.

      I'm going to see someone that my doc has referred me to a week on Tuesday,maybe they will know more about baclofen than my doc does.

      I hope you hit your switch soon,it might just need the next 0.5g,that's how it was for me. from one day drinking 3 bottles to the next day not wanting to drink

      Good luck and keep us informed

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      That is how I ended up here! The forum changed it's format so when I tried to register it won't let me even though my Javascript is enabled..

      It's really frustrating as the forum was really helpful..I tried sending them a message to let them know it's impossible to get on the forum now but even that wouldn't send. I just had to go back down to 120 yesterday because I couldn't handle the side effects (can't function during the day) but I'll go back up more slowly this time. It must be amazing to not want to drink anymore from one day to the next..That would change my life! Fingers crossed

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      The same thing happened to me with mywayout.I will have another go using the local library computers because I can't get on with my of pc,tablet or phone.Shame because it really is the best site for Baclofen support.
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      I know, I wonder if they are even aware of this problem. Surely there are others trying as well and unable to get access.

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