Does this look like Genital Warts or Vestibular Papillomatosis? ***GRAPHIC PHOTOS***

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My bf cheated on me with a woman in Feb who he says is getting tested for HPV. I noticed these finger like tube things on my vulva or inner labia last week. I checked everyday and they weren't there until Wed. or Thurs. of last week. I'm currently awaiting my results from my full panel STD test I took two Saturday's ago. I'm worried they're warts but from what I've seen they don't look like warts. What could they be? They started in a like a circle but now go down in like a line. I have another app. with my doctor tomorrow to take a look at the lesions. I got my period so please be warned, the photos attached are extremely graphic!

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    Looks like VP to me, but I'd get checked out, especially if they've only appeared recently.  Please let us know what your doctor says.

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      Hey thanks so much for your help. I just left the doctor and she said they didn’t look like herpes or Warts but just a change in my vagina. She didn’t swab them because she was positive they weren’t warts but she didn’t say if they were VP or not. 
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    How is your problem now? Do you still suffer with this? Have you experienced any symptoms associated with this? I'm not sure what these sores really are, but they did resemble my previous warts. My bumps were really itching and irritating, I also experienced a foul smell in my vagina. I went to the doctor and she concluded these were genital warts. I used Q-tips with vidarox and sometimes with apple cider vinegar, and that helped. So if your symptom continues or recurs, you should see another doctor for tests.

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      Well that’s nerve wracking. I haven’t experienced any symptoms with them at all. They’re not itchy, burning, painful nor do I notice any kind of discomfort with them. I didn’t have any smell that I could notice or any discharge not unusual from what I normally get. It’s like they’re just there. They just recently showed up, first time I’ve ever seen them and I’ve only had them for about a week now. They’re still here but I’m keeping an eye out for any changes in them. 
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      I also tested negative for everything in my full panel STD test. 
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      If I put vinegar on mine it burns and turns white. They’re itchy sometimes but they gave me cream. How can 4 test be negative and two gynecologist say they don’t look like wards but the test turn white when I do it? 
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    I have almost the same and mine don't itch or anything like that. I saw a doctor and she said it definitely wasn't anything viral. But she did treat me for a yeast infection. Do you have discharge too?

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      She treated for a yeast infection too and even gave me cream to stop the itching and burning but I don’t know how it’s on genital warts. 
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    I’ve had a Pap smear 4 times this year and all came out negative. Two different gynecologist looked and said bumps looked normal. But when I asked one of it was VP she said no. I did the acid test and it came out white. I made a appointment for Monday to get a third opinion. Should I listen to the internet or the doctors I don’t know. Mine look just like yours.
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      I have seen three different gynos since ive posted this and they said it didn't look like herpes or warts. I didn't know it was normal to have bumps. They also said they can't test for that if they don't see a outbreak.

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      It's honestly so scary. Especially when so many doctors have different opinions and how hpv can't be tested for like the rest of the StD department.

      I was recently diagnosed with hpv for bumps that look exactly like this and other vp pictures. They used the tca treatment but it didn't work. The bumps are still there.

      I was then given imiquimod, where the gyno told me I COULD apply it all over my labia.

      This caused the unspeakable to happen. I was in so much pain.

      Now I'm healed and it only caused more bumps to arise.

      I saw a different gyno. She barely looked at me. Said that there was no sign of warts. I was confused and showed her a picture of what I was concerned of. So she took another look and said it was possible that it was hpv but she wasn't sure.

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      I put the vinegar down there and did the test and it turned white so i was for sure i had it. I even took a picture and showed the gyno and he said no. I've been tested 5 times this year and nothing came back abnomral on my pap thats usually what happens if you HPV OR cancer. All three of them said they have seen warts and herpes before and is for sure I don't have either. I'll just go with what they say for now.

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      Plus i've had the same sex partner since Feb. so if I had something he definitely would too.

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