Facial tingling with sinusitis

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Hi... was wondering if anyone else has experienced this... I have sinusitis but no mucus but have facial pain with tingling around my nose cheek and pain above my brow.. I thought it might be my teeth.. but my dentist took an xray and it wasn't... but she could see sinus congestion on the xray! I've had this on and off for about 10years and have been referred to both max fax and ent... who have both discharged me.... the pain gets worse when I'm stressed or anxious which makes me think it's pycholological.... but the pain definately feels real.... I've been prescribed amoxicillin and been told to increase my amitriptyline to 50mg.... I'm at the end of my tether as is my husband.... has anyone else has tingling pain with sinusitis???? Many thanks

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    Hi. I had these sort of symptoms at onset of auto immune disease. It wss one of my first symptoms and still comes back if I drop meds. Do you get bleeding inside your nose with the dryness?
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      I had sinus surgery 4 months ago.  They found fungus, surgery was to open everything up and remove inflamed tussue.  Now after 4 motnhs keep getting cultured and growing out all sorts of things.  Can't wear makeup anymore, eyelids are so swollen, ears so clogged and ringing.  I believe it was caused by mold exposure, I just don't think I can live like this.  i've lost so much weight, have stomach issues, headaches, everything just feel awful...

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      Hi sorry just coming back to this discussion again. I think you should ask to be referred to a rheumatologist. You are describing widespread symptoms all of which are related to auto immune disorders. I have suffered for many years now and was finally diagnosed 13 years ago. My journey started with ent and the sinus issues I had. But the gi issues, the migraine neck pain all of it can be caused by auto immune inflammatory conditions. Have you had blood tests which check esr crp or ana? If not you should certainly be asking for them.
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      I've had c reactive protein, my levels are very low, what are the other two? This all caused swallowing issues which I then needed my esophagus stretched. Ugh, it's never ending.

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      Hi Margaret,

      I know this is an old comment but just wondering what auto immune disease? I've had what I thought was awful chronic sinusitis for a long time. ENT have said to say that because of the tingling/pins and needles feeling it's not my sinuses.

      I have an overactive thyroid and am just in the process of having it confirmed that this is autoimmune (thyroid antibody was positive but have to get test repeated in a month to confirm) . I also have a few more chronic illnesses/diseases. I am in absolute agony with the pain and pressure

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      Hi Lisa. It would be almost misleading to tell you what I have but look up Sjogren's and chronic sinus issues and it will give you a sort of flavour of what I mean. There are so many auto immune diseases with overlapping symptoms. Determining which one and having it diagnosed properly is the problem.

      Please tell me what other issues as it may help give a clearer picture. Please feel free to pm me if you'd rather. Best wishes

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      Hi Margaret

      Thanks for the reply. I wrote a huge reply last night but it doesn't seem to have gone through 🙈

      I have heard Sjogren's, it doesn't sound nice at all.

      I have been diagnosed with the following;


      Urology problems - recurrent UTI's, hypersensitive bladder & possible bladder outlet obstruction

      Overactive thyroid (Dr's think this is caused by Graves disease which is auto immune)



      Chronic sinusitis

      I have been looking at some articles and it seems the fibro could be causing a lot of my sinus/pins and needles/tingling issues

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      It is also a whopping auto immune profile. I personally have Behcet's but there are a lot of auto immune diseases with this kind of profile.

      The all come from the same 'stable'. I suffered from specific migraine sinus broblems gut problems many more.

      Have you seen a neuro to rule out anything neuro in nature? Ultimately you need to see an immunologist or a rheumatologist really. Have you had esr crp and ana blood tests? You should ask about those and also any eye issues?

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      I have been suffering with face pain for 3 months, pins and needles tingling feeling on my nose cheeks around my eyes. I had a CT SCAN done of my sinus and it showed swollen turbulans. I have been on 5 rounds of steroid. When I go off them the symptoms come back. I have had a ANA done and a sed rate which was normal. I have been to 2 ENTs. Have taken every over the counter allergy med there is. Had my thyroid check. I am hypothyroidism. Was check for Lymes. It was neg. I feel like i am missing my mind. My nose burns so bad. Now i am doing a saline nasal wash. Which was helping when I was on prednisone. My face feels so swollen, even into my eyes and lips. I lossing hope that I will get better. All I know is a week before I got sick I had a spray tan. I think that had something to do with this.
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      Are you located in the US? There's a product I just tried last week after getting some recommendations. I have chronic sinus issues, have also tried most over the counter allergy and sinus medicines. They usually only help a little if at all. Last week I was hit with either a really bad cold or a mild-moderate sinus infection (not sure which). My congestion and pressure were horrible for four straight days. Some friends recommended I try Alkolol, which is a nasal rinse. I checked out some reviews online and they were overwhelmingly positive, so I bought a bottle from Walgreens. It's similar to using a netipot except the little device that comes with it works kinda like shotgunning a beer. You put the alkolol in the device, then add distilled or purified water, then you hold your finger over the upper opening while pointing the bottom hole into your nose. You then release your finger from the upper opening and it starts pushing the liquid into your nose. It's SUPER minty, lots of menthol smells. Has that cool burn feeling, but wasn't horrible. It does take a while for the entire amount of liquid to go through your nose, and it can be messy so do it over the sink. Then you have to do the same to your other nose. After your done, you blow your nose just like you would after using the Netipot. But there was a HUGE difference when I blew it this time. So much mucus came outand it left my nose feeling clearer than it had in days. It was a little tingly but it wasn't painful or anything. The next day I was almost 100% better.

      Not sure if this product would be as helpful to you but just wanted to share. You can easily find it in the US online or at drug stores. Not sure if it's available overseas, but it's been around for over a hundred years so it might be everywhere.

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      I am experiencing this as well. I think this might be being to Acidic! I'm trying an alkaline detox of fresh organic broth for 2 days them steamed or raw organic only. I believe this is inflammation of them immune. Good luck!

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      There is a decease that causes all that.  It does involve stress, digestion, headaches, sinuses and much more - EVERYTHING it seems as you say.  Candida Overgrowth.  Stress, antibiotics, sugar, high-carb diet?  It is very hard to get rid of.  Have a mycology test done.  Meantime, gradually remove all sugar and carbs.  They have detailed instructions on how to properly kill Candida and rebuild your digestion.  The fungus in your gi leaves holes, food particles go through and create auto-immune disorders, which leads to swelling.  Now your body is attacking it own self.  You need to carefully detox, change your diet, and heal.  Crush garlic and breathe the fumes 10 minutes x 3 times daily at least do this.  Eat min 1 garlic a day (not the whole clove).  Wow, I was bad but luckily no surgery.  Some suffer with this for 30 years.  Read up.  Contact Dr Bakker - naturopat from New Zealand.  Are you in the States?  Candida not really recognized here... but things are changing.  It will be tough - we all get used to certain foods a lot.  Also, this fungus controls your Vegan nerve, and will try to make you depressed so you will eat sugar.  I wish you all the best, stay strong and good luck.  Oh - and rinse your 

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      Suffering with sinus issues since I was very young. I’m now 26, the last yeat constant sinus infections, headaches, facial pain etc. I’m now suffering from when I’m blowing my nose particularly if I have an infecykom having blood in my snot, and coughing up blood in mucas and sometimes in its own, bloods fine, chest X-rays fine. It’s so frustrating does anybody else get this? Xx
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      Hi Lisa, thanks for this post.

      I'm struggling after getting the flu/virus 7 weeks ago. I just can't seem to recover as I'm ill with tingling all over my body, sinusitis, pounding headaches, general feeling of ill health, muscle weaknessess, no appetite and feeling sick/nausea.

      I've had my bloods done but they haven't showed anything. I've also had Amoxicillin twice, 7 days each for the Sinusitis but it won't go. I've just tried a Nettipot tonight which has helped relieve some pressure.

      I am diagnosed with;


      Recurrent UTI's,

      Under Active Thyroid Hashimoto,


      I'm now really concerned, after reading your diagnosises, that I too am experiencing signs of another auto immune disease!

      I'm wondering how or what is the best way to get my doctor to look at this, as he just said it's the virus but shrugged his shoulders at my tingling but did mention anxiety, to which I was quite offended when all I'm feeling is frustrated as I can't return to my full time work until I am better.

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      Hi Mino,

      I hope you start feeling better soon! I can relate, I spent basically the entire month of February battling a sinus infection. No fever but I had facial tingling, sinus pain and pressure, extreme dryness, lots of drainage, sinus and chest congestion, cough, body aches, fatigue, heart palpitations, etc. Went to urgent care two separate times and both times was prescribed antibiotics. The first was Amoxicillin which I took for ten days but didn't get much relief from. Second time I was feeling worse and they gave me Augmentin. After two days of that I felt awful so at the advice of a friend who's a pharmacist I stopped taking it and switched to Sudafed PE for congestion. I have anxiety so I have to be careful taking anything that has pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine. But the Sudafed helped me enough so that I was able to get back to work. Are your doctors sure that your sinus infection is bacterial? Only about 2% of sinus infections are, most are viral which is why antibiotics rarely help. Considering your symptoms didn't get better, that could be why.

      I'm starting to think that my own symptoms might be exacerbated by the air quality in my house. We've lived here for about three years but never had the ducts cleaned. Considering we have two dogs and a cat, all who shed like crazy, I'm thinking that might be a big factor. Also, we just discovered this weekend that the humidifier attached to our furnace has a thing called an evaporator pad in it which is supposed to be changed out every three to six months. I didn't even know it existed so we have never changed it. When we took it out it was disgusting: covered in rust and calcification and very likely containing mold. We ordered some new ones and I'm hoping once we get that taken care of maybe my day to day symptoms will improve. Also planning to have our ducts cleaned out in the next week or so.

      Have you had your home air quality checked? It may be worth it!

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      I'm also diagnosed with

      Perniscious Anaemia.


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      Hi Meredith

      Thank you so much for your reply. It's answered a lot of my questions as I too was having palpitations along with the other symptoms I've mentioned in my previous message above. You've actually shocked me that you too experienced the same symptoms as me in England in February, but I'm not sure that you are too. Thank you also for pointing out the damp and the mold as I live in a house that has some mild damp in the toilet at the back of the house which I have questioned if our how might it be effecting me as I'm intolerant to moulds. I also live in a town that is in a bowl type basin where many locals suffer with asthma, chesty cos etc because of it. I am now contemplating getting a dehumidifier as my husband has been trying to talk me into having one, which we bought but it was rather noisy so we sent it back. My GP yesterday referred me to a rheumatologist to check that nothing else is going on and to check that the flu hasn't triggered another auto immune. Fingers crossed all will settle down in time. I have also started using a Nettipot. You can buy them on Amazon along with the Himalayan salts used together to unblock blocked nasal passages. I am shocked at how much this has helped relieve the pressure caused from my sinusitis & hope it carries on doing so.

      I hope this message finds you in good health now as I read you have returned to work now to which I cannot do at the moment due to still suffering from the tingling all over my body and also painful random headaches since having the flu. I just with they would go. Thank you again for taking the time to message me back it's very much appreciated x

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      Hi Mino!

      I've been using a netipot for a while myself and it definitely seems to help a lot more than medicines I've tried. The past few weeks I use it in the morning after I shower and again before bed. I also have found a product called Alkolol that I use as a nasal rinse when my congestion is really bad. It's a natural product, very strong menthol smell which some people don't like but I don't mind it. You can get it on Amazon in the UK. Might be worth a try!

      You'll feel better soon! Stay positive!

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      Sorry Meredith's I didn't see your message for some reason. I will check that out on Amazon thanks again.

      By the way I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which explains my symptoms triggered from having a bad boy of Flu.

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      Mike, I couldn't figure out how to private message you but I loved your explanation. I've been researching autoimmune and issues for years now and feel like I'm only recently finding these kind of explanations that are similar to what I've been able to put together. Have you ever tried an oral antifungal like terbinafine to treat a systemic candida infection? I'm wondering how effective it is.

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      Hi Margaret,

      I’m late in this whole conversation but I was diagnosed with Behcet’s in 2012. I came across your post when googling sinus pressure. I don’t have any nasal discharge but have had an intense pressure headache in the back of my head, sinus area, and mouth or jaw line. 

      I can feel it when I press on my face or sinus region. Are you experiencing these things with behcets? It’s such a rare disease so I am always trying to find people who are going through what I am.

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      aagh, just typed a whole reply and the system has dumped it. My journey to diagnosis started with the sinus issue. I was constantly having sinus pain and infections all the time. I was referred to ent who just were no use to me. They didn't understand what was going on. At the same time I had problems with my ears, tinnitus and feeling full and sore but no infection detected. I was also very fatigued and had what was diagnosed then as IBS but turned out not to be that at all. 

      When I developed joint pain my gp finally referred me to a rheumatologist and she recognised there was something inflammatory underlying my problems. She referred me on to an oral immunologist and from there I was diagnosed. It all took some time. 

      That was around 15 years ago. I underwent a long treatment with interferon and that has put me in a kind of remission. I say kind of because I am not flaring but still have a couple of ongoing issues. As soon as I took interferon the sinus issue stopped. It was clearly being caused by inflammation. I have that back a little now but not nearly as bad as it was. I also have pain in my feet but hydroxycholoroquine helps with that. It has taken the pain away completely. It is the only drug I am currently taking for Behcet's.

      Where are you based? Are you in the UK or the States? I want to private message you a couple of groups online I am a member of. One is in the UK and the other is international. Everyone shares stories and just offers support. They are brilliant. You should join. Also they discuss what treatments they are using and what has worked for them. You would benefit a lot from being part of them. x

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      Well that's the thing, Ashley, I got 80% cured all naturally.  Garlic, kefir, sauerkraut, sinus rinses (salt, baking soda, half of garlic).  Garlic is best if split by hand and let to breathe; it creates allycin that way via contact with oxygen - a powerful natural antibiotic used for 1000s of years.  I would advise you to stop torturing your body with all those medications.  They just make your body weaker.  Also, lets take a step back - how did this all start?  How did you develop all this myriad of symptoms out of nowhere?  Reason being - if there are holes in your stomach made by Candida roots, and food particles are getting into your bloodstream - this is exactly what would happen (they don't belong there, as they need to be properly absorbed in by the cells lining your digestion track).  These particles of perfectly good food, will trigger your autoimmune system.  Then all these sicknesses happen.  So the fungie Candida does damage to your body, then the falsely triggered Autoimmune system attacks its own body.  Doctors just threat peripheral symptoms.  Meanwhile you suffer.

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      Hi Mike, 

      What was your regimens with the above natural remedies? Did you cut anything else out of your diet? I am going through similar things and do think my symptoms have to do with Candida. Did this clear your symptoms 80%, and something else with the 20% or do you still struggle with it 20% of the time? 

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