How Long Does Tonsillitis Last?

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Hi. I'm 32 and currently going through an horrendous dose of tonsillitis. What started out on Monday as general aches and pains was followed by fever/shivers Mon night into Tue. WED saw some improvement ache wise but then the sore throat started. It's now Fri and I've got horrendous ulcers covering both tonsils, some 3 or 4mm across and it sure is painful.

I believe I've got everything I can from antibiotics (amoxicillin) to throat lozenges and mouth wash (difflam and difflam spray). However the unknown progression is worrying as I keep reading some improvement should be visible in 5 days after onset yet some day it can last up to 2 weeks!

A horrid week and a horrible illness. Any info/stories/comments would be appreciated.

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    I used to suffer regularly from this and it wasn't unusual to have the symptoms for 10 days - and to have them quite badly for the first 7 or 8

    you should start to feel better soon, but it would often have me bedridden for the first week. My mum used to make me gargle in warm sale water!

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    Getting some temporary relief by using Strefen honey and lemon lozenges. Hurts like hell when sucking thembut brings relief afterwards, at least for 30mins. I've never had a sore throat/tonsillitis like this in my life but it. sure does make you appreciate how we take drinking and eating very much for granted when you can't even swallow your own saliva!...

    Another sleepless night on the cards. When you're in the 'thick' of this illness you just can't see an end to it.


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    2 doses of antibiotics later including 8 a day for a week I am finally over it and about half a stone lighter. Without question a horrible illness and my sympathis are with anyone who has to deal with this on a more frequent basis.
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      I had a generally sore throat for about a week, then shivery chills and fever, now white spots on my swollen tonsils. I've had this a couple of times before and it's Awful! So painful and inconvenient! Talking is difficult let alone swallowing haga

      And I can't ring in sick so fml

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    Just read this and I'm going thru same thing just want a glimmer of hope I'm going get better your comments made me smile as I'm feeling now exactly wat you were feeling so hopefully there is light at end of tunnel
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    I've suffered with Tonsillitis 3-4 times a year but they won't remove them. The case I've got now is by far the worst I can recall in my history with tonsillitis. Both tonsils are completely covered in the yellow stuff, which is standard issue but the temperature and sweating is worse than I've ever had, I had to wear a sleeveless to-shirt to bed to help calm the violent shaking down within a hour I came around from a slight semi consciousness (the bit in between sleep and awake and the top was so wet I had trouble getting it off as it was sticking to me.

    I've also discovered a white spot the size of a small pea on the front of my tonsils which I'm guessing is a ulcer which is making swallowing spit so painful I've taken to spitting it into a cup as even drinking is a mission and eatting is a whole different ball game.

    I'm on day 6 & have been on antibiotics since day 3, I was hoping if anyone has had a case like this how long it lasts as I'd normally be back to eatting and drinking with only mild discomfort by now, by the left side of my throat constantly throbs with pain.

    Thank you in advance



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    same with me.i am going through this hell for 5 days
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    Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
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    same with me.i am going through this hell for 5 days
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    Mine lasted for about 5/6 days but still a bit scratchy and its left me very low. I insisted on antibioticsas it has never cleared up without them so why make me suffer?? So glad I did as things got a lot worse over the weekend so I got my prescription. Still got 5 days to go on the course but much better.

    Doctors need to take more notice of tonsilitis, especialy in patients who have had a few bouts and know what to expect, the pain is exceptional and it it so much more than "just a sore throat". Good luck everyone. Cant recommend any painkillers as nothing touched mine and spitting into a cup because its too painful to swallow is just beyond it.

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      What antibiotics were u oerscribed im going tgru the same and its hell just want to know if the antibiotics i got prescription are good
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    Tonsillitis last for 4-5 days but it grows too painful if you get cough and colds at the same time.
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    Hi I'm on holiday in america and for the past 6 days had tonsilitas.. Does anyone know what I can get to kill this horrible infection??? I can't use ibuprofen been using acetaminophen (paracetamol) and antiseptic mouthwash.

    It seems to be getting worse any help would be very helpful smile

    It's not easy just going to a doctors over here


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    Thanks to all that have shared their experiences with this horrid illness and I'm back, posting on my own thread from last August as I have tonsillitis again!....

    Dare I say it but it isn't just as severe (yet!) as last year but all the symptoms are the same. This time I've gone straight to the docs within 48hrs of initial symptoms and I am on erythromycin 1000mg a day.

    Knowing what may be ahead in the coming days before it improves is almost as worse as not knowing the first time you get this horrid illness. The usual aids, which help me, are back in use and they are; Strefen lozenges, disprin and solpadene for gargling, the usual pain killers and vitamin c tablets.

    Hungry but unable to eat and sat upright in bed typing away this message as difficult to sleep. I am just hoping that a quick response antibiotics wise will help clear this up quicker than last time as it really gets you down!

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    I had it for several years on and off. Had it while on holidays in the USA last summer which necessitated steroid shots to reduce the tonsils, then pretty much constantly from December to April. I finally got referred to an ENT specialist and within 2 minutes he decided they needed to come out. It's now day 7 post the operation and it's been worth it. The pain from the op and the post op recovery has been manageable and even in recovery I'm sleeping much better than I did when I had severe bouts of tonsillitis plus I know that an end is in sight to the pain.
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      Im glad George for you atleast you will be pain free now no tonisils now for you.
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      Hope the past year has been better. If not, then you probably found out that having a tonsillectomy doesn't eliminate the possibility of getting tonsillitis. I had mine removed when I was 7 and still get it every few years or so (and now). Good luck though. When I get frustrated with the pain, I just put things in perspective. Just think how much worse off we would have been 100 years ago.

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