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Hi everyone, I have been waiting to hear from my Dr since I had a Low dose Cancer screening CT on the 8th of this mo. I decided to call his office today. I asked that he take a look & wondered if he wants to see me. The receptionest called back & said he review the report & said.I had a nodular 4mm density in Left upper lung field. as well as a 3mm in the right upper lung field. The results I am reading do say that BUT also says EXACTLY :  There is fibrosis at the right lung base, also Fibrosis at the lung apices bilaterally & fibrosis at the right lung base. Soooo My question is Do I have PF ?  I am reading the same report as the Dr. Any Ideas why the report says that & Dr didn't mention it to me ? I know I have COPD & some emphsema. .Dr. says he will see me in May !! HELP !! Now not sure if I trust the Dr or not . Any input would help a lot, I'm lost & feel awful & tired for a year & a half the worst. Thanks everyone. 


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    Only your doctor can tell you. you might ask him to refer you to a Lung Specialist if he is not one.
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      He is My Primary care Dr. But also a Lung specialist, hes the one who took care of my sister that just passed away in March, Just not sure if he really took the time to read the results . T/Y Rich for your comments, I hope other's as well may have an opinion as well .Best Wishes , Nancy

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    Hi again Nancy.  I agree with rich1mac1's comment and I note your reply.  It is very unusual to find a primary care physician who is also a specialist so I would check this.  Also, if the receptionist recited exactly what the Doctor said, then he is talking "medical speak" without any attempt to explain to you what a "nodular 4mm density" means in layman's terms.  I do find it interesting that he seems to be focusing on these nodular densities  in the upper lungs and not the fibrosis that typically forms at the bases.  So I'm assuming the main problem is in your upper lungs.  Having to wait until May to get his full diagnosis I find ridiculous....where are you located?

    The first thin I would do is do a Google search on the internet on "Nodular Density" and see what you can learn.  Then i'd call the lab where you had the C-Scan done and see if you speak to the radiologist to see if he can give you more of an explanation "in English".

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      Good Morning Bob,  I live in Florida, This Dr. was on my list of primary care Dr.s years ago, However he is a Pulm specialist.  I normally have to tell him what to do as far as regular check up's as a primary,  I too think he should have called me or gave me an appointment sooner. I highly doubt the raidiologist will talk to anyone... I suppose I could see another Dr. for an opinion. I will take your advice  & Look up some things... Looking back on some things he didn't do for my Sister has me wondering... Thanks Bob, Best Wishes,, Nancy

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      Hi Nancy:

      In Florida there is absolutely no reason why you would have to wait until May to see this guy.  Push for an earlier appointment and if you don't get it change doctors.  Merry Christmas.

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      Hi Bob, I'm thinking I should see another Dr. as well. Thank you for the advice. Merry Christmas, Nancy


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    I think it is very bad practise for your doctor's receptionist to give you that information. Proper medical care is also the explanation of your medical condition to you by your doctor. I find it hard to u nderstand why you would not get a meeting with your doctor until May. I had my visit with my consultant yesterday and even though he was happy with my condition I have to go back in March again .  I have pulmonary tests ever three months and consultation as well as liver tests. I will also have xrays on my next visit. He also said if I fel the need to ring him at any tine if I feel the need to ,not to hesitate. I feel you should ask for a meeting with your doctor if indeed he is a lung specialist. Personally I would prefer one who practises in his specialist field only. I would go furthur if you cannot get a consultation before May. I hope you get the attention you need and best regards to you over the Christmas . John. 

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      Hello John. Thank you for your input on this,  I was just saying to Bob, Maybe I should get a second opinion. This Dr was listed on my list of Primary Dr.s But he is a Lung Specialist. I found by seeing him for years, I may be the only one who thinks hes a primary !! There are 3 Dr.s in this group. All Pulm care , .Anyway, T/Y again. Sounds like you have a Dr. that is on top of things . Merry Christmas to you as well. Best Wishes Nancy
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    Send toRev Pneumol Clin.1985;41(2):91-100.[Respiratory function and alveolar biological changes under the effect of CDP-choline in pulmonary interstitial pathology: pulmonary fibrosis and sarcoidosis].[Article in French]

    Pacheco Y, Douss T, Pujol B, Revol A, Vergnon JM, Biot N, Brune J, Perrin-Fayolle M.Abstract

    Various anomalies of pulmonary surfactant have been described in relation to acute respiratory distress syndromes, hypersensitivity lung disease and pulmonary sarcoidosis. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is the essential phospholipid component of pulmonary surfactant. Cytidine diphosphocholine (CDP-choline) is an essential intermediary in the biosynthesis of PC. The authors studied two groups of patients: one group consisted of diffuse interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and the other consisted of pulmonary sarcoidosis with parenchymal involvement. They observed quantitative and qualitative abnormalities of the phospholipid fractions of surfactant and more particularly of PC. The finding of a marked decrease in this phospholipid, especially in the cases of pulmonary fibrosis, justified the study of the therapeutic effects of CDP-choline. After one month of treatment with this substance, at a dose of 1 g I.M. per day, the PC fraction had returned to normal and, at the same time, there was an improvement in the PaO2 at rest and after exercise. Long term administration of CDP-choline appears to be valuable in the maintenance of the phospholipid equilibrium of pulmonary surfactant and in the improvement of the quality of alveolar gas exchange.

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