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I have been taking 30/500 cocodamol for about 4 years, in some cases nearly 20 a day to get the original feeling it gave me, I am now taking 8/500 however still taking nearly 20, I am so scared I want to get off of them, I don't know how, I have noticed that my urine is cloudy now and I am sure that I am messing up my Kidneys. I really don't know where to start, do i go cold turkey???

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    Hi Andrew, I was in a similar situation. I never exceeded 8 cocodomol 30/500 however I was taking 20 Nurofen plus a day 12.8 mg codeine just to get rid of my pain and the high as well. I came clean to my Dr and he was more than happy to help. I had to go on a reduction programme and got down to just my co codomol 30/500. After a recent accident I started to take the Nurofen plus again! I'm scared also. Especially coming clean to my dr again as well. Frightened he will give up on me! But I know I've got to do it. Going cold turkey is awful as I tried that. The night sweats, dizziness, nausea, a do cramps were unbearable. Not to mention the none stop going to the loo and bowel spasms. The only advice I can give is go to your Dr or pharmacist for help and come off them gradually. I know I've got to do it again.
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      GP gave me Tramadol recently, I don't want to take them, I really want to get off of them. I am scared as to what the doctor would say to me. Still I guess joining a forum is a good first step on the way to health.
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    No, try not to take tramadol, I've read bad things about them. My dr gave me some 2years ago and they are still in the drawer. I only took them for a few days. Believe me the Dr is there to help. I've been through diazepam addiction I used to take 120mg a day! Now down to 25mg! I've also been through alcohol addiction, which is now beaten thanks to my GP and various referrals. Yes you've done the first step and admitted you have a problem with codeine. Have you tried calling narcotics anonymous for advice? I found them a great help
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      I haven't thought about contacting them actually, I think I shall though at some point. I may get OTC cocodamol to start some sort of tapering off process, I have done some reading of the forums, I can't get an appointment with my GP until the new year, I don't want to wait that long before quiting this evil drug.
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    It is an evil drug. I started on cocodomol 30/500 in 2005 and been on them ever since. I get 112 tablets a fortnight for prolapsed discs in my spine. I just wished that the Dr would have warned me of the addiction of codeine before I started them. Good luck and keep me posted. Remember you are not alone 
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    Hi Andrew 

    I am an addict, I started taking nurofen plus almost 3yrs ago now, because I has toothache, been an addict I like the buzz it gave me, so started taking more and more, at my worse I was taking over 64+ a day, just to get through the day. I would wake up and take 32 in one go, a few hours later I was on my way to another chemist to get another box. I managed to stop for 10months in that period, which was awful and I only done it with going cold turkey, then started to drink heavily again. In October last year I relapsed got a box of 32 thinking as long as I don't do it for more than 2 days I will be fine. I was very very wrong, I was back to 64+ again, coming down very quickly and very hard even after a few hours, chemist hoping and all the lies to my wife and family and the pressure I put myself under from all of this made it more difficult to stop, it got so bad I was hoping something would happen to me. Codiene is the addictive part, but the ibuprofen is what did the damage on October the 7th the ibuprofen had giving me a perpurated ulcer basically a hole in the wall of my stomach, I was rushed into hospital in so much pain, the morphine they ambulance crews was giving didn't touch it, I had become so use to the level of pain relief nothing would ease the pain. I ended up having emergency surgery which I was only told afterwards they wasn't sure if I would make it through as I had become so weak from the months of been on this amount of the drug, but they also didn't have a choice as I would of died anyway. I now have a 5inch scar down the middle of my stomach. I'm happy to say even thou it's been very very hard I'm clean (apart from the drinking) which I'm now getting help for. What I'm trying to say is to be honest, always. Don't lie tell your doctor or anyone else who can help. It will be hard and the first few weeks of not months are the worse. Today I feel some of the withdrawals still but I'm now on antidepressants prescribe by my brilliant doctor which are to protect me more than anything else and I'm regularly reviewed to ensure I don't get addicted to these. It really does help

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      Hi, I'm like that too, I found myself taking pills this morning, I stopped at 12 and said what the hell am I doing, at that point it was too late, it was done. I find myself needing more and more, I will most likely have to go to the pharmacy later to get more in order to get myself through to monday.
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    right the first thing you do is make an appointment to see your doctor and explain to him how you feel and what your fears are  your doctor maybe able t help you or put you intouch with someone who knows what sort of help you need i hope is of some help to you 
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    Hi andrew 

    possibly already been said but best advice is your gp I'm in process of coming off this horrible cycle of chemist trips to get my pills and with a staggered overdose now under my belt with a hospital stay of two days I now have to commit to quitting. My doctor was slightly useful but they won't be able to do much for withdrawl symtoms if you think it's a serious addiction then refer yourself to local drug abuse service who will be able to set you up with a treatment plan mines has turned out to be suboxone which I'm due to start in the new year so for time being I'm on 3 x 30 mg dihydo codiene a day until this begins as it's the paracetamol in these pills that kills you first. You have done the scary bit admitting there is a problem now it's just following through and keeping mind focused on getting help and treatment. I wish you all the best honey it's a hard road ahead but you can do it ! X

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    Hi mate,

    You really need to speak to your doctor and explain what you are going through. There is help there. Speak to the doc and tell them your concerns and ask to be put on a reduction plan. In N Ireland it is the community addictions team deal with it and with their help and will power you can best this. Trust me I'm going through it too. DO NOT go cold turkey on your own without professional help as you could do more harm than good. I wish you all the best with this but please ask for help and don't be ashamed or embarrassed as it isn't your fault. Take it easy in the 8/500s as they are not good for you. Ask to be put on codeine phosphate I think the name of them are. Good luck my friend and have a nice Christmas. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through this. 

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      Hi, Hope you have a nicee christmas too, my appointment is on Monday 
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    Hi Andrew, 

    Firstly, try not to let your mind work overtime (easier said than done I know), but you have started the ball rolling and that's the important thing! I was highly addicted to codeine (literally any I could lay my hands to - OTC and prescription strength). The first thing you need to do is see your GP and explain everything. Please do not hold back as I did and could have received help much sooner had I been more upfront. You need to tell them how you are feeling and that you are concerned about your health I.e. kidneys and liver etc so that they send you for blood function tests. Although this sounds serious it is very routine and any damage that may have resulted can be dealt with sooner rather than later. Mine came back clear after approx 5 years of abuse 20+ tablets a day (generally containing paracetamol) however I do recognise I am extremely lucky.....however, sorting this out ASAP these things can be checked. The first thing my GP did was prescribe me pure codeine to eliminate the other harmful substances (such as ibuprofen and paracetomal.....as these are the substance which cause the harmful damage). I have since been referred to a local government run drug misuse service and despite feeling completely mortified they have been fantastic. I am prescribed a small dose of beuprenorphine which is a longer acting opiate and enables supervised process of tapering down to eventually detox to become completely drug free. It would take me all night to explain my whole story and probably not make for interesing reading anyway lol. My best advise would be keep banging on doors until someone listens to you and helps you (my GP was very inexperienced in my case but eventually sought advice from our local misuse service who have since taken over to support me). Please please go and get yourself checked out and initiate the process, I feel like a totally different person for the better in all aspects of my life. Good lick and remember,  this is happening to thousands of people you're not on your own. Evil stuff is too  accessible.  Take care. X

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      Hi, I am nervous about explaining it all to the Doc, well new year new me I guess, i'd rather not do cold turkey, sounds waaaaay to dangerous. well monday is the day to let it all out and hope there is a way out.

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