Increase heart rate when standing

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Hi in 2014 I had three attacks of fast heart rate is was sent to hospital and given a heart ultrasound which showed everything to be OK the attacks was short lived and so in the end was put down to panic attacks I got given a holter months later which came back fine ..

Now I had on and off heart racing episodes since then and put them down to panic attacks I have anxiety so it made sence I had a baby 8 weeks ago after having him I realised my heart rate was low 56bpm and had a few palps so later that day I got a ecg was told it's normal if I get more palps go to doctors and ask for a holter monitor still heart rate was low but I put it down to just giving birth and then a week after giving birth I got very weak and severe dizziness I felt like I had the flu for a while 5 weeks ! I went to hospital who said everything was OK and I could go home I went home but was getting palps while standing so I put it down to anxiety until I woke up unable to breathe my body was numb and my heart was going what felt wrong it lasted like probably 5 minutes but felt like hours my heart was still palpations just not as bad so I took my heart rate and bp and both was high my heart rate was 144 ! I got dressed went out to my mums very out of breathe and still palps I took my pulse it was 146 I rang 111 who said go to a&e I got there and it was flucating from 115 -145-179 ! I had a ecg which said abnormal but they said it was fine I was later discharged with blood work and ecg normal .

When I went home I realised my heart rate was fast upon standing and everytime I stand now I have a fast heart sitting is OK but a soon as I stand walk or anything my heart rate is anywhere from 115 -160!

I have to still go about like normal and wait until Tuesday where I see a private cardiologist but I'm so anxiouse I won't make it until then

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    So sorry to hear about what is happening to u.  U most be very proactive and insist they find out what is wrong. There is a reason your heart rate is going up so high. Hopefully the private cardiologist will get to the bottom of it.   

    Im not a doctor, but it seems like more than panic attacks.  

    Good luck, please keep us posted. 

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    Yes, Suzanne's right. 

    Not knowing what is going on is only going to add to your anxiety.

    Catching those critical moments on a holter monitor can quite tricky.

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    Actually a holter monitor can be quite successful in diagnosing  the problem.  All tests done on me (many EKGs, echos, carotid artery, stress) were normal. It was only when I wore the holter for 24 hrs did it show I had afib. A holter can be worn for longer than 24 hrs, depending on what the doc wants. 

    I would insist on a holter to see what it finds. 


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    Hi Stephx,

    Like Suzanne I feel for you and can only share my personal experiences as I am not a doctor. An 'old' friend visited me several weeks ago. This retired civil engineer has been suffering from panic attacks for as many years as he could remember. He has seen many doctors and taken many tests.

    He understands he has panic attacks and took up meditation for healing but the problem persists. To me it is psychological and he could do with professional help.

    You do another Holter test and trust your doctors to help you.

    And if it is panic attacks you need to be willing to help yourself.

    Remember, our mind controls our physical body.

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    i am no doctor, but i am a nurse who has had children. it could be u are dehydrated and not taking care of yourself after having the baby. are u anxious about the baby? any postpartum depression?

    your best bet is a holter monitor.

    to ease ypur anxiety till tuesday, get someone to stay w you and the baby if you dont have someone---.

    go to ER if u have any more episodes of fast heartrate-dont let them intimidate you.

    are u on any other meds? any new meds?

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    Thanks all no I'm not on any Meds and this morning my heart did a attack again it started beating really hard and fast and was 152! This lasted like 20 minutes I was sat here calm and doing deep breathing but it wasn't helping.

    I also realised asoon as i sat up from layi8 my heart rate went from 77 -132 ! Litrally in a second thing is yesterday I managed to clean all my house i had palps on and off and I knew my heart rate was high half the time but I scrubbed my full house so to wake up today abit more positive and then it still happened it's scary everytime I stand up my heart rste goes 110-160 ect so sometimes I can't feel it doing it and other times I can ? I'm fed up but I'm starting to accept I'm undiagnosed with a heart problem I also maybe coming to terms with my anxiety and realising I don't need to be anxiouse as what happens will happen unfortunately this may be too late for me as I do feel soon it's going to be too late

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      I have been having the same symtoms as you the past few weeks.  I do have a history of Anxiety but do not think it is related bacause dont feel anxious.  When standing from laying down my heart rate goes from 74 to 115.  Did you doctor ever figure out the problem or did it just go away?
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    Now I feel I can't breathe and feel really weird but my heart rate is now 86 and I'm sitting in can't cope with this I'm suffering not living like I should be I'm 24 and I should be out taking my children out instead I'm sat in unable to do anything where supposed to be going numb holiday next week the kids are so excited but I just feel I won't be here I've always had health anxiety but this is fuelling it so much I feel ill never be better I just stood up then my heart rate was 146 I couldn't feel it go that high this time but sometimes rarely it will be 90 standin but rarely g I just wish it would stay normal
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    Stephen, I can empathize with what u r going thru. U r scared, just as I am and I believe this is normal. It is very important for u to be proactive in Your treatment and if the first doctor u go to doesn't help u, go on to another one u til u can find one that diagnoses your problem, whatever it may be. I'm a doctor's daughter (how I wish he was still alive)m and the one thing he taught me is that doctors are not God. 

    Don't give up. Keep on pushing until if I d a doc that can help u. Good luck. 

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    It sounds to me like you have POTS (postoral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I have POTS and when I sit my blood pressure and pulse are pretty normal, but when I stand my blood pressure gets very low and my pulse get scary high. You need to ask your doctor to test you for this. It is a very rare illness than most doctors don't know about. If you get diagnosed you need to get a requisition to see a POTS specialist who can help you.

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    Hi Steph I no this is an old post but was wondering if you still come on here? If so could u mail me I'm going threw all of this now and so scared xx

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      Hi I have the orthostatic thing too. Agreed it is awful and scary. I am in pretty ok shape otherwise, and was doing very light cardio which seemed to help it. But stopped cardio cause was so busy, so its back now. But I'm 59 have had it since 20's. I'm doing same trying to keep calm.

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      Hi Karla, I as well have these Heart racing only in an upright position.  It feels so bad and I can’t do anything, nothing gets done. Are you on any medication for it? Im 60 years old.
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    If you could please let m know if you have found anything out I would really appreciate it.  I have been having the exact same thing since I was 12 weeks pregnant and my son is now 18 months.  I have spent thousands of dollars and everyone just throws the anxiety card at me!  I am 25 years old and can’t live this way anymore!
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      Hi Ashley,

      I’d youre still looking for answers, I’d recommend you check out this link:


      It sounds likely you and others on here have POTS. It can be very debilitating but can also respond well to treatment (often beta blockers or vasopressors). It can make your body react in similar ways to anxiety, but is not anxiety.

      It is a physiological, not a psychological condition. It often develops after things like viral infection, surgery or giving birth. 

      A cardiologist can help, but only one who is knowledgeable in the conditionnot many are because research into the condition has really only taken off in the last 5-10 years.

      Good luck getting help.  If you have difficulty, the site has info on an easy test (not tilt table) your primary care physician can do to see if you have POTS. Then you can talk to your doc and at least follow the advice on the site until you can find a qualified specialist to treat you. 

      Hope that helps. 

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      Hi Ashley,

      I Just wanted to say that your symptoms are totally indicative of pots (postrial orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). I'm from the UK and I'm suffering from and going through the exact same scenario as you. My heart rate increase from lying to standing is around 30 40 beats per minute. My resting (lying down) bpm is 65 but as soon as i stand it increases to 100-115 and will not come down no matter how much controlled deep breathing I do. But as soon as i lie flat it returns to normal. I get out of breath easily now when standing (I was speed walking 3 miles a day with my dog 12 months ago and my heart rate was never fast and I never got out of breath or felt light headed ). To get diagnosed with pots isn't easy because it gets misdiagnosed as anxiety a lot but don't give up (I have an anxiety disorder, I've had it for 19 yrs and so I no all about the difference between an anxiety or panic attack and this is not an anxiety attack,it's an orthostatic intolerance). The best thing to do is look for a local cardiologist who either specialises in pots or has an interest in the syndrome and then go into your gp dr and insist that you get a referral to the chosen cardiologist (you may even to be able to refer yourself in the states,I don't know). Do not except anything less. Pots can be easily diagnosed by a consultant who treats or knows about it. They do a tilt table test where they measure your heart rate ( and blood pressure) while lying flat and then the table raises you to vertical and your heart rate is then tested again. If your heart rate increases by over 30 beats per minute on standing then you will generally be diagnosed with pots. Other symptoms of pots are,fatigue, breathlessness,exercise intolerance,lightheadedness,and lots more. If these symptoms you have are relieved when lying down then you clearly have an orthostatic intolerance- ie pots. A consultant may need to do some other checks on you to rule out any other possible cause of this intolerance, ie blood samples to check for anemia, or thyroid problem,or a heart monitor check. I'm not yet diagnosed myself I'm waiting to get a private referral (that I can't afford) to see a local NHS cardiologist I've found who has an interest in pots and I'll go from there. Pots all though not life threatening in itself can end up being very debilitating. You may end up feeling chronically fatigued and bedridden,generally unwell, and massively p****d off, which will only make any slight anxiety or depression much worse, just like I'm finding out. It's all about finding the right dr and then once diagnosed the treatment for pots is and can be very successful. They try compression stockings to keep the blood up away from pooling in your legs so your heart doesnt havery to pump so hard. They recommend a big increase in fluid intake and possibly salt tablets and then a graded exercise plan etc. And last but not least medication-ie beta blockers or some other drug that help slow and control the heart rate increase.

      I hope if your still suffering that this will help in some way cause I know how u feel-I just want my life back my ability to do the basic day to day jobs and activities that i was doing everyday until this orthostatic intolerance started 6-7 months ago.

      Best wishes


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      That response was wonderful and informative. Thank you for taking the time to do that. Much appreciated! Very much!!! 

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