Liver enzyme level of 47 for ALT

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Hi I had a blood test two weeks ago and i called the clinic today and they said everything was fine (CBC, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Liver tests) except one of my enzymes was at 47, which is just above the 45 max. Problem is last year it was the same, and the year before that also. Always high 40's.

I don't drink at all, my BMI is 24.5, and I don't really think I'm fat except for maybe a bit of flab around the belly. I don't do drugs and the only supplement i take is occasional magnesium. 

Should I do something about this? Or is that just a normal reading for me? I'm 35



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    Hi Michael,

    I am not an expert or Dr on liver tests but having had about a hundred of them in the past year I have come to learn a things or too. ALT is a marker for liver cell damage. So at a level just higher than normal I wouldn't be overly concerned. If any other markers go up with it then I would be concerned. Have you have any scans? I would say you need an ultrasound at least. My high markers were put down to a fatty liver. Which I have managed to clear. However my ALP level is up and down like you wouldn't believe. Very annoying and worrying for me but I've had to learn that's it probably just the way my body is. It's never higher than 3 marks above normal and always comes down again.

    I have read that it is best to fast for at least 8 hours prior to a liver test as something as simple as I fatty meal can cause readings to be abnormal. I found this to be true as I ate a McDonald's and had a milkshake before one of my tests and my levels jumped up slightly. However on my next test a week later (after fasting) they were normal again.

    Do you have any other symptoms? Right sided pain? Loose stools? Fatigue?


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      Thank you for the reply. No, no other symptoms at all. I think the next time I see the doctor I will speak to her about it. They only told me because I called them. I have had no scans.
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    Hi Michael,  mine was 53 and is up and down.  I asked my GP about the level and he said they would only start to worry if it was above 100.

    I am on some heavy duty drugs, which is why my blood results are up and down.  Even taking extra paracetamol can cause your alt to rise.

    Don't worry.

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      Thanks. This is my third one in a row though, over a few years. I think 2012, 2014, and this year all have been between 45-49. Maybe that's just normal for me, I don't know. No doctor seems concerned but in my experience sometimes you need to take care of yourself.

      I was very thirsty before the blood test, don't know if dehydration does anything. I don't take any drugs.

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      I was told that normal levels are between 10 - 40, which was why I was concerned but my Gp wasn't.  I see that Chris is quoting levels between -7 - 56.  I know that the various labs differ in their results.

      Perhaps you should make sure that your fluid intake is adequate especially since you mention that you were very thirsty and don't worry!


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      I have also just got a result saying I'm 49 on ATL but everything else is fine. Worrying now and made an appointment with a physician.

      I've had some Tylenol earlier before the test and also having some muscle pain on my left leg for about two weeks, I don't know if of all these matter.

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      I am assuming you mean ALT, if so the levels are within normal range and I would take 49 any day. I have had ALT levels around about 500.
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      No, the test was just for screen purposes and they do not call. I will keep it posted
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    The main liver enzymes are AST and ALT, normal AST levels are between 10 and 40 while normal ALT levels are between 7 and 56. I doubt you have anything too serious, but if your GP suspects that you possibly have anything seriously wrong with your Liver then he will refer you to a Hepatologist.
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      Thanks. I have googled the ranges and AST and ALT and they seem all over the place, depending on the lab. I've seen both as high as 60 and both as low as 30. I guess I just need to trust the doctors.
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    Don't sweat it, those tests aren't very accurate. For example, all my tests always come back normal except for when i have an ERCP or MRI and then they see all my liver damage and all the crap in there. But if you are concerned, you can get an ultrasound to know for sure. Plus if you take any medicines at all it could mess with it, or even if you exersize a lot. In general, these test are easy to get messed up and be inacurate.
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    I've just had results of 45 for my liver enzymes, that's all the doctor said and didn't say exactly what that was in reference to. Apparently this is slightly raised.

    I've never felt pain on or around my liver but I have since he pressed on my tummy to feel it (3 days ago)

    I have been referred to have an ultrasound and further blood tests, I'm 34 and really scared as I have a history of drinking quite a bit but have stopped smoking and drinking a few months ago. I never drank daisy or anything, just had issues stopping when I started, so have stopped cololeltey for the last 9 weeks. In no way related to a liver issue I was aware of.

    I just wanted to know does this number reflect the type of damage done? Or is it not a reflecting at all, ie slight raise slight could mean only slight damage. I'm actually having panic attacks and feeling really scared about all of this.

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      Your name confused me, i thought i had replied to myself and forgotten i had done so.

      I spoke to a couple of doctors about mine, and none of them seemed remotely concerned. They said the scores are 90% percentile, so there will always be 10% of healthy people outside that range. And since mine (and yours) is barely over it they aren't concerned. Usually they said it can be caused by a bit of fat around the liver, so if you belly fat try and trim it down a bit.

      (p.s the numbers mean inflammation, not damage) 

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    My ALT was just 7 and I'm worked it is too low! 

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      I just got my liver enzyme test back today or my AST and ALT and the normal range for both starts at zero!

      Per the Mayo Clinic - "Elevated liver enzymes may indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver. Inflamed or injured liver cells leak higher than normal amounts of certain chemicals, including liver enzymes, into the bloodstream, which can result in elevated liver enzymes on blood tests."

      So many things affect liver enzymes like taking a Tylenol or having a glass of wine or another alcohol or even getting into a fight or falling down can cause temporary damage also for the Mayo clinic "In most cases, liver enzyme levels are only mildly and temporarily elevated. Most of the time, elevated liver enzymes don't signal a chronic, serious liver problem."

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