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Hi all.

I'm scheduled for a manipulation under anesthesia on Tuesday to get my range of motion back.

I'm starting to get really nervous because everything I have read online states that it is really painful afterwards and there are no guarantees that it will help your ROM even with the intensive PT that follows.

I am still in alot of pain from the tkr after 9 weeks and really am not looking forward to increased pain.

Has anyone here ever had a MUA and if so how did it go? How was your pain level after and did you find that the procedure actually helped?

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    Hi Arizona...what are your ROM measurements at 9 weeks?
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      Just wait, for a response or two....because I have read several testimonies of people on this forum that have had MUA's and they are happy with the results. They say just sore initially... I can't wait to hear your success story! I'm sure you'll be writing one soon!!! smile

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    Hi, Had an MUA at 10 weeks as only had 65 deg flexion on a bad day.

    ?I was also scared it would increase the pain - I have had trouble with pain meds.

    ?Afterwards, it hurt a little when I was put onto a CPM machine to keep leg bending as soon as I came round from the anaesthetic. But nothing like the pain from the surgery. Stayed overnight and home next day, just took paracetmol , used ice at home and could bend to 95 deg. With the physio in the following few days, got 110 deg flexion - zero extn which was good in my case.

    ?Still got some swelling and tightness, IT band and outer knee, some odd aches, nerve zaps and sometimes pains, especially if doing any extra exercise, so there is some way to go. But I only take a very occasional pain med now so that is progress. Try not to worry, look at the MUA as an extension to your PT, only with the benefit of being asleep so the surgeon can use their skill to get the bend without the pain causing resistance. The worst part was waiting as I was last on list at the end of a long day! Best of luck with yours.

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    I have posted a reply. Not sure why, they keep sending my last few posts to the moderator! I'm not including anything dodgy or websites. However, it may get to you - basically my MUA was a success!

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      Very strange about your posts. Hopefully they will clear it.

      But glad to hear your MUA was a success! Makes me feel better. Thank you :-)

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    I had a manipulation 10 days ago. The procedure itself wasn't painful as I well under anesthesia. However, I have 2 weeks of physical therapy every day that is much more intense than my regular physical therapy was. I could only bend to 90 degrees by myself prior but am up to 104 now.

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    Hi, I had manipulation 12 days ago. Old Bend was 102, surgery got me to 130, and holding my own at PT at 128. Initially sore inner thigh, and knee swelling; but icing n Advil helped with this discomfort. You will do great too! Let us know your outcome. Sending prayers!
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      128 is awesome! And gives me hope.

      I can handle sore- just not excruciating pain.

      Thanks, Carol

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    Hi there. I am 3 months+ out from a TKR and I had a manipulation at 9 weeks. I was frozen at 90 degrees. I was in the hospital for 4 days after the MUA with an epidural and PT would come in 3 times a day and bend me to 12O+. I went home for 1 night and lost half of my gain! Overnight!!! So I went to PT 5 days a week for two weeks, then 3x/week, now at two x/week and I 'swim' and do my Own excersizes. I am sort of stuck now at 3 and 110 degrees. It is still so difficult and uncomfortable 24/7 and PT is painful. I am off the Percocet and fentynl patch as I have to go back to work next week.

    The more I talk to folks, the more they say hang in there, it will get better. Really takes a year to feel normal. I choose to believe this but dang, this is the hardest thing I have ever done! So you are not alone...hang tough!

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    Thank you to all who shared their

    successes and words of encouragement with


    I so appreciate it!

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      The entire procedure took less than 10 minutes. When I woke up I was in excruciating pain- it took 3 morphine "pushes" into the IV plus a Percocet before I got any relief.

      I went home that day and started aggresive PT about 5 hours later. Afterwards I was really sore but not in pain. However, as the days went on and the therapist kept pushing my bend more and more it has gotten to the point where I can't sleep and am up all night because of the pain.

      On the bright side, my ROM has increased from 70 before the MUA to 96 with her pushing and 90 with me bending on my own.

      I can tell it's going to be a long, painful road but in the end will be worth it.

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      Glad to hear you got it over with and sprry it was painful initially.

      ​But, yes , worth it in the end. Make sure you rest to compensate for all the physio. I have now been discharged with open window if I have problems and will continue to work on exercises on my own.

      ​Good luck with recovering!

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