Menopause and paresthesia?

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I would love some input on my strange symptoms. 

I'm 50 years old. For many years, my periods have been very close together, very long, and with 2-3 days of exceptionally heavy flow. I know this weird period stuff is normal in peri menopause. Then, after one of these "normal" (for me!) periods in April, I didn't have one for 60 days - and when I did it again, for the first time in years I didn't have the heavy days. That was over 60 days ago and so far I haven't had another one since.

My FSH level in a blood test two weeks ago was very high - 117.

I tell you all this just as a little background - I already know I'm obvioulsy in peri menopause and nearing actual menopause. 

But here's the reason I'm posting. Starting mid-May, all of a sudden I started having very consistent paresthesia in my feet and legs - a mixture of tingling, pins and needles, slight burning, static sensation outside skin, pricking... no numbness. It has been with me every single day since then - 3 months now. It's worse at some times than others, but always present to some degree (and usually very annoying and concerning). It is definitely in BOTH legs and feet. 

I'm slightly low in B12 and hoped that was the cause - however, after 10 B12 shots over 5 weeks, I have no improvement. I've had various other blood tests, all normal. I had an MRI of my spine (all 3 sections) yesterday and it showed nothing. No MS lesions, no transverse myelitis lesions, no compression/stenosis, no disc problems, no tumors. Now I need to get a brain MRI and of course I'm concerned this one could show MS. However, doctors have told me - and my research confirms this - it would be most unusal for MS to present with paresthesia equally on BOTH sides, stay around consistently for so long without going away even briefly, etc... And I have zero other MS sypmtoms.

So assuming (hopefully!) that's NOT what it is, then it's becoming a real mystery. I've done some reading that suggests these weird tingling sensations CAN be caused by menopause - due to extreme hormone imbalance. Also, my hormones could have been out of whack for a long time what with all my irregular periods, AND about 12 years ago I had my hormone levels checked and supposedly at that time I had the estrogen level of "a post-menopausal woman." At the time my doc said that was a little odd, but ok, no cause for concern. Anyway, I say all this as a way to say perhaps I've been a little bit of a unique case as far as my hormones.

Does anyone think these symptoms COULD actually be attributed to menopause? Or has anyone had something similar happen to them? I've asked my doctor a couple times and she immediately says no, menopause couldn't cause this. I realize it's not typical, but is it possible? So far I have no hot flashes or night sweats, thank heavens, but maybe this is my own personal type of menopause hell?! 

Any insight would be so very much appreciated. Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but it DOES seem an interesting coincidence that all these issues have come up right as I'm going through this different timing in my periods, obvious continued hormone changes, etc... 

Thanks in advance for any help people might be able to offer.

I think I'm going insane. If this could be blamed on menopause, I would be SO relieved and could deal with it!!!


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    Hi Molly

    I'm no expert but I am sure it is. Someone I know who is menopausal is having the symptoms you are talking about. It just seems coincidental.

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      Michelle, thanks so much for replying! Do you mind telling me a little more about the person you know - you say she's having the same symptoms. Do you mean specifically she's having consistent "tingling" (and other sensations in her legs/feet? It's encouraging to think there might be someone else out there with this same condition, caused by menopause!!

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    Hi Molly. I am very close to meno so my levels say and yes I have those symptoms and more. My body gets numb off and on but my left hand has had persistent numbness sometimes better sometimes worse but pretty much hasn't went away. You are not alone!

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      Wow, I must admit it's encouraging to hear you're experiencing something similar - not that I wish these weird symptoms on you, of course! But just that someone else is actually experiencing this. So besides your additional symptoms, do you mean you have pretty much constant tingling and other sensations in your legs and feet?


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    Hi Molly,

    I have had the same tingling, numbness and prickly feeling all over. There are months when I bleed very heavy for 2 weeks and other months where it is very light for a few days. I've had every strange symptom under the sun and all of my blood work is normal . No one ever told me that menopause would be so bad. I am on Prozac and bio identical hormones which both help a lot. You are not going crazy I promise.

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      Peggy, does that include having the tingling etc... in your legs, and does it pretty much stick around all the time? My doctor says my symptoms can not be blamed on peri menopause/menopause, but I'm beginning to wonder! Sounds like there are others with these same types of things going on.

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    I too get left hand numbness around 7-10 days before my period starts. In only happens during the night - it feels as tho I've lay on my arm. I have to dangle my arm out of bed to get the blood flowing again. As this occurrence is cyclical I just assumed it was a peri symptom. X

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      Donna, that's a weird symptom, too! It sort of goes along with mine, since I get the general pins and needles feeling. I really hope this all could have hormone upheaval as its root cause!!!

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      Molly hi,, i see this was two years ago.  Did this resolve for you?  i am just entering menopause and I get the numbness in arms and tingling in lower limbs  mainly left side and again doctors not relating it to menopause, this is interesting and wondering how you are doing now?
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      Hi Marcia

      Yes, I have heard about progesterone cream.  Are you in menopause or peri-menopause?  What is the name of the natural progesterone cream you are using can I ask?

      thanks for replying

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      Is a progesterone cream bioidentical our body! In usa you can by easily

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      Hi.. I have been in Peri for about two years and in the last three months there has not been a day go by that I haven’t had pins and needles numbness and burning in arms hands legs and feet.. 

      it’s driving me insane and wondering what to do about it

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      Hi Rebecca, i been in peri also and have the sensation all the time mostly hands n feet.   We are trying  to all figure out if this is related to hormonal inbalance.  I’m starting to believe it is.   I think the first step is finding a doctor to evaluate the hormones and see if there is any hormone replacment therapy that is needed.  Every doctor that I have seen has not made any correlation.. they say hormones can cause it but never treated me for it.   By the way just started reading the book by dr John lee 

      Someone one here has mentioned it.  

      Very interesting.  Keep me posted ! 



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      Hi Jannap and Rebeca

      I am suffering everyday since I entered in menopause

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      Hi Rebecca I've been having tingling in arms, legs, hands, feet with some minor numbness stiffness in my finger/toe.  I am 44 going to be 45 soon.  My family doc tells me I'm too young to have the issue be from Perimenopause, but I've had all kinds of autoimmune bloodwork and checked Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, etc. (all ok) and I've had an MRI of brain and cervical spine.  I have even been to a neurologist.  The only thing they said I had was 2 bulging discs in my neck that were "not bad" and that were not compressing any nerves.  I wonder if my symptoms could be peri?  Am I too young?  may I ask how old you are?  Did your symptoms start just all of sudden?  Mine seemed to happen overnight after a pretty bad headache that I got right before my period started. I still have regular periods in a sense of recurring but they seem to be lasting longer and can be pretty heavy at times.  Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated  

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      Hi Tara, I’m 42 and because I want to have another child I have been seeing a reproductive dr.   So I frequently get blood work done on my hormones.   Some months I’m I have no estrogen.  I have regular periods but I can tell  when my body is just off balance.   

      I been to  2 neurologist  my primary physician and back speaclist. No one gave me an answer. Only one agree with me that these symptoms were related was reproductive dr.  The reason I believe this is the issue is because all other symptoms came with it the tingling  both feet the ache joints panic anxiety and depression 

      I’m on low estrogen patch and it seems to be helping. 

      We aren’t to young mensoause takes place at 50 they say 10

      Years before your body started to prepare well we are in our 40’s and everyone is different. Many women go into menpause early even at 20’s n 30’s 

      The reason I believe it is 

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      Thanks Jane.  I have an appt with my obgyn on the 29th maybe he can run some bloodwork and shed  some light on this for me.  I was thinking the worst case scenarios imaginable and it’s causing me more anxiety than I already have! 

      I also get little muscle twitches.  Is that a symptom for you? 

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      Hi Tara I'm very interested in your post as this is exactly how my tingling started it was overnight and day before I had terrible headache ,do you have it it none stop mine started 11th Dec 16 I started with tingling feet within hours spread to knees then into hands fully symmetric it's been none stop for 17 months now I've had numerous bloods mri of brain and cervical spine numerous nerve studies all normal saw another neuro end of April he wasn't happy and I had a full spine mri last Fri and also an emg test and another nerve study I don't know what this is but I describe it as holding an electric toothbrush feeling none stop in all limbs

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      Tara I also have muscle twitches too I do not think mine is peri menopause I was 40 when it started and conceived 3 months after it started I had my baby in Nov I had the tingling none stop throughout it got much worse 8 weeks after having her and spread from wrists to upper arms I'm looking into a mild form of guillen barre syndrome that attacks only small fibres as my Dr told me she knew someone it happened to that started with headache

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      Hi Tara and Jane,

      There is no rhyme or reason we go into Peri and for a Dr to state that there is no way because you are too young is a joke.. Without us realising we are starting Peri in our early thirties with different hormonal symptoms which is the fact that our hormones are becoming out of balancing and with some depleting to fast that our nervous systems go into a spin.

      My experience is.. I woke Jan 25 this year with pins and needles in my feet and legs and felt like I also had the flu.. Prior to this my periods had been extremely irregular and also had been experiencing joint and muscle aches that came and went but I put it down to working out..

      Anyways I was very unwell as the numbness spread coupled with headaches and lethargy and bloods showed I was b12 def.. Besides this I thought this isn’t right oh and was gettinghor flushes., I researched and researched to find so many menopausal women suffering just like us.. high or low estrogen and little to no progesterone..

      One blood test is not enough to show what our hormones are doing as that is a snapshot of that day.. in fact you need one a week for 6 weeks on the same day to see what your hormones are up too.. mine showed dominance in estrogen and very low progesterone which is our good feeling hormone which is only produced when we ovulate..

      I have been on Bio Identical Hormones for two months now and am feeling so much better..

      Hot flushes nearly gone and pins and needles just about gone..

      Find a Dr that will listen to you..

      That’s what I did!!! This is all hormonal as it throws our nervous system into kaos!!! 

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      Tara, I had it all !!!  muscles twitch  I still get them can be in my back  mostly and my eye  but not to often.  I experienced pins and needles daily  all day long. First it was both feet then about 6 months later the hands.  I have gotten them in my legs and thighs.  I also had bad sharp pain come and go in my thighs.  

      I was so nervous that something was seriously wrong with me which also made my anxiety even worse.  

      I had all blood work done I have had nerve test.  It was all negative.  My primary dr never sent me for mri because she didn’t think it was MS because of the symmetrical symptoms and my balance was just fine along with my reflexes.  

      It has to be peri menopause. If I’m having a good day I can do everything Normal as can be. I can excerise. I can bike ride. I’m a busy mom. I’m always running around all day long.  

      My eating habits are great I’m not fatigue  

      Just all these weird symptoms that I mention along with

      Mood swings happy, sad, irritable, 

      Panic attacks. 

      Sounds like hormonal inbalance to me ! 

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      Hi Dawn

      My tingling is pretty much non stop but it varies in intensity but never gets really bad.  How did your recent tests come back with the new neurologist? 

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      Hi Jane

      Did any of your doctors say it could be a hormonal imbalance or what you could do for it? 

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      Thanks Rebecca I’m gonna talk with my obgyn to start when I go on the 29th
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      Hi again Dawn

      Is a mild form of GBS your diagnosis? I was nervous I have CIDP. If it’s GBS what is the prognosis? 

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      My reproductive endocrinologist. She noticed my estrogen was low and she asked me how I was feeling and I told her all my symptoms and she said it can very well be hormones causing this. 

      I’m on a low estrogen patch.  Seems to help 

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      Have any of your doctors tested your FSH which is Follicle Stimulating Hormone. How high that is can dictate if you have any more time to have children. It starts really low in the teen years and keep rising until you finish menopause. So by the triple digits it is over. The FSH to level is suppose to be 136 but mine was like 146 in post menopause. Every time I go off HRT I feel like my body is burning inside. 
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      Hi Tara I'm awaiting results from emg and nerve study should be here today or tommorow mri results will be within the week ,I asked my Dr about cidp they said that effects muscles gbs does too and I would be much worse than Iam , I'm still strong can walk miles feel hot and cold just none stop tingling in limbs with it going on 17 months it's worse in intensity I'm aware of it none stop it's not pain as much as a feeling if you touch car door when it's moving the vibration is the same through my limbs it's also become where I press on my upper legs I can feel it intensify in my feet ,another Dr I saw mentioned the mild gbs said she's seen a man the same he had ivig and was cured lasted about 2 years ,I've seen 4 neuros over 17 months this last one in April mentioned gbs said due to the headache before hand it could be a reaction to a systemic infection if it starts in the feet symmetric stocking glove pattern spreading upward it's likely nerve damage the small fibres can only be seen on biopsy not on nerve study look up small fibre damage all 4 neuro said immediately not ms as symmetric and overnight to have in multiple areas likely in the blood but what I don't know I've been tested for near enough everything ,I could even feel this during delivery of my daughter after 2 morphine injections like I say it's not pain as such just none stop feeling I do feel like my legs are swollen under the knees slightly not ankles I will update my mri and nerve results how do you wake up one morning and never feel your hands and legs the same again it's very worrying I'm so sick of it dawn

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      Hi Dawn I totally understand your frustration.  I go back to Neuro on June 12th.  I also forgot to mention that I was a vodka drinker, not an alcoholic but drank more than I should have and I had a bit too much the night before this happened so I also thought maybe that triggered mine? Also my tingling started in my upper body? I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since it happened and I am taking alpha lipoid acid 

      I also forgot to mention I’m hypersensitive too.  I also had soreness in my arms and thighs when it started but now mostly just tingling in my hands and feet and sometimes arms and legs.  I wonder if all GBS cases need the IV thing to get better or if steroids would help? 

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      Wow i know exactly how you and i are similar in our symptoms ive been the same for 20 months now .im awaiting to see a neuro but i went to a amazing chiro last week he sure uts nit ms he giving me 4 sessions and reassess after that.i get glove sensation in my right leg just above ankle i use to get on right arm too .also my legs feel puffy though theyre not .i dont have pain but i constant tingle burn and cold sensations.the 10 days ago i put myself on B12 nuggets 1 a day coupled with the chiro i dont want to speak too soon but ive niticed a improvement in regard to the prickly burny feelings in my legs .is it B12 or chiro i dont know we shall see.i know how you feel it is so upsetting as its non stop my happened fast like yours and symetrical .im so over it all .i was diagnised with mild shingles on right thigh which basicaly was refered to shingles without rash though i did get a few blisters then post herpetic neuralgia but dr now not sure .i do get idd blisters at random times in random places that itch then hurt and last for weeks if not months .weird
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      Guillain barre syndrome and Chronic Inflammatory Demealiating Polyneuropathy.  They are thought to be related but GBS is the acute form and CIDP is chronic.  Both affect nerves.  Google on Mayo Clinic or Web MD.  It explains better than I can.  

      I thought about a chiropractor too but my doc says to “let sleeping dogs lie” because I have 2 minor bulging discs on my neck.  I have been taking a multivitamin and alpha lipoic acid to help with neuropathy and it seems to have helped 

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      Tara thanks for explaining that to me.i think the chiro or b12 buggets im taking have helped not sure if both or one or other as i started them both the same week.but my burnings subsided though i still get cold pops and cold knees ..sensations.
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      Hi Tara and everyone on here! I’m hoping to alleviate some of my concerns! I’m  in menopause as my periods stopped 2 years ago. I am 47 now. I am getting done if the complaints that I’ve read about particularly  tingles in hands and numbness .... and the muscle twitches too. It is DRIVING me crazy. I honestly feel like my body is falling apart and shutting down  !!! It’s scary. I’ve had my saliva and urine tested and other blood work. I’m getting my results on Saturday.  It’s causing my anxiety to be even worse ....your posts are helping though

      Thanks cate  

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      Hi everyone

      Im so glad I found you all on here. I have been so worried for over 2 months about the sharp prickly pins and needles on my hands, forearms. Tingling on lips and face and today it started on my legs. I am 51 and started menopause and HRT around 3 years ago. I had been trying to analyse if I had a vitamin deficiency etc. My blood test said B12 ok but low ferritin a few months back and I took iron for that. I have had a few very sharp pains in my head. Also, today I kept getting goosebumps for a few seconds when my body temperature and the weather was warm. Then I felt really emotional and almost burst into tears. I think it was then that I realised it was probably hormonal in origin. Apart from all this I feel like I am fit and well in other respects (if I can say that with all this going on)!

      Anyway, thank you for telling your stories here because you have made me feel a bit more normal.

      Best wishes to all.

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      Hi i know its so debilitating at times and scary. A log of women suffer with it frim menopause ive had my ladt period 7 years ago still get periods of hot flushed and prickly burney sensations and tingly on lips legs forearms etc 2 years almost .i had bloods done all fine but i take b12 every few days and vit D every day and fish oil and magnesium .i started yoga .2 weeks ago a vinyasa yoga and im noticing a difference .saw neurologist yesterday had complete check he said post hepatic neuralgia from dose of shingles on right thigh and it can affect both legs arms etc cos it the zoster virus that attacks good luck and try to chill a bit go to yoga its not so much about the spiritual side its the calmness it brings
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      Hi Shona - Wow! You are the first person that I have stumbled across where you are still experiencing symptoms 7 years out from your last period.  I am 6 years out & must say that I didn’t really experience many symptoms until about 3 years ago.  I think that’s why I was so confused as to whether it was hormone related or something more sinister.  Someone pointed out that my hormones might not have crashed until just 3 years ago, hence now why all the crazy symptoms.  I did have insomnia & flooding in peri & of course weight gain, but that was it.  It appears must woman experience these crazy symptoms in Peri.  Last October the Naturopath said my hormones were low, but balanced....not sure what that really means.  All I can say is I feel like I have paid my dues, 3 years of totally feeling like this is enough....praying for it to end 🙏

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      Debra i so know what you saying ..i spoke to my older cousin yesterday she said its over ten years for her and she still gets tingling hands and feet which i dont get ..each of us is different ah.Where are you im in Nz
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      Hi Shona - Oh boy! Not sure I can handle 10 years of this craziness - I might be ready for the funny farm by then OR my family will institutionalize me - Hah! I am in Santa Barbara, California - oddly enough, my hand tingling has lessened a bit, now I just get the burning back, chest, neck & sometimes calves & upper feet.  I just am plagued with digestion issues, a bit of shortness of breath, cigarette smell & feeling either foggy brain or that my brain has been sucked out.  Oh, and let’s not forget the irritability and the impatience & just wanting to lay down & be left alone. I actually used to be the “fun one”, now a movie on my iPad is about all I can handle - also, total intolerance to heat - 

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      Haha you sound like my wacky sense of humour.we all different so dnt panic you may not end up that long lol.have you tried apple cyder vinegar .a tablesppon in hot water every morn with bit of honey you will notice a change in your digestion over a few weeks .i also have been going gluten free im so much better
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      Hi Shona - Yes, I was on the ACV thing for a bit, I didn’t notice a huge improvement, but will re-visit it - I just started on a probiotic & am trying to incorporate more fermented foods in my diet.  I also chew ginger chews & papaya enzymes like candy.  I have been trying to watch my sugar intake and probably should eliminate all dairy & gluten....a wheel of Brie & a crusty French bread is really all this girl wants, but I suppose I can find happiness in a veggie roll 🤣 I keep reading about how your gut has it’s own brain & nervous system, I just need my gut to get re-wired already! I swear I drink water & I have gas & bloating - Ugh!

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      Thanks for the reply. When this started a few months ago I was my usual measured self and kept saying to my husband, the symptoms arent precisely indicative of MS so its probably something simple. I maintained that approach whilst searching the NET for answers. Then yesterday as things symptom wise seemed to have reached a bit of a head I think I was 'breaking'. Just at my lowest, I read everyones comments late last night and sent a comment in myself in the hope of adding to the symptom list to help others. This morning I am back to my old self. Yes, I still have paresthesia but Im not constantly wondering what it is. As I have it pretty much everywhere I now see that it is hormonal from reading other peoples accounts. My doctor had said she didnt think it was MS because it was on both sides and I didnt have any weakness etc. I had been thinking of trying a bit of yoga, nice suggestion. Thanks.

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      Cyclist 51 thats great to hear .im not sure what it is about the yin yoga whether its the stretching and the control of breath.its probably both but give it a go and let me know .i also think as we constantly think about it because its constantly with us that maybe we keep it going .anyway thinking of you and everyone else out there like me .its great that at least we not totally alone with this.
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      Yes .hay get a jar of saurkraut as well the one you buy at healthshop thats in cold storage is best as it keeps the live probiotics active .1 tablespoon a day is great with your food .its the best for gut.also try to eliminate coffee .and carbonated drinks .these upset my tummy terribly and creates enough gas to blow up a country l hahaha
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      Hi Shona - u r funny! ?? A good sense of humor! I never really thought about it, but you are probably correct, I do drink a fair share of sparkling water since it feels like a “treat” for me, but it’s probably adding to my already combustible gut.  Another thing to eliminate - Dang it!  I just allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning - I just can’t give that up...& herbal teas in the morning just don’t do it for me - Ugh!

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      Shona - Yes, lucky for me I am a Sauerkraut lover - 
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      Alpha Lipoic Acid seriously depletes Biotin which when low can cause tingling in the arms and legs. A higher dose ALA will also deplete other B's thiamine, niacin and riboflavin so you should never take ALA without a good B complex with the active forms. It also can deplete selenium, copper, and zinc and so not something to take more then a few weeks. 

      Alcohol lowers zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and some B complex vitamins. It also spikes your cortisol even more then a stress event, and over time can lead to adrenal issues. 

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      Hi yes i dont drink for this reason and also it spikes my heart arrythmia
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      A lemon squeezed into warm water every morning and drunk before anything else goes in your mouth
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      Wow datadragon I didn’t realize that about ALA.  thanks for the heads up.  You’re a wealth of knowledge.  I’m going to stop ala and talk with endocrinologist.  A million thanks to you 
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      Hi Shona - I do drink lemon water...thank you!  Hey, I can’t remember if you are the one who also experiences “burning sensations” but since you & are similar in our age & post menopausal symptoms , I thought I would ask.  Last night I woke up to a doozy of an episode....burning nerves from my nipples all the way up to my neck & mostly upper back, but also down my spine.  Now this am I feel it in my lower face - This happened to me around the same time in April which landed me in the ER & again in May & June, but not as severe as the April & July episodes.  If you get this maybe you can describe what it feels like for you.  Mine just feels like a really bad sunburn, but last night my chest felt like all the nerves were on fire. Also I can’t sleep - my arms kind of feel weird it hormonal? Anxiety? ???  Ugh? 

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      I dont have problems with drugs or generally drink alcohol thankfully. I tried sniffing Coke once, but the ice cubes got stuck in my nose and was a bit bubbly...cheesygrin

      I did go to a 12-step program to help support a date a few times. It was a 12-step program for people who talk too much... On and on anon!  

      Alcohol does deplete Magnesium. Too much calcium and not enough magnesium can cause erratic firing of the heart. 


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      I wonder if I ate only organic and went completely magnesium stearate free I would in turn find my natural pheromone levels to skyrocket and suddenly would become desired by millions of women like an axe commercial.   Going to try that and see biggrin

      ALA also is a mercury chelator, so it will pull mercury out of tissues and dental amalgams. It should never be used by those with amalgams since its pulling out stored mercury into your body. So if you arent continuing to take ALA all day in smaller doses, when the ala will go away it leaves the mercury free and cause side effects. Our bodies are complex, but it does seem that b vitamins may be involved in your issues, perhaps the douglas labs b complex with metfolin would help.  Hopefully something will help improve your symptoms.

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      Hi ive not had that but yes burning prickly legs and i chatter my teeth i notice these and my lower face tingly when my anxiety levels up .so could be either
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      Also prickly arms at times welk burning prickly yes like after sunburn.i get a thicker sensation at times on lower right arm and leg as well.funny cos this is also side i had rash shingles on my thigh which is wen this all started .do you have anxiety too?
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      Hi Debra

      Ive posted before but not to you. Just letting you know that I experienced the burning sensations you're talking about which feels like a sunburn. It would wake me up almost every night and it was really scary because at the time I didn't know what it was. This happened last year after the numbness, prickling, muscle spasms. I had mri and blood tests but nothing could be found. My dr was puzzled and thought maybe it was anxiety and gave me valium but I would still wake up with the burning. After researching online I suggested to him that maybe it was hormonal. So he gave me hrt to trial and after a few days the burning was 1st to go. Then gradually the prickling went away. So yes. It was hormonal.

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      Hi Shona & Stav - Thank you for responding - Trying to figure all this stuff is crazy!  I can’t help but think the burning & the hand tingling is hormonal, but then I never really know.  It appears that after I have a burning episode, (which always seems to come on @ night) then the next morning I feel anxious.  Sooo, I was thinking perhaps it was just anxiety causing it or perhaps chronic inflammation.  I wish I could go on HRT & get some relief, but I am 61 & too old to be put on it...I just need to start saying some novenas, & 🙏 this bloody nightmare goes away soon!  Thanks again ladies - appreciate the reassurance! 

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      Ok datadragon now I’m confused on the ALA can I just discontinue it or am I going to kill myself with mercury? Lol.  I was taking 600mg daily since May and it didn’t seem to help anyway.  That said since I stopped the crappy multivitamin my symptoms seem a bit worse but I read somewhere symptoms can get worse before they get better? Something called “coasting” have you heard about that? 
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      Hi again Debra

      The burning episodes only came on at night too. In fact they woke me up each time. My dr initially thought it was anxiety so he gave me valium to try. But even with the valium I would still wake up with the burning and that's when he told me that it wasn't anxiety causing it because the valium should have stopped that. I'm 56 by the way. I went on HRT last August at 55 so maybe I was lucky to have started on it before it was too late. I couldn't stand to have these symptoms day in day out like so many others on this forum. For me HRT has certainly improved my quality of life. Also one of my workmates who is in her late 50s was having the burning episodes, waking up with them like me. She figured it was hormonal. She also found it scary. Eventually it went away (she's not on hrt) and one of my friends who is my age told me that she gets the burning in her legs, again only at night when she lays in bed. So fingers crossed it goes away for you too.

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      Debra I’m with ya on the novenas! Only God knows what’s wrong I think.  All 3 of my docs....endocrinologist, GP and neurologist told me that my vitamin B6 level of 39.3 was not causing my tingling?
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      Thank you so much Stav! Yes, I have also had the burning in the front of my calves & tops of my feet, but this back chest thing is a “doozy”.  Since no healthcare professional that I have seen seems to know wtf I am talking about, it’s very reassuring to hear that others have experienced it.  I have even been keeping a food journal thinking something I ate was contributing to’s just so odd that it comes on at night....must be when hormone levels are low & possibly high cortisol kicks in.  I also feel really funky the next day, like right now I have a little burning in my back, but just feel “off”.  I can’t than you enough for responding and am sooo thankful for this forum!  Be well!

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      Hi Tara - yes, I must say that thruout this whole journey I have come to question the medical community more - I think most drs are in the dark ages regarding woman’s menopausal health.  I have learned more from this forum and my own research than from any dr.   I have found the naturopath & acupunturist to have the most knowledge - 

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      Tara stop the ala if you have mercury fillings it's the reason I don't take it look up all vitamins supplements before taking they can have side effects just like prescription drugs some are very dangerous if you don't watch what your taking

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      Thanks for the advice datadragon.  I’m going to give it a try and see what happens.  One day army a time ...
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      Debra I totally agree that drs are still in the dark ages and I don’t think they are teally paying attention
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      PLease do not follow that book-it is bogus science. That book should be banned!!  Overloading your body with progesterone will cause other terrible symptoms.   I have only found 2 things that are a wealth of information. 

      1) menopause Barbi-book and YouTube videos. 

      2)A survivals guide to Surgical Menopause. -internet pamphlet-even though I haven’t had a hysterectomy-it is a wealth of information. I just found it and want to contact them and ask them to make a phamplet for us non-surgical menopause. 

      These 2 items are extremely informative and not just that fluff on hot flashes. 

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      Hi Debra - I have been having the “buzzing” feeling for 3 years now. Mine changes. I have it in my legs during the day and then moves to my chest at night. The doctors think I am crazy. I have been to 4 neuros. 3 of which suggested i see a psychiatrist. I Am not crazy. I have good days and bad. The past few months it had gotten really better almost gone until last week when it came back. I am not in pain just constant buzzing. 
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      Hi there Mddm - May I ask how old you are & are you Peri or post menopause?  Have you also experienced any burning body parts along with the buzzing/tingling?  Last night I had another doozy of an episode - woke me up @ 3:00 am with burning sensation in back (middle) bottom of spine, neck & then almost felt like it was in my stomach.  I felt nauseous & almost like I was going to start my period (been without one for 6 years) had upset stomach & just could not sleep - also had heart palpitations & pulsating Head.  Felt really off today with some continual burning but nothing like last night.  First time I experienced anything like the burning sensation was on the front of my calves in March, April was the worst which landed me in the ER cuz I experienced the chest/back burning - always comes on at night. May/June some burning, not so bad July/Bad & August not so bad, but Sept...a doozy!  I just don’t know anymore, is it hormones or lack of or anxiety causing this - I can’t continue like’s literally affecting my life - I have lost days - Ugh! 

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