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I dont know this body anymore nor do I like it when I look in the mirror . One minute I'm feeling ok then the next minute my anxiety, stomach, heart palpitations, achiness all attack at one time. I am steady losing weight, I look so frail , hair is coming out, etc. I just can't believe hormones will do all of this . At this point , I dont know what type of dr to go to. Though I'm seeing an endocrinologist this week i hope it's not in vain. I have no energy at all, my eyes feels so weak. In the past my weak eyes was due to low iron. I dont know what to do anymore. I feel so helpless..😓

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       When I read your post I completely understood.  I'm so sorry, none of this is easy.  And unfortunately, it's taking us to a place we'd rather not go.  

       Having an appointment with an endocrinologist is a good first start.  However, I will say that they often deal mainly with thyroid, adrenal glands and insulin.  So often they don't care about sex steroids and how this affects all other hormone systems in our bodies.  I wouldn't be surprised if the endo just didn't want to deal with it and pass you off to a menopause clinic. 

       Here's my suggestion.  Go in completely prepared!  1) Type up a list of your concerns and symptoms. 2) If it isn't offered, ask for blood work and include your FSH, Estradiol and Progesterone levels.  Make sure your thyroid includes TSH, T-4 and even T3 levels.  Adrenal glands can be tested with a blood draw, however that's just a one moment testing.  (Adrenal gland production has highs and lows throughout the day. So saliva testing done 4 times in one day can give a clearer picture)   Get an A1C to look at blood sugars over a longer period.  And and overall blood work up.  At the very least you will have some decent information to go on.   If this doctor is not interested in helping with menopause hormones, you might be able to find a menopause clinic for help.  

      Don't feel helpless, get information and see if there is something that can help you work through all this. And yes, hormones CAN and DO all this.   

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      Gailannie ,I think I may take your advice on seeing a menopause specialist. Though, I've already seen a biodentical specialist and he put me on oral progesterone which seem to worsen my symptons. I'm considering trying a menopause clinic. I dont know where to go, I have this stomach problem gastritis which seem to be triggered by hormones. It's very expensive visiting all these specialist. I would like to just narrow it down by trying to balance the hormones, which are causing all of the other symptons. Everywhere i read people gain weight but why am i losing? That is one reason why I am going to get the thyroid check. I got blood work done on 8/2 and thyroid was a bit on low side. My gynecologist gave me a prescription for low dose birth control pills. I've been holding off from taking them but they are very tempting now because I am literally suffering right now. It's getting too much for me..thanks for all your support. I dont know what i would do without this forum.

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    Hi Mary,

    As Gailannie says, what you are going through is normal and hormones can do that to you. Just look at the posts and discussions in this menopause section. So many women going through a hard time, each of us different, with a different set and severity of symptoms. But there are things that we can do that will help. Now, in the 21st century we have so much choice. We do not have to suffer. And, menopause will pass, it is not a permanent state of being, it us just another s****y thing us women have to go through, like childbirth. I had children late and now my teenage daughter is struggling with learning to cope with periods while I am coping with menopause. Great fun. I just focus on helping her.

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      Thanks Suki. I try so hard to focus on other things but my body has no energy and my symptons tend to be ongoing. This has been a rough six months , I pray that things lessen up for me. I was on the oral biodentical progesterone it stopped working and symptons seem to worsen.

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    I would definitely start off by having your thyroid checked. TSH, Free T3 and T4 definietly. Another useful but less common thyroid lab is Serum Iodine. Depending on those results they can order even more detailed tests to see if you have an autoimmune thyroid disease. 

    Don't know if you are menopausal but a lot of those symptoms can show up at peri-menoapuse or menopause. 

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      yes I was told by my gyn that thyroid problem tends to show up during peri. I was directed by a naturopath to take iodine but it burned my stomach so I stopped it. I got thyroid checked on 8/2 and t3 was on the low side which has never happened before. I'm also cold most of the time, I have to keep my electric heater while everyone else needs the air on. Definitely will be getting it checked.

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    One thing you may also want to consider is vitamin B12 deficiency. This can occur in menopause and causes: menopausal hair loss, mouth ulcers, palpitations, low appetite, poor memory, tingling hands or feet. It is easy to check for B12 deficiency and easy to correct. You can take high concentration suppliments or, if really serious, you can get B12 injections. Iron deficiency also causes hair loss. The heavy periods we get in peri can cause the B12 and iron deficiencies.
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    How do you feel the weak eyes? Is your vision deteriorating or do you feel muscle weakness in the eyes?
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      It's mainly like a tiredness that comes out of nowhere, whereas it's hard to keep them open. When this happens I usually feel this way all over .more like a crash fatigue. I was experiencing this a few months ago and blood work show I wasn't taking in enough iron.

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    When's the last time you've had a complete blood count?  Have them test your B12 levels. When mine were very low I had problems with depression and exhaustion a B12 supplement help me. I became low with  b12 because I'm not a big meat eater. Menopause can absolutely reeked havoc. Hair loss anxiety the heart palpitations I had all of that my.  Post menopause  2009. I still suffer from hot flashes.  In the beginning I had terrible anxiety. Go to the doctor have her check your hormone levels and if you are anemic you probably already know this, you need iron you might need a supplement because  that can be taxing to your heart muscle if  you're anemic. Take care keep us posted how you're doing.

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    I have advised on several forums getting B12 levels checked. Menopausal women can be lacking in this and a deficiency causes many of the symptoms described.

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