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Hello there,

I am a 25 year old male. Over several years I have had all sorts of medical examinations. Doctors did not find anything out of the ordinary and "on paper" I am extremely healthy. They decided its IBS.

I do not remember when my symptoms have started, but I believe it began when was 19 years old and it just became worse with age.

Firstly I poop a lot. Very rarely do I only poop once a day, it's usually like 5-7 times per day. My work/life schedule allows me to be able to do that almost all the time, so it's not that tragic. Nevertheless, I believe it interferes with my decision making. I do not like to sleep over at someone else or go on trips that I will not have a comfortable way of 'going' for a longer time than usual. I believe that that affects my social life and it's not really making me happy either. Another problem with that is that my anus often hurts, because of the frequent pooping. If I eat less than I need, this sort of fixes the problem, but I start losing weight really fast and being hungry does not really make me happy also.

After I eat something I usually instantly feel bad. It has come to such a point that I actually am quite afraid to eat. That doesn't mean that I do (I don't have eating disorders). It's just that I eat because I am hungry, but have that feeling that I will feel bad after it. And I usually do.

The worst part of my day is when I wake up. I always feel really bloated and in need of a poo. Sometimes I can go straight in the morning, sometimes even then I can't. Or I can and then after one hour I need to go again..and again. It seems like I don't poo it all out in one go or something, because between my bathroom visits I don't seem to eat anything. Sometimes I feel as if if I put food in my body, then it pushes out the food before and that is why I need to poo. It's like my capacity is small or something.

Now about my daily routine and habits. Because I know that I have a sensitive stomach (or how do you want to call it) I've learned to adjust my lifestyle according to it, to make it more bearable. I always go to bed at 23:00 and wake up at 7:00 (I understand that having the same sleeping schedule not only should increase my health overall, but should make my body learn when I will eat, go to the bathroom and stuff). I think this helps a little bit but no significant changes. My diet is fairly good. I almost always eat home cooked meals. Eat three times a day. Always at the same time. I always drink a fruit smoothie in the morning (this actually helped a bit also), eat something like chicken with rice and a lot of vegetables at 12:00-13:00 and then something healthy at the evening. My calorie intake is totally average and I don't overeat so I don't really know where the poo is coming from.

Bad habits: I smoke. Quit for a few months to see if that helps and at first it did, but later it just came back to what it was. So started smoking again.

Alcohol. Alcohol always increases my symptoms A LOT. It usually happens a few days after a party, not the day after. Even a few beers may cause symptoms to burst out in flames. I strongly reduced the intake of my alcohol because of that. So now I don't really have these sudden bursts, but overall, I still feel bad most of the time and it did not solve my day to day problems.

In conclusion, I lead a healthy lifestyle, my weight is normal, I exercise. I have a strict routine, I wake up and go to sleep at the time. Eat at the same times and eat healthy. I have never in my life liked sweets, so I don't use sugar probably at all. I drink one cup of coffee a day, at 10:00 (if I drink it when I wake up it just upsets my stomach). My colleagues and friends are all really impressed with how I take care of my body and it seems like I have the cleanest food intake and the most dedicated schedule of everyone around me. I put a lot of effort to do this (not exactly effort, it's just a habit, but I would really enjoy being able to go of rails sometimes, without harsh consequences). 

This kind of makes me depressed (or maybe just sad), because I put so much work to feel at least like a normal human being, while everyone around me do exact opposite and they feel great and I feel like s**t most of the time. I do not think life should be fair, but this is ridiculous, right?

At this moment I don't even ask for happiness, just a little less pain. Also, medicine for pain - does not help. I do not really understand why, but it is what it is.

Forgot to mention, that I've tried various diets. Thought maybe I'm gluten intolerant or something. Also - did not help. What I haven't tried is going vegeterian, but I don't believe that meet is what kills me. I can go all day without it, only with other foods and nothing really changes.

I hope I did not forget to mention something, I thought it would be easier to describe the situation I'm in. I am not even sure its IBS. But I believe that people here also suffer from same thoughts and symptoms and maybe I missed out on something on my lifestyle that could honestly help or even fix me.

Thanks in advance, amigos.

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    Trust your doctor and accept your diagnosis of IBS because all your tests have been negative.  When you have frequent flare ups and nothing helps, it is common to doubt your diagnosis. Have you tried the Low Fodmap diet? It does help many people. You could also try a food diary or see a dietician. Try fruit or a laxative when constipated and Imodium or Codeine if you get diarrhoea.  Ask for a different antispasmodic; you may need to try several to find one that helps. Buscopan and nurofen help me.

    Try distraction techniques such as light exercise or a hobby.  This will help to take your mind off your symptoms and will help with stress and anxiety which aggravate IBS.  The less anxiety you have, the better your IBS will be.

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    I feel like I could have written your post. I had my gallbladder out in 2012 and for the past five years I have felt and thought everyone you said. I think at a point, it does become psychological (not necessarily an eating disorder) but a horrible fear of the pain. I am a mom of two kids and this pain and constant need for the bathroom disrupted my entire life. I had not eaten in a restaurant in 5 years, my friends and family would keep toilet paper in their cars just Incase. It is extremely depressing and takes over your life. I have tried every medication possible; but nothing ever worked. The pain was always there and the visits to the bathroom never stopped. In June, after 2 long years of my friend telling me about this product,I brought all of the info to my doctors, nurses and specifically to my GI and asked for their advise. I got the go ahead and began THRIVING.  In a nutshell, it is an easy, 3 step, life changing system. I 150% stand by this product, so much so that I am now a promoter for the company. If you are interested in more information please let me know. Good luck either way! 

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      I am so sorry! I never saw this reply. Email me at[/b] and I can send you more info!! 

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    Hello, have the docs done extensive stool testing: parasites, candida overgrowth, etc...

    ask your GASTRO if he can recommend digestive enzymes and probiotics?? He prescribed ones because over the counter ones were not helping me digest food....

    Have you taken many antibiotics in the past? if so, that will change your gut bacteria and cause changes... most importantly, continue eating home cooked healthy meals, drink electrolyte water (no sugar), a high ph water.. see if that helps too and sleep your 8 hours, stress can add on physical changes...

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    Just wanted to say thank you for your honesty, frankness and no-nonsence descriptions and explanations. There's often so much medical jargon associated with medical forums - and your dialogue was clear and to the point. It was also strangely reassuring as I have been suffering from the exact symptoms you described. In fact, I have been suffering on and off for decades - but have yet to be diagnosed with IBS.

    I feel more less terrified now that something is seriously wrong or that I am in some way abnormal.

    You have helped a lot. Thank you.


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    Hi, I also have been suffering from symptons since 6 months, and diagnosed as possible IBS (mostly constipation).

    But the worst is chronic upper left abdomen pain, very localized and ever-present, which does not go away, and worsens with body movement (does any of you feels also this?)

    Most tests were normal: blood tests, negative celiac, no parasites, no blood in stools,no h.pylori, normal abdominal ultrasound. But I had a slight positive calprotectin test (I did a home test, which gives no value, just if positive or not) and also very slightly elevated IgA. I haven´t done a colonoscopy yet because I saw two gastro doctors and both said it wasn´t necessary (but I might do it, later this year).

    I also see that pain can be made worst after stress or after fatty meals (I mostly eliminated gluten, milk and butter from my diet). But nevertheless, the pain is nearly constant and disabling (I can´t do heavier house tasks or sport, other than walks)

    That I have IBS is clear, if I have some degree of IBD is unknown (but if so, it´s minor and it´s the problem is constipation). The question is if the very localized pain that worsens with simple body movement is normal or not.

    Any feels the same?

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      If your calprotectin was only slightly high, the doctor will wait a few weeks before testing it again to see if the level has gone back to normal on its own.  IBS patients sometimes have a higher than normal calprotectin compared to those without IBS but their levels are too low to be IBD.  If you had IBD you would have bleeding and weight loss.  If you don’t have these symptoms, it is unlikely to be IBD.  That is why two GI doctors think a colonoscopy is unnecessary.  If they suspected IBD, they would have ordered a colonoscopy immediately.
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      Thanks Pippa. There has been bleeding ( and testing for that has been negative). Calprotectin was only a qualitative home test, I cannot know the amount but has been positive for more than a month.

      Does IBS pain worsens after simple movement like simple house tasks? It's also just localised to upper left side, under low left ribcage.

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      Simple household tasks don't worsen my IBS but everyone is different.  Symptoms can be very individual.  My pain only comes on with stress and anxiety.  Do you have haemorrhoids or fissures because they can cause bleeding and the blood will be bright red? 

      I would have the calprotectin test done at your doctor's surgery; I'm not sure how accurate a hone test is.

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    Dear Darius

    You seem to live a very healthy lifestyle. IBS I think is very difficult to diagnose. I have decided to go to my doctor and get some advice. You seem to have tried everything but it might help talking to someone. If the medicine for your pain is not working, then I would go back to the doctor and seek his advice.

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