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Hello.. due to have my gallbladder removed.. due to stones and a large one stuck in bile ducked.. the pain has gone.. will it return? If I don't have opp.. I think I've kept it at bay due to diet of fruit and coffee ..

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    Louise, bad gallbladders don't get better.  The fact that you had a stone stuck in the bile duct is extremely worrisome.  Your body will continue to make gallstones.  I suggest you have it out. xx

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      At least you know that haha. Please don’t try to do any of these silly gallbladder cleanse things either. Have seen people recommend them instead of surgery! I’ve had mines out and my best mate gets hers out on Monday. She actually had acute pancreatitis a little while ago and had to get ercp to remove a stone and the duct snipped so the stones couldn’t get blocked. Now getting the gallbladder out xx

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      Not sure why my reply is waiting to be moderated haha. Definitely didn’t use any swear words or use any links etc.

      Said at least you know you’re trying to kid yourself you don’t need the gallbladder out. I got my gallbladder out 8 weeks ago and my best mate gets hers out on Monday. She had pancreatitis caused by a stuck gallstone and had to get ERCP done to remove the blocked stone. They then cut the duct so there was more room for stones to pass through without getting stuck. They had to do that before she got the gallbladder out xx

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      Well, it is scary.  I know.  But most folks who get theirs out do well.  It is major surgery, even if you get a lap procedure.  Just give yourself plenty of time to heal and get better! xx
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      Bravo!  Not only are the gallbladder cleanse formulations non-effective, they can be dangerous! Good for you for saying so...they don't dissolve gallstones, they just irritate an already diseased gallbladder and the strained liver! xx

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    Any time a stone gets stuck in the bile ducts it causes gallbladder attacks. So the more stones you have the more chance you have of them getting stuck and causing problems. A low fat diet does help some BUT until the gallbladder is out you’re always at risk of getting pancreatitis if a stone blocks the duct which goes to the pancreas. This can be a very serious condition xx
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    Hi there. Thats what happened to me too. We have to stick to a fat-free diet. The stones will still develop even though we don't have gallbladder. I was told that my Dr. So I am watching fat intake myself. Lean meats and low-fat is what should be for a good life. Fruits. Also.... Good Luck. Stay healthy 😎...

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      That’s the first I’ve ever heard of being able to develop gallstones after your gallbladder is removed? As far as I was led to believe it was possible for them to not get some of the stones that had come out of the gallbladder either before or during the surgery and this be the cause of the pain. Wasn’t aware of still being able to make gallstones? xx
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      The stones can form in the ducts also. Even though you have no gallbladder. My gallbladder was removed and I was relieved from the nausea. But the pain still remained. Got so bad had to be re-admitted a month and a half after surgery and had CT scan and ultrasound .They discovered a stone in the common bile duct. Then had ERCP done. That's how i gotten pancreatitis. From the ERCP. The bile backed up into the pancreas during the procedure.

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      Is it possible there was a stone or stones left when they took the gallbladder out? Have you had any further issues since the ercp? xx
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      No SCOTTIE. I'm ok so far. Been a couple weeks after ERCP. IM GOOD NOW. NO pain or nausea.😎 Only pancreatitis which has subsided. It was acute. Not chronic thank God. I am greatful for you comment. Take care.

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      Hey fenando.

      how are you ?

      and how's your pain now .

      im still getting intermittent shap pain in the right upper quarant ,I don't know if if it's just the healing still going on in the inside or what but I had bloods run this week and results back today they all seem normal to me .

      apart from the fact that my absolutely useless gp did not add a white blood cell count into that list as I told her to ,what a joke this nhs is unbelievable really a patient comes in and tells the go I've just had my puss filled gangrenous gallbladder removed with a large stone stuck blocking the gallbladder neck removed in an emergency surgery and I'm still having moderate upper right quadrant pain and I want bloods run to make sure I've no internal infection going on ,and she doesn't request a white blood cell count within that test lol does the amalase,the lfts ,tsh ,bilirubin,alk phos,alt,alburmin,urea & electrolytes,potassium,urea,creatinine,gamma gt,

      all look normal I think.

      but no wbc !

      unbeleaveable shame on the NHS .

      5 weeks out today and after a 4 hour drive moderate right upper quadrant pain intermittently?

      im not sure I should be having this !!!

      stools are improving lol they've gotten darker I'm glad to see.

      and I seem to be able to eat anything and I'm eating a fair bit of fat as I want some weight back on as I lost 63 ponds in weight so darn fast.

      i ate chicken royal with mayo and chips Burger King today on motorway services due to traffic of course,

      and I ate tuna pasta mayo baked with cheese on top so I'm eating fat.

      anyway hoping your on the mend my friend.

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      fernando is correct.

      stones can and do form in the bile duck after gallbladder removeal.

      in fact they can and do still commonly form in the liver also the duedeniam small intestine,colon,they can form anyway in the body in fact and do.

      why ?

      becouse we have an in balance useualy within the liver that made the stones form in the gallbladder in the first place !

      and by removing the gallbladder alone this has not dealt with the original cause of our gallstones ,hence the possibility or stone reformation elsewhere which is normally in the common bile duct, hence then needing the Erico procedure which is far worse and carries more dangerous risks than having the gallbladder removed ,I e pancreatitis and even death to name a couple, so just because we have our gallbladder out, does not mean we are out of the woods yet !

      and this is why Fernando has been told to live the rest of his life on a low fat diet by his consulting surgeon.

      be aware be informed !!

      god bless.

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      Stop the mayo switch to fat free. No Burgers or fries. That's your fat and saturated oils. Not good. Also tuna ok but fat free ok. And absolutely you can have cheese but again fat free . ok please watch what you consume. Just want all of us to stay healthy. About a year you can possibly add fats to your diet. That's usually the norm. 👍

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      i think I'm going to listen to you and take your advise and see what happens !

      kinda seems like it never ends !

      hope your now feeling better amigo x

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      Sure we do. Why not. We are the GREAT GALLBLADDERLESS MEN. WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH ALOT. Praise yourself and others like me. Be cool. And take one day at a time. Enjoy life now.

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