Peri depression is anyone suffering with depression caused by being peri? Anyone taking anti dep

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Hi I really want to hear from women who are taking anti depressants because your peri, if so , did they work for you? Did it take long? I’m struggling so much with this, I’m on Hrt which has helped but the depression has effected me real bad, I just need to feel like me again 😥

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    Hi Angie

    I am on HRT but unfortunately depression kicked in and couldn't cope. My gp prescribed antidepressant a few weeks ago so I'm yet to feel the benefit . However I am feeling aliitle better today . Not sure if the medication or just that im having a better day . I will try and do anything as I want my life back . I will keep you updated. Who knows tomorrow just might be a even better day 😊.

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      Thank you for replying ?? This is such a hard journey! I pray the anti depressants work & soon! Though out my time like this I have had sometimes weeks of bliss being myself, but it comes back....I did come off the Medz as I thought I was okay, but back on day nine, hoping for change again ! X

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    Hi I’m peri and hit depression hard 2 months ago, I hit hard menopause symptoms in March (8th year ) flushing, mood swings, paranoia, agitated . I started, hrt  for 1 month but side affects scared me to much so stopped, and used alternative natural resources from friends herbal shop, all seemed ok until two months ago I got more bad news about a family member that sent me in to what I know now to be depression, doc put me on citralapram 20g (4 weeks in) starting to feel, ok . Stopped crying , still feel scared and bit worthless at times but hoping the tabs are gonna start to really kick in , go to docs that’s my advise talk to them get their advise, your not alone in this . Hope this helps a little xxxx
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      Hi ladies,

      This is such a miserable road we are on. Im finding that time and ime again, the antidepressants can help.

      Im gritting thorugh it trying not to take anything but i think its inevitable..

      i barely have tried a few AD's and couldnt really tolerte them.

      With all the rading im doing,

      some people just dont take to any of them. 

      Dont worry Peri

      you are doing a great job as a mum and dont doubt yourself. Here you have suport, adn people who really get it.

      These hormones are NO JOKE. I work in a clinic so i see the doc i work for which is weird but beneficial at the same time.

      He believes women need a 'bridge' to get through sometimes, not all women, but obviously a good portion of us wig out, and im the first to admt it. 

      Im taking progesterone (bioidentical) and i believe its helping but verrrry slowly. Im getting closer to jsut saying 'Forget this' and starting the AD he prescribed.

      Love to you all' with you on this journey if it helps to know it. Its unreal what it does to us.



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      Sorry for all of the ridiculous typos!!
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    I feel your pain. I'm suffering terrible anxiety and panic attacks and I'm putting it down to being peri along with lots of other symptoms. My gp started me on 10mg citalopram 8weeks ago. I'm now on 40mg and still having 3 panic attacks a day... I asked for Hrt today and was told no as it would just make things worse??!

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      Hi, sorry to hear your having a bad time too, however I am surprised about the Hrt as I believe this really helped me to stabile a bit, prior to taking it, I was lifeless and close to being sectioned 🙄 ask for blood tests as this will determine your levels and wheither you need it, but bring peri it stands to reason. Look up John Studd he is a genecologist who has a very informative wed site with lots of info if you can afford it, he does consultions in Harley street, I do plan to see him one day soon.....fluxotine is good for anxiety, although I still have depression I have started back on them, one good thing to come out of this is I am now able to drive through Blackwall tunnel something I have been unable to do for 28 years !! Maybe you need s change of meds x 

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    Hi i was like you and for the last 3months ive been on steralin.i do feel better.still not 100% but may not be able to go on AD tho if your on hrt .ask your doctor x
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    As most of you know (from my posts), I have fought anxiety attacks and OCD my whole life.  Have been on Paxil for 17 years, often on a low, maintenance dose, which has beautifully controlled my issues.  Well....with the onset of menopause and death of my father, everything is back, with the addition of depression.  I just turned 50, and my moods swing wildly.  I tried switching from Paxil to Zoloft, which was a disaster.  My doctor placed me back on a higher dose (40mg).  It helps, but is not a panacea.  I take ativan (and wine) for the tough times.  And meditate with "Headspace"....which is a worthy investment. Also seeing a therapist for CBT (just started).  This week has been a rough patch....for whatever reason.  Just want to stay in bed and cry.  Hard to make it through my low pressure, 10 - 5 job.  Thank god for this website.  My husband does not understand....and I don't want my elderly mother to worry.  

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      Hi Hun, sounds like you have your hands full..this is all too much, I never never thought for s second that I would be experiencing this, it’s very sad that we are all suffering like this, hope we all get better soon...will keep you updated, and please keep in touch Xx
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    Hi Annie, I went to see a councillor she help me a lot on how to cope with when i am feeling down , I am also on HRT I have been in peri for 3 years .

    Take care 


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    Hi angie,menopause can cause depression because we don't like how we feel and get fed up and stress out and can spiral downwards hill..when I first started going through this my Dr put me on Antrypline meds because I couldn't sleep over a period of 3 years my mouth dried out terribly and couldn't talk so I had to stop them,because i was having symptoms he put me on Setraline another horrible med that made feel awful HRT I stop fews weeks after to scared for that drug too. I stop taking anything for the menopause and fight it naturally some cold water and fan at night for my hot sweats it just takes time for our hormones to settle down 5 years on I'm not so bad as I was,a lot of my symptoms ease I tell everyone still going through it but not like before..transition changes and will passed one day wether we take things or not it has a job to do and take us all to the next stage,but I must say everyone is different, you do what is best for yourself and hope you feel better soon Hugs.

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    Hello all, I'm 49 and reckon ive been through hell with peri ,since  I turned 40,  didn't take any antidepressants , due  to  fearing side effects,  faered not wanting to do anything at all and just sleep and wanted  to try do it on my own for years, just eating healthy enough, wine haha!, helped through worst anxiety , stopped that  now   and taking herbs and vits.  starting Lexapro today 5mg. dr said it will cure me ha! if it does its a miracle. I'm fearing winter and getting down and sad. lot stress in my life ongoing but taking it easier now, not working now. still have anxiety easily upset.  feel lot better now last few days ,  so hoping Lexapro improves my mood. I have very low confidence , worry too much . that s a lot of it too. just feel I want to relax and be normal.

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      Hi Sharon, sounds like you have been through a lot, but have hanged on in there, as for me it’s a daily struggle to keep sane, not sure if I actually am lol it’s really difficult, I’m taking medz as it’s that bad 😥 never thought I would see the day, but to try and gain my peace I feel there is no option.  Praying for healing, and peace of mind...🙏🏽??

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      Can i aak what herbs and vitamina you take ans do they help with the Anxiety as this is my worst symptom by far
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      thanks for reply, it takes a while to get used to change but I feel I'm getting there , I'm healing by taking me time , reading these help ,

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