really bad shooting pain in left little finger

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Hi just wondering if anyone has this or knows what it could be. I keep getting a sharp extremely bad pain in my left little finger,  took some painkillers but not working. I didn't bang or bend it, it just started a few  days ago but seems to be getting more frequent and sore 


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    Hi yammy1, really sorry to read about your problem, I'm posting because I'm really interested in your problem as I have the same effects in my right little finger.

    just as a point, if you hold your effected hand flat in front of your chest and twist your hand towards you, does it send sharp pulses of pain up and down your finger?

    hoping someone can help.....

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    I've been having the same problem in my right pinky finger.  Wondered if it might be carpal tunnel, but that doesn't seem to fit the symptoms.  I do find if I bend my finger back or shake my hand, it helps relieve the pain.  My pain isn't constant, but when it comes on it's like an electric shock which really hurts.  I wonder if anyone has any other suggestions for relieving this problem.

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      Did anyone ever get an answer to this?? I've had this problem for years! Sometimes the pain is excruciating. It seems to radiate from right below my fingernail near the joint on my right little finger.

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      I have this also. Yesterday, I accidentally bumped my right pinkie against something and felt like an electric shock went through me. When I'm asleep it sometimes wakes me up. When ever I have a manicure I have to ask them not to put too much pressure on my pinkie. What can be done??

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    HI did you ever get a diagnosis?  I be had the same thing for over two weeks. It doesn’t hurt when I lift weights but adjusting my belt, opening jars, checking the time is really painful.  
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    Any answers? This is really bugging me, I get it in both my pinkies but the right one is worse. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable and I actually can’t speak and feel like I’m going to fall to the floor! 
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      I haven't found any answers so far.  I find when it happens, I can push my fingers back to relieve the discomfort, or sometimes just shake my hand until it subsides.  It isn't constant, for which I'm grateful, but it is annoying and comes on as a surprise when it does happen.

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      Hi Janis,

       just found your post. Ask your doctor about  Dupuytrens syndrome. It may be what you describe. I have had this painful syndrome for years and see a better explanation online. 

      Try icing could be swelling causing pai, or X-ray of finger show anything? 

      Hope ur better soon. 

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      just a guess arthritis is bone pain. Some pain is tendon ligaments. Most ligament pain could be from sprain or tissue tear. Any X-ray? 
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      Hi, I have a similar problem with my little finger and sometimes the ring finger beeing incredibly painful. I can force them to move when the pain stops me from trying to move them and I can physically feel a "clicking" as the joints move. My GP said it's definitely not CT as that doesn't affect the little finger. I was sent on a course of physio to manipulate my neck, as this is where he feels the problem lies and could be a factor of using a laptop a lot. Sadly the physio hasn't helped one bit and it's now back to the drawing board. It's so frustrating!


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      Hi All, I'm breaking the mould here, I have been getting all the same symptom's BUT in the middle (long) finger right hand,. started very suddenly , while I was using a knife and fork !  I have seen two doctors and had three different blood samples taken, all that's been suggested is a trapped nerve and that's it, tuff ! An electric shock is just what its like and  with no warning !  There must be proper diagnosis and a cure .

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    I have been having the same problem for a couple days and I have been tapping my ring and pinky finger together to remove the pain. For me, if I keep them taped for a couple hours it gives me relief unless I bump it real hard again. I read another forum that said that the pain is due to keeping your arms bent for long periods of time. Their solution was to avoid bending your arms as much.

    Hope this helps!

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      Have you tried a hand splint . Oslepp with a glove splint easy to wear and helps the pain in fingers.
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    So on Wednesday I started to get this pain in my kind of felt and still feels like I have a Charlie horse in it....thrusday the painn2

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