Semen comes out after peeing

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Hi, I'm getting pretty concerned now, almost every time if not every time I go to urinate after I have finished urinating about 2-10 seconds later seamen comes out of my flaccid (soft) penis. It doesn't just come out by itself most times, most times it makes me feel the need to push a bit and then it comes out. It started a year or two ago and sometimes its not just a drop it can be a stream. It was very rare at the start 2 years ago, but now it's 8-15 times a day, depending on how much I go for a wee. I am single 40yo and have been single most of my life. I do masturbate about 3 -5 times a week and that has never changed. Even if I masturbate before I go to the toilet, it doesn't matter if i masturbate 1min before I go to toilet 30min or even 2 days I still feel the need to push after urinating and out comes the seamen from my flaccid penis. So regular masturbating or u irregular masturbating is not the cause. I do get erections when turned on (porn, pretty lady ect.) but can't remember for awhile getting an erection just for the sake of it like I used to years ago. I could wake up hard sometimes, but not as often as I used to, It may be cos I'm 40 and it may have nothing to do with problem, Sometimes (like now for instance as I'm writing this) I need to wee but I know I can feel seamen wanting to be pushed out as well. There is nothing I can think of that has changed in my life to effect me and cause this. Please should I be worried and could you please be brutality honest and give me a list of possible things that this could be. (Best case scenario and please also worst case scenario. I don't have a huge penis 5-6 inch and also when getting naked in front of doctor , most times get aroused whether male or female especially if they touch me down there, so I am not in a rush to see doctor because I get embarrassed. I will say I've had over the years unprotected sex.  This is why I'm asking you for advice and if anyone else has experienced this. I don't take drugs expect I'm on Endone for severe back pain. But this all started before taking the medication. As I said don't hold back please, best case scenario and very worst case scenario. Sorry for this being so long but I wanted to give you all of the information so we don't have to go back and forth to much. 

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    I don't think it is a big deal as I get the same thing, just not as much. It has been hapening for a while now in me and I am 47. I did have to go to a urologist as I have pain and problems voiding urine as well. My doctor is female and I don't get an erection when she examines me , but that still may be normal though. Don't let that stop you from going just let the doctor know in advance. I believe you may have Prostatitis. It isn't something life threatning so don't worry. You still need to get it checked out because worse case it is cancer, but unlikely. I have been on antibiotics now for three weeks and I still have symptoms so I may end up getting screened for cancer, but I know I don't have it, so they can check if they want. You just need to get it checked out. I waited due to fear of being biopsied for PC, but my doctor has not mentioned it so my anxiety was for nothing so get it checked all will be ok.
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    Hey craig84609 do u pee a lot of come out tho, it's getting more and more now. If appropriate I'd post to show but it's not
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      Not sure what you mean. I get prostate fluid coming out after urination. I also have trouble going as my prostate is enlarged. I could hardly urinate this morning. It can be very scary. I will admit I am getting worried it maybe cancer. I am on TRT so it can fuel the growth of prostate cancer. If it is then it is advanced because of symptoms. So a bit scared.
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    Hi Drewy, I've now found your original story / question.

    I can't say I can answer whether producing so much semen is something to worry about, but I think it is unusual and would go with craig84609's suggestion that prostatitis is possible rather than cancer.

    I have been investigated for cancer and enlargement and have rarely had to have the doctors touching my genital area. It's much more about blood tests, urine samples and biopsies, which rarely have required intimate areas being touched whil I was conscious!

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    Did you ever figure out what you had? Mine is doing the same thing. It doesn't shoot out after I pee, I have to assist it by pulling on my penis, but it's like you said you can just feel it there. I know it's not a STD because my wife and I have only been together sexually. I'm 30 years old.

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    Drewy1212 - I'm having the same exact problem as you and wanted to know if you figured anything out. Thanks, Mike

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      Hi guys I'm 23 years old and as 3/4 way through my p**s it seems seaman Has come out it fealt unatual and I'm worrying abit, have you or any of you had confirmation about what's wrong? I've just got over liver problems and I'm wondering if that's linked?

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      There is such a thing as "retrograde ejaculation", but it may not be semen.  I'd see a doctor if I were you, and maybe take a sample along.

      You could either see your GP, or if you're in the UK, you could go to a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic - google "GUM clinic near me" for details.

      If you could update this thread and tell us what the doctors say, it would be appreciated.  Good luck.

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      I can't decide if it's retrograde ejaculation or pre-ejaculation. I know that semen can get stuck in the urethra during ejaculation and then come out later while peeing. But if you don't ejaculate for awhile, maybe a week, then semen is continually produced, builds up and needs to be released. I've tried both ways and get the same problem no matter what. I've resorted to putting toilet paper around penis after peeing because it's very uncomfortable if semen comes out later. I read that it could be a problem with the nerves that hold in the semen or possibly the vas deferens. 

      Has anyone tried these NF Cure capsules mentioned in this article? 

      Here's a link to the capsules: 

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      i have ordered them online and I have read multiple articles stating that it cures this problem I also read that eating healthy and regular exercises helps aswell. For me I have had semen leakage- discharge after urination for 2 years now. I have been exercising for and eating a lot ore healthier for 3 months and then semen leakage has been reduced to a great exstent but it has not been cured completely.let me know  you've purchased these and let me know if it is benifiting you

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    This just happened to me for the second time in 2 days. Yesterday and today. About a year ago I started using tissue paper to collect the last few drops of wee. Then yesterday to my surprise I looked down and cum was coming out. It barely even registered the first time. I thought I was seeing things. Then today as clear as day it was there again. A small pile of cum falling out of my penis on to the tissue. I haven't masturbated in about a week and I usually do almost every evening. Be interesting to hear how people got in and any conclusions that were met. Anyway, I'll go to the GP just in case

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    I doubt it's anything serious, but consulting your doctor is nonetheless a good idea.

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    Omg I have read this entire thread or discussion and nobody has A. Either actually seen a physician for this or has and is not sharing there diagnosis just some possibilities and or another individual responding with a similular story and there best edjucated theory. Well I have been experiencing all the same symptoms I really havent givin it too much thought but I seem to be becoming quite health conscience recently but lacking any actual countermeasures or preventetive maintance. This has been ongoing for about 10 yrs but rarely AT first and just here and there in the middle years and more and more frequent in the ladder years. Thanks for everyone input on this matter and there story???

    I will however share my diagnosis after I have had one...

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      Have you seen your physician? Really interested about what they tell you.

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