Shortness of breath terrified all the time!!

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What does everybody's shortness of breath feel like? I even feel really really out of breath even when I talk which worries the c**p out of me!

I wake up with it and go to sleep with it every night, I feel I have got to catch my breath every few minutes just to make sure I can get air into my lungs I have this like pulling sensation in the middle of my chest that makes me want to catch it every few minutes which dosnt go away at all which drives me barmy! Also feels like I have something lodged right in the middle of my chest that I'm breathing around awful feeling.

This all started after I had 2 full blown panic attacks 10 months ago and I woke up with all these crazy Symtoms the day after I had them is this normal?

Im on medication mitrazpine and propanolol which I'm thinking of changing the mitrazpine because I was on this while I had these attacks they put me on propanolol the day after I had these attacks 3 a day 40mg and I'm having CBT therapy.

My therapist says I should stop trying to catch my breath all the time as I'm feeding my anxiety but even when I try and stop doing it it will catch itself so I can't win which makes me think there is something wrong with my breathing!

I have tried breathing exercises which don't help. I have had a X-ray which was all good and 3 ECGs which were good and chest lisend to and oxygen levels tested to everytime I'm are the doctors which is always good, I just just can't take this no more!

I feel I'm on the brink here I can't live like this another day😢 Is this ever going to go away? or am I going to feel like this forever I feel trapped in my own body.

I posted this about ten minutes ago but I think it has been deleted for some reason nevermind.

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    Hi Luke

    Breathing issues are common with anxiety and panic attacks.

    Rest assured if you have all the tests it isnt your heart.

    I have had it and it can be very scary but i try to breathe through my nose as it isnt as gasping.

    Also if you think about it when your asleep you continue breathing in a relaxed way.

    Mindful meditation is good to help breathing as it calms your mind and body.

    Try doing some reasearch from medical universities on anxiety. readily available on the net.

    It helps knowing how the body works with your mind causing these physical symptoms.

    I dont leave anything to chance and i start and end my day with 10 mins mindful meditation and body scan.

    I do progresive muscle relaxtions and listen to positive affirmations.

    All together 30 mins max and you dont have to get out of bed .. 

    I thought i didnt have time to fit this kind of stuff in , but i dont set off to work without it doing them.

    I also added an app on my phone incase it happened at work. 

    Good luck and dont give up be strong there is life after panic and anxiety xx

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      Hi Gill just seen your reply there,

      Is it common to have a breathing issue all the time 24/7 with anxiety though? Just I feel as if though my breathing is on manual like

      It's a pure struggle with it like a chore almost where as before all this panic and anxiety it was on auto pilot I woudnt even think about breathing.

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      I didn't meen to send that there I sent it to early by mistake lol

      Yeah I have looked loads things up about anxiety on the net although I try to most of he times as it just makes me 100% worse I always stumble across stories and of people been stuck like this for years I don't think I could handle that long I'm on the brink now with it👎

      Yeah you mention meditation in your post its mindfullness im

      Doing in doing 3 20 mins a day sometimes I just do the one when I get up and one before bet I sometimes miss one I really shouldn't but hey I suppose it helps a bit but even when I'm doing it in thinking about my breathing and my breath will still catch on its own while in doing it it's a nightmare this breathing thing I took my breathing for granted as mad as that sounds.

      Thanks for your kind words and advice🙂

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    I have a real battle with shortness of breath. Sometimes in bed I get focused on it and feel I can't empty my lungs properly. I do have reactive airways and use inhalers but they aren't helping much at all which makes me worry its something more sinister. My doctor can't hear wheezing and wonders if I'm just not exercising enough.

    He wanted to think my cough and shortness of breath are from a cold but they're not. When I carry laundry upstairs I'm winded and umcomfortable. I've also had pressure in my chest.

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      I have a real battle with it to I ant get my head round it I just can't grasp the fact that anxiety can do this to a person without there been a physical illness causing the shortness of breath if you catch my drift.

      I also have a inhaler to use for it to sulbutomol or something which it doesn't really help to be fair.

      Arghhh it's so annoying I wish it would just go away I was normal this time last year and I took it all for granted I did.

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      Are u still experiencing the shortness if breath Luke it's became my number 1 anxiety symptom and it's debilitating it's is ruining my life I fear I have copd or something life threatening I'm on 26 and a non smoker and not overweight it's scary man I feel it 24/7 like u I feel it has to be copd went to the ER over it chest and lung x-ray was good no signs of copd going to my doctor on Wednesday to get a pulmonary function test to make sure it's not copd the breathing is always in my mind short of breath short of breath it's all I think I can't get a break it sucks it's a smothering sensation 24/7

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      Hi, i am sorry you are experiencing this.

      I have been having this for 2 months without stopping.

      And i was diagnosed with GERD (acid reflux, silent one, i have almost no symptoms) and i started my antiacid medication 2 days ago and feel so mich better. No shortness of breath anymore.

      Just wanted to put it out there so maybe people would check for it.

      Gerd can completly mimmick the asthma symptoms. 

      Plus, anxiety can be absolutely the same. I had it from gerd, but i also get it from anxiety. And combination of the two is a horror.

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      I’ve been getting this too. I know it’s my anxiety because well I’ve been dealing with anxiety for 2 years now on and off and it seems like my symptoms change all the time and now it’s this whole breathing thing. It’s annoying because it feels like your chest is tight and the bottom of my throat feels tight too I hope it goes away I just went back on and ssri and I really hope that helps I feel like I obsess over it all day 
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      I literally feel like I can't breathe and the way I feel is so severe I feel like it could take my life any moment I'm so afraid of dying from this and leaving my family and my animals and my life behind I've begged and pleased for answers I'm givin none the feeling is Terrifying.. I'm afraid any minute will be my last I've afraid I'll go unconscious and I won't return or I'm afraid I live to far from help the way I feel just seems like the way a dying person would feel if I could describe how I felt it would be I feel like a dying person would feel

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      Have you been checked out by a doctor ? If you have it’s probably anxietyine was so bad it would make me wanna throw up because my chest felt tight I went on Prozac and that feeling went away tho I still have other anxiety issues at the moment atleast that feeling went away it was horrible 
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      Yeah I've been to the doctors family doctor ER and specialist but I feel it's making a turn for the worst it sucks to be 26 and convinced death is right around the corner

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      Hey Brently I was wondering if you ever found any answers? I am also a fit non smoking 20something and the shortness of breath is driving me mad. I have 2 kids and a wife and I can’t find any energy to give them after fighting all day at work for breaths. I’ve been to the ER a couple times and they can find nothing. Some days I think it’s anxiety and some days I think there is no way this is anxiety. Was just curious if it ever got better or if you found anything out? 
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      Found no answers it's very severe I'm to the point now where I'm afraid to do anything because I'm convinced the shortness of breath is from something bad I barely do anything I I don't move around much I live like a terminally ill cancer patient and I hate it I've tried to find answers and nothing I'm just convinced I'm a dead man walking or laying in my case I need to develop hope but it's hard because the shortness of breath feels scary as hell.

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      Have you gone to get tests done or anything yet?
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      If you live in a state where it's legal, get yourself some CBD tincture drops with 1% THC to activate the drops. 10 to 12 drops under the tongue at night about 20 minutes before you go to bed - it works for me, thank God. Good luck!

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      Hello valentina what kind of medications did you take that helped you with shortness of breath? I am having the same problem and i am drinking Actavis Omeprazole but it's not helping me and I am 23 days with constant shortness of breath and burping sad

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      Hi Jenna, I've been experiencing this for a good 3 years now. I'm under a local hospital for a heart issue when I was a child. during the time I've had Shortness of breath I've had CT scans, blood taken, ECGS, Heart scans the full shabang and have never really found an issue. Does the sensation appear worse when you feel anxious? Like mine will get harder to breath say in a car, on a bus? I did read an article on this last week . drop me a reply if you fancy a read 😃

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