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For about 3-4 weeks now I have been getting a stomach ache after I eat anything and it feels like it's progressively getting harder to handle (or I am just getting fed up with it). It doesn't matter to seem how much I eat or what I eat I still get this stomach ache. It usually occurs about an hour/hour half after I have eaten and lasts another 2 hours before slowly stating to settle. If I haven't eaten already in the day I feel absolutely fine, no stomach ache, no weariness, no problems, even after I have eaten it's fine until the hour later. Once I have the stomach ache it slowly is a full ache then kicks in with quite bad pain. It's bearable but I am loosing concentration at work and getting easily distracted by it. When I'm at home I lie down and this seems to help a bit but I usually fall asleep. Before it gets better there are a lot of noises that come from my stomach/bowel (not sure which) then it seems to get better. If anyone can help me with any ideas that would be great, I'm starting to think it's an ulcer possibly or something along them lines. I doubt it's IBS as I mentioned it happens after every meal from a ham salad to a roast dinner. I also haven't been getting any diarrhoea or noticeable constipation. I feel like I am burping a bit more but it might just be because I am looking out for anything related to my stomach. I occasionally feel sick but I think that's more from the pain than what's actually going on inside me. I've only thrown up once from it but that was a bit more forced as it was when I first got this problem and thought I might of had a bug. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    Sounds like you might have a duodenal ulcer. The timings certainly fit. It is probably worth going to see your doctor and getting a test for h pylori. Its easily treatable and much better than spending much of your time in pain. Good luck. 
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      Hi Stella, yeah everything seems to point towards an ulcer. Glad I got someone else who thinks so, I was worried I'd just be diagnosed with IBS and I really don't think it is. Thanks though, hopefully I'll feel better 
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    Hi Jay

    I see you posted this a couple of months ago.  Did you get it cured?  The reason I ask is I'm having exactly the same symptoms as doesn't seem to matter what I eat, I get a gnawing pain after every meal.  About 6 months ago they diagnosed me with Helicobactor pylori and treated it with two lots of antibiotics and an acid suppressor.  I then had a stool test to see if it had cleared and they said it had but I'm still getting the symptoms.  They couldn't see a stomach ulcer when they did an endoscopy and also the colonoscopy was clear.  So I am puzzled and frustrated.  I'd been interested to know how you got on and whether you've got rid of your symptoms as mine have been going on now for 2 years.


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      Hi claira67, just a quick question. I often wonder if an ulcer might be my problem. If you had had an upper GI they probably would have picked this up, correct?

      Just curious, thanks for your time, if you could confirm this for me I would really appreciate it!

      I hope you get some relief soon! Two years is just too long to feel this way!!!

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    Do not overeat, always take small meal and see if there's any changes. Sometimes i have trouble digesting food when I overeat.
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      The post said that it did not matter how much was eaten. I have similar symptoms and it also doesn't matter how much is eaten. That is not overeating.  ???

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    Hi Jay

    I've had something very similar for a long time.  As well as your symptoms, when it's really bad, i get headaches (particularly around the left eye) and muscle fatigue in my legs.  I also get depressed and become something less than good company.  It comes in bouts typically lasting a couple of weeks and recurs every few months.  Physical and mental stress *might* be the (or among the) triggers. 

    Part of the problem is it's variability in symptoms and occurence making it a difficult one to diagnose - which has largely detered me from seeking clinical help.

    I don't think it's an ulcer but I would really like to hear what anyone has to say on this because any sort of cure, or even amelioration, would be a *really* big help for me.

    With empathy.


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    I'm not a doctor, but my mum had basically identical symptoms to you for years, then she realised she was gluten intolerant. She is on a gluten free diet and she feels so much better and it a generally nicer person smile just a thought


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      hi bella i have had some trouble but mines when i eat dairy products what can help mexx
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    Hi Jay,

    My symptoms are identical to yours, Ive had all the tests I can have, and been under a specialists with no results at all, I put it down to having a glass of wine so have cut that out now, I have a good diet and am a runner, so quite healthy my weight and blood pressure are both good, so dont really know where to go from here.

    Would appreciate any feed back from you.


    would be very interested to see how you are doing

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      Read my post below, it might be a pancreas thing for you... alcohol is a definite no-no as the pancreas is what digests alcohol and without a fully functioning pancreas, it won't produce the enzymes to metabolize it. I couldn't drink even half a glass of wine without serious pain....

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