Wow, this is unbelievable. I have been suffering on an ...

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Wow, this is unbelievable. I have been suffering on an off my whole adult life with this condition, but much much worse since I had my baby 16 months ago. Now every single month, right after I ovulate, the mad itching begins. If it gets too bad, it turns into a yeast infection because of all the irritation. My doctor took a swab right after I ovulated and said it looked exactly like yeast (and a lot of it, to boot), but sent it away for testing just in case. It actually came back NEGATIVE for yeast, or anything else, for that matter. I've been tested for everything under the sun (or so they tell me), but according to the tests, I'm perfectly "normal". Relief comes with my period (after about a week of suffering) (-and as long as it hasn't progressed to yeast), but then the two-week dread of ovulation occurs, then the actual thing happens, etc. etc. I'm seriously considering having all the plumbing down there removed so I can stop having to suffer through the unbelievably enlarged, itching burning madness. Creams only provide VERY momentary relief until the next round of discharge makes its way out. The suffering is madness.

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    I have also suffered from this problem over a period of years. I think it started when I moved into a job that involved me sitting at a desk a lot. If I am not at my desk I am usually driving to client - sitting in the car. It doesn't seem to be due to a vaginal discharge. My GP checked me for diabetes as this is one of the symptomes apparently, but my blood sugar was fine. Sometimes I scratch in my sleep and end up with broken skin - it is hideous. I have trimovate cream but I don't like smearing steroid creams downstairs if it can be avoided. One thing I have found really helps is keeping the 'minge' well trimmed. My husbands hair trimmers come in handy here. (Of course, he doesn't complain!)I think the less hair, the less irritation, and it is easier to get the cream on the skin.

    I empathise with everyone here - it is infuriating, and you feel like such an animal when you are scratching yourself. :roll:

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    Have you been tested for lichean sclerosis? I had the same thing and the skin was tearing causing lesions. My well-woman doctor referred me to a dermatologist who did a biopsy and it came back positive and prescribed me to use dermmavate cream (still to try the cream yet). Go back to your GP.

    Hope it gets better for you.


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    Hi I am considering removing all hair as it does seem to irritate as well. My husband jokes about going to a plastic curgeon to have it all cut out down there i must say i feel like it most days.
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    I have also suffered from this for as long as I can remember. In Australia my GP did the usual tests and swabs for infection etc (all negative) and prescribed steroid cream. In the UK my GP recently referred me to a genito-urinary clinic for further tests (I have yet to go), and if those tests are also negative, is going to refer me to a dermatologist.

    It's an embarrassing and distressing condition so I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    One thing I have recently been reading up on is capsaicin cream, which apparently has had some success in clinical trials for pruritis ani. I can't find anything about it being released commercially in the UK though. It seems to be prescribed in the UK at a higher strength for arthritis.

    If anyone knows anything more about it though, I'd be really interested to hear.

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    Hi i have been to gum clinic had all tests - nothing. Even paid to go private to see consultant in the hope that she would have some miracle cream, but she didnt. Put me on iron tablets and then on very low dose of anti depressant but this has not worked either. If you do find some miracle treatment please let me know. Have trawled the internet but found no answers, only other women who are suffering.
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    hi ladies try this.

    fragrence free baby wipes folded in 2.

    blob of aloe vera gel (99.9% proof) on said baby wipe.

    rub but make sure finger nails aren't cutting into your skin. give it two weeks and you should see a noticiable improvement.

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    the last quote has got to be a joke and can only come from a man who has no idea how awful this condition is
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    Hello All,

    It's encouraging to know i am not alone out there, but we all still seem to be as much in the dark as each other. I have suffered for over 10 years ( i am almost 30) with the same itch, burn, soreness condition of the vulva. Again like most, I've visited numerous doctors where swabs for thrush come back negative, but still tried numerous pessaries, anti fungal creams and anti fungal tablets. I have been tested for diabetes, had patch testing for all sorts of chemicals and still it's all negative.

    The only pattern that emerges is that my symptoms start before my period (that terrible itch) then during and after the period turn into burning and soreness of the inner and out labia. Often i only have a few days relief a month. I am pretty good at not itching but even the skin where the pubic hair is can be red and sore. I wonder if there is a relation to the hormone levels or change in PH level, thereby this triggers a skin condition, it's almost as if i am allergic to my period. I am not on the pill but ahve thought about taking it back to back and skipping my periods to see if this breaks the cycle, has anyone tried this?

    I have seen vulval dermatologists and tried different steroids but to no avail, some make it worse. I have seen a gyneo consultant recently who has put me on a course of anti fungal tablets called itraconazole (i'm sure you've all tried them), i take 1 a week before my period and 1 a week after, i also use canesten HC during this time, the cream helps momentarily and for a while the tablets seemed to as well but now it's back. I have just seen him yesterday and have a new dose, fingers crossed. Eventhough the thrush is negative he says it can be present in a very mild form, but if you have over sensitive skin it triggers off this itching, burning and soreness. He says it is as the same as some people who suffer from asthma or hayfever, it's a type of sensitivity or allergy. I do actuallly get hayfever... does anyone else with this condition???? Sometime i take an anthistamene for the itch, when i get desperate.

    It's sore to sit down, where most of my clothes or ride my bike. I try to sit in a bucket/ beeday of v cold water and maldon salts this i find really soothing at the end of a day, more than once if you are at home during the day. I am still pursuing things as i too want some miracle cream but i just don't think there is one out there.

    I have tried homeopathy and it helped to talk to someone but not sure it was anything more than that, other than an unbelievable will to want it to work. I have not tried acupuncture but have heard it can be helpful to relieve pain and soreness.

    I have been referred to a clinical psychologist who really helps me to manage the pain and anger this condition causes, the effects it has on your sex life, or lack of!! etc etc. I get very upset when all my symptoms are around and won't go away. I have only seen her twice so it's early days, at lest it's helpfull to talk to someone. She doesn't think the condition is in my head (thank god as it's NOT) but i know when it occurs i get more stressed and then it becomes a viscous circle and it gets worse. Now i just need a doctor who can help with the physical side. If i hear of any new treatments i'll let you all know.

    Sorry for the essay! It's good to sahre our experiences and tips, does anyone know of any natural creams, remedies that work? I'd like to give my poor vulva a break!!?? Good luck and keep smiling P smile

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    My pruritis started ater a course of anti-biotics. I tried Canisten first thinking it was Candida, it didn't help ,so I went to get it checked by the doctor, a swab showed no Candida and my doctor thought it was probably caused by reduction of hormone levels because I am past the menopause. She prescribed OVISTEN which took about 3 weeks to make any difference but now does reduce the itching, some days I'm free of it. I have found two things that also seem to help. Firstly I have cut out acidy fruit e.g. oranges, and secondly before I got the Ovisten cream I used plain VASELINE in desperation and that stopped the itching dead but doesn't cure it. also when washing the area use LACTIC ACID PH BALANCED FOAM. I hope these tips help
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    I have suffer from this condition for 18 years. It started when I had my daughter and the doctors told me it will go away after awhile that it was do to the hormones that my daughter left. Time when on and it never when away I try different doctors treatments test but no diagnosis and no solutions. Maybe alittle help with creams but two weeeks before I get my period that itch starts. now is so advance that I get little bumps from scraching. I thought I was the only person but I  guess not . I will keep surching for answers and if I find anything I will let you know. Or if anybody find the answer let us know. 
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    I too have suffered for years with this dreadful itching, last week I saw a gynaecologist who has diagnosed Lichen Sclerosis. It may well be a good idea to get that checked out as it certainly appeared that I had thrush. The disease itself is an autoimmune disease and little is known about it, this is probably why it is largely undiagnosed.


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    I too am suffering from this and feel like I am losing my mind. I have started the candida diet and hope this works for me as I know someone who was like us and she said it changed her life....

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    Have you looked into pelvic floor dysfunction. These symptoms can be caused by the muscles being too 'high tone'. A doctor will never find it. You need to visit a women's physio. Hope this might help. It did me!

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