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13 Minutes Of B2B Marketing Strategies | Gary Vaynerchuk At INBOUND

I am flabbergasted by the lack of practitionership in the actual creative ability and paid media amplification of creative to make a business action i for a lot of you that don't know built my family's liquor business really on the back of google adwords google adwords came out i bought the word wine for five cents a clip and.

Even though i was doing direct mail and doing local television and billboards i get a lot of accolades in this ecosystem from building my dad's liquor store from a three to a 60 million dollar business but the truth is i stand here tonight and admit to you not excitingly that it should have been 150 million dollars because if i actually understood.

How unbelievable the arbitrage was on google adwords i would have spent a lot more money on it and grew my business much more but i was too patient i did well not enough i did not go all in and i built a nice business but in reality i left a lot on the floor tonight as we sit here tonight as we sit here tonight.

The number one arbitrage in marketing in the world and i don't give a if you do b2b how many people in b2b raise your hands uh-huh i know you how many people in b to c uh-huh so even better i'll i'm go this is why i do this it allows me to go in a certain direction.

B to b clients for me at vayner and the startups that i'm involved with are doing even better than b2c clients on social specifically facebook because there's one amazing thing about b2b we and i'm in it now with vaynermedia we know the name of the customer we know the businesses we want we even.

Know the decision maker we want the problem is we suck we get real lazy and we send bulk emails on linked in can we make a pledge tonight actually you know what let's do this if you're willing to pledge to no more bulk email horseshit spec email on linkedin stand up so i can clap for you personally make.

A pledge let's let's wait get up more this bulk email don't sit back down dude with the beard get the back up i see you i'm talking to you yeah you there we go let's no no no no no no no let's clap it up for this pledge no more enough.

Thank you guys best part is the doesn't work how many people here have done email marketing in their career raise your hands are you looking for your seat hey you look for your seat got it okay how many people here have done bulk have done email marketing.

In their careers i'm just curious in 1997 i had a 200 000 person email newsletter for wine library and wine library.com that had 91.3 open rates not because i was a hero but because email marketing hadn't existed yet the thing that i'm most fascinated by is.

That i know as a marketer and i'm a marketer as a marketer the number one thing the thing that i know more than the sun will come up tomorrow is that marketers ruin everything it's what we do.

When i saw that little ghost i'm gonna up that ghost i got you snapchat i'm gonna ruin the out of this platform you show me attention and i'll show you a place that i want to sell and that's how it gets changed and bulk email in 2016 is insanity.

Nobody's opening that and what just because you have an algorithm that says hey gary and by the way i saw 10 of these emails today all the in this room that have the hey gary thing that's in a different font than the rest of the email you suck right i mean enough of that jesus.

b2b i'm going to go tactical because i want to leave with i want to you know lately i've been trying to get even more tactical in my keynotes because i love the emails that i get where hey thank you so much it helped my business here's the tactic i'm going to give you.

The best blueprint i have for b2b selling right now and i really hope it brings you some value and i'll go into i'm going to go into detail i'm going to get a little nerdy if you're in a b2b environment you have to run facebook ads and you have to do it now they cost about five to six dollars cpm right now on average the cost of these cpms will.

Be 30 36 months from now i'm saying this because i know i'm gonna have the video of this and in three years you're gonna see me share this clip and be and i'm gonna tag it i told you so it's gonna be thirty dollars a cpm because everybody's gonna figure out how much attention is really on that platform so the supply and demand curve.

Is gonna change just like wine now is a six seven dollar word got it okay so now you're gonna run facebook ads and first and foremost you're not gonna outsource it to somebody else you're not gonna find little susie that's 23 in the office and be like you you're young you know social media you're not gonna do.

That you're gonna actually spend 10 hours and read and watch videos it's crazy you can learn anything so many people like gary but i don't know how to use the instagram product i'm like i get it you go to google and you search it okay that's what you do it's not super.

Complicated it's crazy anything you don't know you can search in two seconds everybody's crippled like they don't know it's there you do that and so here you become a practitioner you actually deploy the facebook ads yourself so you have some ability and knowledge so somebody can't hose you you need to be the person that knows it the.

Best you then target there's a way to target employees of ev one more time b2b raise your hands you guys know who you're going after i want you to target the employees of that company one by one the employees now you take a.

Step back now you know you're targeting 15 17 22 different businesses if you want to get really crazy you target them one by one and you make videos or pictures just for that company but if you want scale you can put them all in a bucket and now you're gonna make a video or a picture you know a billboard or print ad.

Or a television commercial and you're gonna make it and what you're gonna do is you're gonna make the creative start with does your cfo know does your cto know does your cio know you know exactly who in that organization in that organization is the person that needs to see that content and you're.

Going to start the video or your picture with that statement and i promise you for hundreds of dollars depending on the size your business sometimes for a thousands of dollars that person is going to get 12 to 25 to 100 people forwarding them that piece of content and that piece of content will.

Be the gateway drug to your sales team to convert and close it works every time that's it right i can talk about you like that right it's practical black and white you got it right i can talk about one life and all that but that's up in the clouds right that's like who gives a right yeah i care okay that's one good next.

Two the single best arbitrage in marketing and i want to take a step back i want to make sure everybody understands i i think the slide was up there we'll end with a slide i day trade attention i am not a technologist i'm not a digital at this i'm not a blogger what the.

I'm somebody who's obsessed with attention from when i was six years old and instead of standing behind the lemonade stands i would sit and watch cars drive by and figure out where to put the signs i'm sick you know to now so i stand here and actually say.

If you have the money in i would say hubspot if i ran the marketing the number one thing that i would do is run a super bowl commercial i stand here today as a marketer that trades attention and i believe that the number one deal in marketing today is actually a super bowl commercial it's.

Six million dollars but the entire country whether they watch it on youtube or during the game will know exactly what you're up to now most people it up because they try to make some funny video for 30 seconds and then we forget but that is to me the number one play the number two play in the world is.

Facebook video because i believe that facebook video not confined to 30 seconds has the ability to build enormous awareness vaynermedia had a very special thing happen last week i don't know if any of you guys caught this but when the cubs won the world series we ran who's from chicago.

Finally right 108 when the cubs won the world series we ran an ad an ad after the world series first it was nike then it was us and we brought back harry kerry from a classic 1984 commercial and that went big and everybody said we were geniuses and i got a lot of emails that night and it was super awesome and i replied to.

Everyone saying wait until tomorrow what tomorrow was was the next day we deployed a two minute plus video where harry kerry we took 30 years of him calling games and chopped it up and had him over two minute video call the final out of the cubs winning the world series that video has 30 million plus views at this point.

And has drove a lot more incremental growth and awareness and b2b activity for the brand than the commercial did though the commercial media like buying the commercial and making sure you all saw it cost multiples 20 30 times more expensive than what we.

Deployed in a facebook environment this is what's happening my friends i want you to become historians of marketing i want you all to understand what marketing is we have confusion in the marketplace of marketing and branding versus sales we have a lot of people in this room that are digital natives and they really understand sales.

They understand optimization ui ux they understand cost per click they understand how you convert and change things and things of that nature but what they don't do is actually brand and market and if your business is growing you have to have a healthy balance of marketing and sales and branding my friends.

I did not buy these sneakers because nike cookied me and sent me to some website and converted me i bought it because of brand and there's a lot of people here that are mixing it up and the reason facebook is so special is it's the first platform that i've seen that does marketing and.

Brand and sales in one place with underpriced attention if you grew up in google like i did there was no brand there we all had blue letters and brand was eliminated so if i had one plea for the collective room tonight from a marketing and branding and business standpoint it is that we have to understand the following and this is.

Tough for the digital landscape but very easy for the madison avenue landscape creative is the variable creative is the variable of success the one thing that we all trade on in this room no matter how and what you do whether you're b2b or b2c whether you.

Sell sneakers or wine or books or your services no matter what we are all tied to attention we are all battling for your attention but once you have my attention that creative is the variable if your video sucks i can give you 9 000 ideas on facebook you will lose and that to me is something that has to.

Be debated in this ecosystem much more the other world i live in madison avenue where they believe in commercials they're the other way they just think it's art if you understand and start respecting both art and science math and creative equally friction creating that diamond you will be a successful marketer over the next decade the.

Problem is we usually fall into one camp or the other so if you sit here tonight please start understanding respecting and building your skills around the one that you don't actually do because what's happening is we have unbelievably overpriced attention

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