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6 Best Email Marketing Platforms (2022)

– What's up, it's Jamal andwelcome back to the channel. In this video, we'regonna review several of the top email marketing platforms to highlight which onewill provide the best ROI for any business or budget. Before we begin, please make sure to hit the subscribe buttonif you like this video and check out the link of the description for HubSpot Academy's free.

Email marketing certification program, so that no matter whichemail marketing platform you end up using. You'll know exactly howto optimize your campaigns for opens, clicks and sales. All right, I'm gonna bethe first one to admit. There are a lot of emailmarketing platforms out there on the internet. So many that it could bereally hard to decide which one.

Is the right fit for your business. For that reason, I'm gonna start by reviewing some of the best platforms in the market and giveyou the pros and cons. When most people think of email marketing the first company thatcomes to mind is MailChimp. And it's easy to understand why. The company has some of the best branding of any online B2B product.

So what are the pros? They have a simple drag and drop design effortless A/B testing, andeasy to understand reporting. MailChimp also offers afree service for users with less than 2,000 email subscribers, which is very generous. Now, what are the downsides to MailChimp? Well, for starters once you get over that 2,000 subscriber mark MailChimpcan get a little bit pricey.

I'm talking like modernday gas prices pricey. You know what I'm saying? My drivers will knowwhat that means but hey, they gotta pay for all thatfancy advertising somehow. Plus even though they'vebeen adding additional digital marketing tools in recent years MailChip is still primarilyan email marketing tool. In other words, there'smore than one way that your company can outgrow MailChimp.

As you require moresubscribers or features. So maybe you wanna start witha service that already has a robust stack of digital marketing tools that goes beyond email. In that case, might I recommend HubSpot's own email marketing tool that comes part of thefree HubSpot marketing hub. With HubSpot, you also get anintuitive, drag, drop design, A/B testing and high quality reporting,.

And you can send 2,000free emails per month. But the real power inHubSpot's email platform is that it integrates seamlessly with the rest of your HubSpotdigital marketing efforts like social media management,ad tracking, blogging, SEO, live chat, and more. Plus it all connects directlywith the HubSpot CRM, which allows you to follow customers through the entire sales journey.

You can also set emailautomations to contact customers at key points in the funnel. This will save you a bunch of time so that you don't haveto stay on top of it. You can use smart contentto customize things like subject lines andintegrate directly with services like Google G Suite, Outlook,Office 365 and even MailChimp. Plus there's 24/7 onlinelive chat and phone support and dedicated numbers forover 40 different countries.

With all these features, Ithink it comes as a surprise to no one that Investopedia called HubSpot the best all-in-one marketing suite. If you wanna dive in andgive HubSpot's free email and marketing tools a shot, there's a link down in the description. Be sure to click it, let meknow how it works for you. But maybe you don't want all the stuff that HubSpot has to offer.

Maybe you just wanna grow asizeable email marketing list at the best price possible. I respect that. I really do, truly. In that case, I recommendyou check out Moosend, Moosend has a simple email designer as well as dozens of emailtemplates you can use. Just like the other emailmarketing platforms. They also send you a little baby cow.

With every single email that you send. It's a real thing, I'm not making that up. But the real value is the pricing. Moosend lets you choosebetween per subscriber pricing or per email pricing, whicheverworks best for your budget. – This data is wrong every freaking time. – Have you heard of HubSpot? HubSpot is a CRM platform where everything is fully integrated.

– Whoa, I can see theclient's whole history, calls, support tickets, emails, and here's a task from threedays ago, I totally missed. – HubSpot grow better. – Next up is Constant Contact, like MailChip, Constant Contact is a heavily brandedemail marketing platform that is preferred by tons of users with minimal email marketing experience.

One thing that scares away alot of email marketing newbies is the design aspect. Constant Contact solvesthis by offering hundreds of mobile friendly email templates. The downside is unlikeHubSpot and MailChimp's forever free tiers andMoosend's budget pricing. Constant Contact onlyoffers a 60 day free trial after which you'll have tostart paying a monthly fee. And don't think I don't see you out here.

Thinking to yourself, 'Well,I guess I'll just send the best emails of my lifefor the next two months and then never do it again after that.' You're shrewd, you're very shrewd. The next one focuses on email automation. If you're an expert in thatI recommend ActiveCampaign, which includes hundredsof prebuilt automations and a massive 850 integration options. Remember this is thebest for advanced users.

But if you want to try it out you can sign up for a 14 day trial. And finally for e-commercebusinesses check out Drip. A platform designed especially for runningdrip marketing campaigns that steadily sendemails and text messages to customers over time. There's a law called the 'law of 29' that states companiesmust expose consumers.

To their products and services at least 29 times to win them over. So it's good to constantlyget in front of your customers gotta get in front of 'emlike this with your arms out looking real, real big. And by the 29th timethey see you like this. They're gonna be like, 'yeah,you win, I'm on your side now, you can have my money.' This law applies to any and all businesses.

But Drip is especiallyeffective for eCommerce. And it integrates with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more. Then again, so does HubSpot,MailChimp and even Moosend. The fact is, email marketinghas been around for so long and remains so successfulthat there are tons of solutions out there thatwill work to your advantage. Now let's get into the bestemail marketing platforms for your specific type of business.

Again, like I mentioned before MailChip is probably the best option for small businesses withlimited market growth. Just make sure your email listdoesn't outgrow your budget. For eCommerce platforms,like we also mentioned Drip could be the first platform you try or if your campaigns need alot of automation options, check out ActiveCampaign. For businesses that wantto grow a huge email list.

Without racking up a huge monthly bill, Moosend is the way to go. And if you need design help,whatever your business, start with Constant Contact's templates. And if you gotta have it all, 'cause you're a greedy,greedy, greedy little boy, and or girl. HubSpot is there withthe full CRM, automation, email AI, advanceddigital marketing tools,.

And a whole lot more. So your business can grow better. You can get startedright now by signing up for our free marketinghub and CRM service. And don't forget to takethe free HubSpot academy email marketing courseto optimize performance every time you hit send. Now if you'll excuse me,I'm gonna digitize myself, get myself into anemail marketing campaign.

And blast myself on everyone's email list. You're gonna see me in your inbox. Until then, I'll see you next time.

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