Gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Torquay

His eyes rolled up and his body arched upwards as he began to think. Wilhelm once experimented with linking a gun to his nervous system. Killing me over and over up until now?

But over the course of the story, find that they're more comfortable in each other's arms. Please note that I said it's the humor that I consider immature, not the overall writing, as most of the writing in these stories is good. The large beast stumbled off of her arm, and Gaige wasted no time blasting the beast away with the Coach Gun.

Sign In Don't have an account? She walked down the street, scanning the buildings. Gaige paled as the implications. What she had left for weapons and equipment left her very much annoyed.

Считаю, gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Torquay

Get away from me! She had black and white converse shoes as well as black and grey stockings. Cum inside me.

Gaige felt Moxxi's pussy clench around her dick as Moxxi came, her liquids dripping down at Gaige's balls. Leave me be! Gaige sighed, half from frustration and half from pleasure, and said, "Fine. He hated her. She looked around, noticing there was no one there and it was dark.

Gaige borderlands sex fanfic in Torquay

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  • Disclaimer: I do not own Borderlands or its characters. I don't make any money Gaige could never deny that she wanted sex, lots of it. Being a teenager, her. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.
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  • Angel/Gaige (Borderlands) Angel/Gaige/Moxxi (Borderlands) Mad Moxxi (Borderlands) Gaige (Borderlands) Angel (Borderlands) Lilith (Mentioned Only) Summary. What's a girl as exciting as Mad Moxxi to do when her bar is completely empty? Leave it and find some real fun Language: English Words: 2, Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 18 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: Nov 08,  · Best Minion Ever (Young Male Reader X Borderlands 2 Harem) Fanfiction. Your the childhood friend of the one and only Gaige, and her most loyal subscriber. Only your mostly normal life is turned on it's head when Gaige is forced to leave the planet, but rather then let her go out on her own you accompany her to the hars #borderlands # Reviews:
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  • This is focused more on the Borderlands part of the story. 6. The story will be taking place in some parts of 2, most of Tales and later on, in 3. I say "some parts of 2", because Ben and Gaige's adventure will be a bunch of shenanigans until they meet the Crimson Raiders and start fighting Hyperion for real. Gaige felt her heart twist at the thought of Angel dying trying to stop her father and saw her death as merciful. And Roland's death, well, it was nothing but fuel to the fire for the rest of the Vault Hunters. "Yo kid, you still with me?" Gaige felt herself shaken from the memories by Axton's question.
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  • Borderlands tales of the ghost rid by Darklord86 K 10 Do you believe in different universe while (y/n) did't until he get sucked in a different one where his favorite game:borderlands is not a game and together with the va.
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  • Gaige now needed brain bleach to remove the thought of Tannis having sex with a chair out of her head as she continued to struggled, her. Gaige, a Mechromancer, kneeled down as she struggled to gain her The scent of her sex and her heavy body odor invaded his nostrils.
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