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How AGNIPATH will Change the FORTUNES of Indian Armed Forces? : AGNIPATH SCHEME Explained

Government of india has unveiled the new defense recruitment reform we will provide opportunity to the youth to serve the nation for short and long duration as ugly india is witnessing massive protest across the nation as aspirants are unhappy with whiskey they feel taking away pension benefits.

Provides them with no job security in order to transform the armed forces into youthful tech savvy modern there is a need to harness the youth potential and make him a future ready soldier hi everybody on 14th of june 2022 the defense minister of india and the chiefs.

Of the indian army navy and air force announced the rollout of the agni put scheme and by now you already know that it is a recruitment model for the youth in the indian armed forces and as we have seen in the past one and a half weeks there have been massive protests all across the country trains have been burned civilian properties have been.

Damaged and as usual social media has been flooded with radical opinions so we spent the past four days trying to talk to people ex-servicemen and even media professionals of both sides to actually try to understand why is this such a controversial issue and in this episode we are going to put forth both these perspectives to help you.

Understand what exactly is the agnipat scheme all about from the garment standpoint why is it absolutely necessary for india from the citizen standpoint what are the advantages of this scheme and lastly what are the drawbacks which have triggered the protests all across the country so if this episode makes sense to you please.

Share this message in your social circle to educate india about this burning issue of agripath this video is brought to you by cuckoo fm but more on this at the end of the video the first thing we need to understand is why exactly are the armed forces introducing the agnipat scheme and how.

Is it intended to benefit the country and the answer to this lies in this chart now if you look at both these columns over here you will see that on the left we have defense pensions and on the right we have something called the capital outlay of defense services this is the capital that is actually spent on buying new weapons aircrafts.

Warships and other military hardware that actually modernizes the army and makes it super powerful now if you look at how much the army spends on pensions versus capital outlay you will see that from 2009 10 to 1314 the money spent on pensions were less and the capital outlay was significantly higher in fact it was 70 percent more than pensions.

But suddenly from the next year onwards you will see that the capital outlay dropped by 5700 crores and the money spent on pension drastically increased by 15 000 crores and from here onwards the gap between pensions and capital outlay has always stayed narrow the question is what happened in 2014 that the pension cost suddenly shot up so.

High well this is where the scheme called one rank one pension scheme ruled out in simple words what this meant was that if you're an indian army officer who retired after 15 years of service in 2014 and another officer retired in 2020 after serving the same 10 year of 15 years with the same rank your pension.

And his pension would be the same now you see the salaries of army men increases with the passing of time and so do their pensions so when the pensions of servicemen who retired before got equalized to the current pension amount it drastically short of the pension expense and if you look at the impact of this move you will see.

That from 2016-17 to 1920 the spending on defense pensions was actually more than the capital outlay itself so in short we were spending more on pensions than we were on modernizing the army and this is what is being viewed as a dangerous unviable trend this is the reason why the army wants to decrease its burden on pensions and wants to.

Channelize the money towards developing and modernizing our army with the latest weapons latest vehicles and latest equipments apart from that our army chief also stated that agni path would reduce the average age of the army from 32 to 26 years over the due course of time this is the reason for the rule out of.

The agni path scheme if this is very very clear to you let's try to understand what is this scheme all about then what are the benefits being offered by the army under this game we will see 46 000 youngsters from the age of 17.5 to 23 years being inducted into the three batches of the armed forces which are.

Army navy and air force these agni vs will serve only for four years instead of 15 to 19 years and this four year tenure will also include a training period of six months apart from that the agni-vs will earn a salary package of thirty thousand rupees for the first year and will get a ten percent hike every year that means in the second year.

Their salary would be thirty three thousand thirty six thousand five hundred in the third year and forty thousand in the fourth year meanwhile apart from this thirty percent of their salaries will be deducted every month for the seva nidhi corpus and at the end of their service which is after four years the center will add an equal.

Amount and a total of 11.77 lakhs will be paid to each agni-veer this amount will be completely tax-free so after four years up to 25 percent of the candidates will be retained to serve in the army till retirement and the rest will be retired with a lump sum amount of 11.77 lakh rupees along with that during this tenure they'll also have.

Death and disability compensation from the army this is how the army intends to cut down its budget on pensions now the question is how much money is this move going to save well the exact calculation for agnipath is not quite stated but in 2020 the army submitted a rough calculation of how much money can be saved by.

Trimming the manpower in the armed forces and at that time it had proposed a three-year model instead of the four-year model like agnipath and as per the proposal the comparison of cost incurred by the government for a supply with 17 years of engagement as compared to a supply with three years of service the prospective life savings for just.

One separate is 11.5 crore rupees so merely by trimming down the army by 1000 jawans the army could save 11 000 crores and this huge amount could then be used to upgrade the army with the latest weapons and latest equipments that will make our forces insanely powerful so this is a win-win right the army becomes powerful and for the germans it is.

Providing insurance a decent salary and a lump sum amount of 11.77 lakh rupees then why is there so much protest all across the country well apart from political instigation and paid protesters there are three sensible arguments made against the agni put scheme the first argument is that if the jawan after serving for four years.

Don't get pensions because of budget then why isn't the government cutting down on the pensions of mps and other government officers in fact an mp who serves for just five years is entitled to a minimum pension of 20 000 rupees per month and the fun fact is that the information received under the right to information act by pp kapoor reveals.

That actress vejanti mala gets 39 000 rupees and stars like reika and chiranjeevi get 27 000 rupees each as monthly pensions from the government so the argument is why isn't the government cutting down on those expenses well one part of the answer is that even if the government does that they will barely save a few hundred crores which.

Is not the same as pensions of lacks of retired jawans but the counter argument over here is that if budget is really a problem regardless of the agnipat scheme the pensions and perks to these super rich ex-mps must be cut down and this makes complete sense to me the second argument is that will a.

Temporary soldier who is looking for job security risk his life for the country because you see the armed forces are the last resort to emergency after everyone from bureaucrats to police have failed so it's not the minister or the government officer but the soldiers of the army who get inside a blazing terrorist occupied hotel similarly it's.

Not the minister or the government officer but a soldier who stands at the border at extreme temperatures with bullets shoveling over his head so the question is will someone be willing to risk so much for a temporary stint of just four years in spite of knowing this inequality if you ask me i really don't have the.

Credibility or the perspective to answer this so if you have the answer to this please drop your answer in the comments and this brings me to the third argument and that is when the jovans return after four years with no pension or guaranteed job what will they do and this brings me to the most important part of the episode and that is about.

What is the government doing to help these giants earn a livelihood after they fall out of the army before we move on i want to thank our partners kuku fm for supporting our content coco fm is india's leading audio learning platform with over 1 000 plus hours of content library with over 4.5 rating and a huge library of non-fiction content here you.

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Earn their livelihood because after all this is the reason why the protests are happening right well for this the first misunderstanding or perhaps an unknowingly made assumption is that the armed forces only teach you to hold a freaking gun and make you do exercises because after all that's what bollywood has told us right.

But the reality is that the armed forces actually teach you way beyond that first of all it inculcates discipline mannerism chivalry persistence and most importantly the ability to perform during adversities all of which are very very important in every single industry in the 21st century but apart from that the armed forces have plenty of.

Technical traits and exposure to cutting edge technology for example a soldier trained in the iaf to be a radar technician can find employment in the airline industry a naval recruit could work in merchant shipping and as avinash chitke writes in india times with a little reskilling a radar technician could learn to repair computers and.

Mobiles and might even go on to manufacture them so long story short the attributes and skills learnt in the armed forces are not useless and will be more than enough to help the candidates fetch competitive roles in the industry in fact this is the reason why leaders like anand mahindra and tata sun's chairman mr.

Chandra shekaran have already recognized the potential of agni wheels and have welcomed the mood to employ them once they are out of the army secondly the ministry of home affairs has announced a ten percent reservation for agni vs in the central armed police force or capf and assam rifles thirdly in order to enhance the future career prospects of.

Agni wheels the union ministry of education is said to launch a special three-year skill-based degree program that will recognize the skill training received by them during their tenure in the armed forces under this program 50 of the credits required for a graduate degree will come from skill training received by the agnivir and the.

Remaining 50 will come from a basket of courses which cover a wide variety of subjects like languages economics history political science public administration sociology mathematics agriculture and many more similarly with each passing day there are multiple announcements being made from multiple bodies and state governments to make.

Sure that these jawans are not left jobless i'll give you a list for this in the description now the only question that remains is will these bodies state governments and corporates actually execute what they're saying and will stand up to their promise and the answer to this will only be known once these jawans fall out of the army and lastly.

If the retired jawan wants to pursue something of his own he would already have 11.77 lakhs of capital to start his business or perhaps use the time to study something else and find a job elsewhere and if they want loans for entrepreneurship it is being said that agni wheels will also be given priority under bank loan schemes and again it's a.

Claim that can only be verified once these giants fall out and actually apply for a loan and then we have the argument of the timing of the announcement and the hasty execution of this move by the army well for this my sense is that the army has much bigger fishes to fry with china pakistan budget kovad terrorism and critical defense relation and import.

Of billion dollar shipments to protect 1.3 billion people so i think we should leave this to highly educated and experienced leaders like lieutenant general puri to decide how this needs to be done these were the stories details arguments and counter-arguments of the agni path scheme i am also attaching the interview.

Of ajit duvalzar on the scheme so if you need more information on the same this video is a must watch now it's completely up to you to decide whether this is good bad revolutionary or disastrous and if this makes sense to you please share this episode in your friend circle to educate india about the agni path scheme.

That's all from my character today guys if you learned something available please make sure that the like button in order to make youtube baba happy and for more such insightful business and political case studies please subscribe to our channel thank you so much for watching i will see you in the next one bye bye.

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