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How Ford Captured Automobile Industry | Henery Ford The Man Behind The Automobile | Ford Bussiness Success Story

Maybe only a few people are left in the world. Who didn’t know about the Ford Company? But the owner of the company. Is Henry Ford. Henry Ford is the person. Who was appreciated by Adolf Hitler, That launched the first car. That anyone can afford.

He changed the world’s lifestyle through the medium of his car. And you won’t believe that, A journey of $200. He became one of the most influential industrialists. So, let’s talk about his brave. He started an automobile era in America. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Michigan village. At that time, farming was the chief source of income.

Because there was a shortage of machinery at that time. So they use labor-intensive techniques for farming. That’s why, at that time. Farming was slow and tiring work. That’s why Henry Ford hates farming. In fact, people’s fate was not much good at that time. So that they can start their own business. But Henry Ford was different from others. Because they got that opportunity.

That only a few people were able to achieve it. There was a city named Detroit. That was converting into an industrial center because of the steam engine. And the city was only 8km away from his village. And this played a vital role in changing Henry Ford’s life. Henry Ford starts taking interest in technologies from his childhood. Even he used to perform experiments on watch’s parts in his free time. And at the age of 12. He learned how to repair a watch.

But his interest converted into a passion. When during a school trip. They got a chance to observe the Steam engine in Detriot city. Because people start using the steam engine in farming activities. From which some machines use coal. Became common in some years. And Henry showed interest in machines instead of farming. So they learned quickly how to repair the machine. After that, the year 1879 became a turning point for Henry.

Because he shifted to Detriot city in the same year. But his father wanted. That his son stays with them and does farming there. But they refused his proposal. And at the age of 16. He became a mechanic there. It was the time. When industries were growing rapidly in the city. So it took only a few days to find a suitable job for him.

Here Henry studied in detail about the steam engine. And here came to know about the gas engine. But the gas engine was not much popular at that time. In the year 1889, when Henry Ford got a chance to observe the gas engine. They get shocked at seeing the technology. Because gas engine was lighter and more energy-efficient than the steam engine. Even it took only a few seconds to get started. Even a steam engine took half an hour to get started. After seeing all these advantages.

He came to know. That the new era will be of the gas engine. But he knew everything about the steam engine. But didn’t know much about the gas engine. Because the gas engine was started by an electric spark. But Henry Ford didn’t know anything about electricity. To fulfill his incomplete knowledge. In the year 1891. He joined the Edison Illuminating Company.

Which was providing electricity to thousands of houses using a steam engine. Henry Ford started working as an engineer. After that, in the year 1893. Henry Ford became the chief engineer. And they manufactured his first gas engine in the same year. In fact, Henry was thinking of manufacturing an automatic vehicle. But it took many years to complete his dream. Because no parts of the vehicle were available in the market. That’s why Henry had to manufacture every single part on his own.

After a hard work of 3 years. They got success in manufacturing his self-profiled vehicle. That was named Ford Quadricycle. It was a simple 4-wheeler vehicle. Henry Ford used an ethanol engine in it. This vehicle contained 2-speed gears. And its top speed was 32kmph. But this vehicle got many drawbacks at first. So they rectify the shortcomings of the vehicle.

And in the year 1897. When he sold it at the cost of $200. He tested it by driving it more than 1600km. At that time, the $200. Is equal to Rs. 5Lac in today’s time. There are 2 ways to earn money in this modern world. First, by becoming an employee. Second, by investing money. Saving and salary are not enough for a secured financial future.

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You can invest by your mobile or via calling. The link is given in the description. So go and download the Motilal Oswal App now. At the time the value of $200. Are equal to Rs. 5 Lac INR. Then Henry manufactured 2 more cycles. In which the new one was better than the earlier. And at last, when they get totally assured. He resigned from the job in the year 1899.

Then he started his own Detroit company. And Henry became popular at that time. So big investors invested in his company. Because everyone expected. On the basis of his hard work and passion. His company started growing soon. Henry was planning to manufacture a premium car for Detriot industrialists. Which was called a Delivery Wagon. But the task was much harder than Henry think.

Most of the parts were used in Delivery Wagon. Were delivered from others companies. So, whenever any company failed to deliver the parts at a time. Then they had to stop the manufacturing unit. That’s why they were able to manufacture only20 Wagons in 2 years. And seeing his slow progress. The company fired Henry from his company. Henry holds only 15% shares of the company. So the company fired him after paying his share.

Then Henry stands back in the position from where he started his journey. But he didn’t lose his hope even after getting fired from the company. Now, instead of manufacturing premium vehicles. They planned to manufacture cars that anyone can afford. Because at that time, cars were used as a status symbol. So he decided to make cars a thing to fulfill the needs. With this motive. He established the Ford Motor Co. And Henry named it Model A.

In which 20 designs were rejected to manufacture it. In the next 5 years. They keep upgrading their designs and technologies. And thy journey of the car models ends at model T. During these 5 years. Not even they made their cars better. Even they increased their production capacity. As they committed many mistakes in his ex-company. So he assured that.

Only a single manufacturer manufactures the parts of the cars. After getting inspired from a Slotter house. They build an assembly line in his company. To increase the production capacity. Then in the year 1905. After establishing the Ford Manufacturing Company. They start manufacturing their cars’ engines and transmissions on their own. With the help of this. In the year 1905.

Ford Company start manufacturing 25 cars/day. Then in the year 1906. The company launched its new model, Model N. Because of its low price and efficient features. It became America’s best-selling car. Even Ford Model N was a successful car. The Model T was the most successful car. That was launched in 1908. Henry Ford used Vanadium Steel in the Model T car.

Which is 2 times stronger. And lighter than normal steel. At that time, the Vanadium Steel concept was new. So only a few people knew about it. Fortunately, the biggest Vanadium Steel producers were friends of Henry. With the help of his friends, in the year 1907. He established his Vanadium Steel Plant. In this way, the Ford’s Model T Car. Became the World’s first car made up of Vanadium Steel.

With this specialty. This car got a huge sale when it launched into the market. In the next few weeks. The company received an order of 25k cars. But in one year. The company was able to deliver only 17k cars. And the people liked this car at most. In the year 1918, in America. 50% of cars were Model T cars.

After the successful journey of Model T. Ford keeps increasing its production capacity every year. In this way, in the history of America. Hanry not only started the automobile era. Even Ford totally dominated the first 2 decades. Even Ford Motor company is still working on the same legacy. That was started by Henry Ford 118 years ago. Friends, that’s enough for today’s blog post. Thanks for giving your precious time for reading our blog posts.

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