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How To Get Massive ROI & More Sales Using SMS Marketing

– Do you wanna know the best way to make thousands of dollars in sales from the smallest investment? Well, in this video, I'm gonna show you atool that a business used to turn a $150 campaign investment into a profit of morethan $9,000 in sales. Let me rewind that. (tape squealing).

More than $9,000 in salesin less than 24 hours. I'm Tory, and I'm gonnatell you everything you need to know about that tool, and it's called SMS marketing. Short message service marketingis a form of marketing that businesses use to sendcustomers who've opted in promotions through text message. So, yes, you'll be living in those DMs, trading email boxes for text fields.

But here's where that real value comes in. This may be shocking,so prepare yourselves, but customers want you to text them. 75% of customers opted in when given the choice toreceive marketing through SMS. As a result, SMS marketingflexes some powerful upsides. From somebody who has hundreds of thousands of people in texts, I'm getting a 98% openrate and 90% engagement.

The average response rate toSMS messages is 90 seconds. For email, two days. The average click-throughrate for SMS campaigns is 80%. Email, on the other hand,receives an average of 2.62%. I know it sounds like I'mragging on email right now, but I'm really not. I'm just trying to show youthese significant flexes that SMS marketing has over email. While SMS marketing is absolutely.

A great addition toany marketing strategy, it's especially deliciouswhen paired with e-commerce. But do not worry if you'recurrently stressing out about how to even getstarted with SMS marketing. There are some great toolsthat can automate the process to the point where collectingand sending out bulk messages won't be as intimidating asit probably sounds right now. So, don't worry, I got you. I'm actually gonna show yousome of those helpful tools,.

And then I'll go into whattypes of messages you can send to actually start up your campaign. As always, if you wanna dive even deeper into the world of SMS mobile marketing check out our Marketer's Guide to Mobile. It includes templates, best practices, and how to grow your audience via mobile. Click the link in the descriptionif you wanna hear more. All right, first up,number one, EZ Texting.

EZ Texting is a great entry-level choice for small businesses. Highlights include fair pricing and a great selection of dashboard tools. The cheapest plan startsat around $24 per month with the most expensiveplan costing $374 a month. EZ Texting makes it easy for your subscribers to feel special by sending them personalized messages.

A new partnership with Shutterstock also provides businesseswith a convenient way to send high-quality picture messages. That'll be very important fora tip I have coming up later, so stay tuned. Number two, SalesMsg. If you're a larger companylooking for a service that supports high-volume communication, then SalesMsg is the one.

They offer fast deliveryrates with little lag. That means your subscribers actually receive your texts in real time. SalesMsg touts two monthlyplans to choose from. The Beginner Pro plan willprovide up to 750 messages, while the Premium plan includesa smacking 7,500 messages. This is a perfect pick for businesses sending high volumes of textsto a large contact list. It gives great results,again, in real time.

Okay, so you're probablysitting there wondering: Tory, this is cool and everything, but where am I actuallygonna find the people to opt into my campaign? Can I just buy a list of phone numbers instead of actually havingto, you know, collect them? No. Unlike other marketing channels, to keep it, you know, legal,.

You have to get permission to actually send people text messages. Here's how to do it. Number one, set up short code. A short code is afive-to-six-digit phone number that's used to make opting into your list a little faster and easier for customers. Things like, “Text DEALSto 98320 to opt in now!” Your short code is thebackbone of your campaign.

Make it compelling to truly hook them in. Host a campaign or sweepstakes. This is a really fun and simpleway to collect phone numbers and get people to join your list. Offer customers a chance to win a prize or a special discount if they subscribe to your text messages. Speaking of messages, let'sjump into some examples of the type of messagesyou should be sending.

Once you've actuallycollected your phone numbers. The welcome message. The first and most importantmessage your business will send to start an SMS marketingcampaign is the welcome message. You don't get a second chanceat making a first impression. This message is the doormatthat greets new SMS subscribers. You can go with a simple, “Thanks for signing up for the updates,” or something a little more personal,.

Like including the customer's name and targeting a specific product that they may be interested in. Whichever lane you choose, be sure to include what kindof content they can expect, how often messages will besent, and how to unsubscribe. You can set this message tobe sent out automatically with some of the servicesI mentioned before. Two, the sales text.

Here's an example I found fromfashion brand Jenni Kayne. “We're offering our Jenni Kayne community “20% off with code THANKYOU. “It's our way of showing appreciation “for you standing by us during this time.” Then there's a lovelylink labeled “Shop Now” ready to be clicked to instantly turn thisprospect into a lead. Remember to include the factthat the deal is being offered.

To all SMS subscribers only. It'll make them feellike they're really being a part of somethingspecial, which they are. If the offer were available to anyone, then being a SMS subscriber would become a lot less appealing. – This data is wrong every freaking time! – Have you heard of HubSpot? HubSpot is a CRM platform.

Where everything is fully integrated. – Whoa, I can see theclient's whole history! Calls, support tickets, emails, and here's a task from threedays ago I totally missed. – HubSpot, grow better. – Three, utilize multimedia messaging. If you have a hard time withthe 160-character limit, use MMS to send video clipsor images to your customers. MMS messages provide the ability.

To attract your audience visually. Not that you can't createvisually interesting SMS messages, but you can take things to the next level by attaching an image or a video showing your product or service in action. Number four, the nudge text. This may be one of the most shameless, but as shown in the businessexample I'll get into in a bit, possibly the highest-converting.

Type of messages you'llhave in your arsenal. This is a reminder textthat you'll send a customer to complete a desired action, like asking them to returnto their abandoned cart. By heavily investing in this tip, a business out of Atlantasaw a 100% conversion rate. Let's see how they did it. Time for school! 4theCultr is a platform wherepeople can find products.

Created, crafted, and operatedby Black-owned companies. They were very interested in using SMS marketingto grow their business and wanted to dive in by collecting willingcustomers' phone numbers. In order to generateopt-ins for their campaign, they chose to attach a CTAto their checkout page. Why? Because a checkout CTAcomes after consumers.

Have looked through your website and decided to go ahead with a purchase. They like you! They really, really like you! These are active subscribersthat will keep coming back, if given a reason to. By adding that CTA, out of100% of their subscribers, 86% opted in at checkout. After opting in,.

The brand sends an SMSto every new subscriber letting them know whattype of content to expect, how often they'll receive these messages, and how to opt out. Sound familiar? Hmm, yeah, somebody said that. I can't remember who, though. Someone, someone said that. It wasn't that long ago.

They were very handsome, I remember that. – The messages they continueto send include a nudge text reminding customers whenthey left an abandoned cart. This message proved to beridiculously successful. Its click-through rate was 18% with a conversion rate of 100%. That means every singleperson who clicked on the link in the abandoned cart reminder text ended up coming back andcompleting their order.

But just in case shoppersdidn't act on the first text, 4theCultr sends out a second reminder text 24 hours later that comes with a small gift in the form of a personal discount code, again, ramping up thevalue of exclusivity. 4theCultr discovered thateven a small discount of 5% can help them recover sales that would otherwise be completely lost.

No matter what you've heard here today, SMS marketing is not a one-stop fix-all to your open rate, click-through rate, and response rate problems. But if you stay true to who your brand is, give subscribers exactlywhat they signed up for, and don't overstay your welcomeby sending tons of texts, you'll see some serious gains. As always, if you like what you heard.

And you wanna hear more, comment, like, and subscribedown below to hear more. Until next time, bye-bye. Go off. (fingers tapping) Hey! Tory magic.

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