How USA uses the EVIL WAR strategy to Manipulate the World? : US War Business strategy exposed thumbnail

How USA uses the EVIL WAR strategy to Manipulate the World? : US War Business strategy exposed

my fellow citizens at this hour american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger the united states of america is a repeat.

Offender when it comes to arming criminals terror groups rogue regimes in a recent vice news interview president barack obama blamed the existence of isis on the united states invasion of iraq in 2003 in americans created this is a british firm i'm quoting now okay the islamic state we.

Created the islamic state by the american policy america feeds the global war machine american weapons are being used to undermine what american governments say they are fighting for international peace and security hi everybody ever since the russia.

Ukraine war started you must have seen all the politicians from the u.s and europe preach peace lessons to the world and the western media has been screaming to the world about how evil putin is how terrible the war has been and how innocent people have been suffering and looking at the way these presidents of the united states talk and deliver.

Speeches it feels as though they care so much for the innocent men women and children involved in this war right but you know what guys unfortunately what we do not realize is that there is a very very dark side to the geopolitics of the united states and the europe and the western propaganda very very cleverly hides it from all of us and.

Once you understand the ruthless actions of the west it will make you question if they're really ambassadors of peace or just ruthless hypocrites who act only for their prophets and not for the peace of the world in fact recently the foreign minister of india even pointed out the hypocrisy the west in many of his interviews.

So in this episode today let us use a case study to try and understand how does the united states play the game of thrones of geopolitics to dominate the world how does the western media propaganda very cleverly portray the us as a peacekeeper in spite of they doing terrible things and most importantly as citizens of india what are the study.

Materials to help you understand the brutal and hidden truth of jio politics this video is brought to you by cuckoo fm but more on this at the end of the video the first strategy that the u.s uses is that of overthrowing an unsuitable leader and empowering the puppet a classy example to understand this.

Tactic of the united states is to understand the love affair of the us with iran and iraq this is a story that dates way back to early 1900s now during this time the industrial revolution in the us and europe was picking up and oil was becoming more and more important but the problem we heard was that oil had not been discovered in uae saudi and.

Iraq so back then iran was one of the biggest suppliers of oil but the catch over here was that although iran had humongous oil fields the government of iran actually made very less money from their own oil the question is why well that is because the brits very cleverly established a joint venture with iran called the anglo-iranian.

Company and just like east india company exploited the indigo farmers in india this company extracted oil from iran and made a deal such that the brits got 84 percent of the prophets and the iranian people got only 16 percent of the profits so you see this is such a sweet deal for the brits that in spite of not having their own oil field by using.

Someone else's oil field in someone else's land these people took away more than 80 to the profits so it was practically a black gold mine for them but this is when iran saw the rise of a new prime minister by the name muhammad mosaddy and on 15th of march 1951 he simply nationalized the entire oil industry of iran and asked the brits to.

Get out of iran so suddenly iran was about to emerge as a powerful nation because they had complete control over one of the largest reserves in the world but you know what guys this guy who was about to bring massive fortunes to iran and was about to change the face of iran on the world stage this guy gets overthrown by a coup and.

He is put on house arrest the question is why well as it turns out the brits in syria ran an anti-musa de propaganda by portering him as a threat to the shah of iran and once enough people believed it they arranged a coup took him off power and gave the power to an obedient puppet called muhammad reza palvin he was already the shah of iran so transfer of.

Power was no big deal at all and guess what within some time everybody forgot about nationalization and in the next 24 years the british and american companies set up their plans in iran these companies included exxon gulf oil mobile and standard oil of california and these companies started extracting oil by giving a mere 50 share of profits to.

Iran so the brits and the us again made billions of dollars and started extracting from the oil reserves of iran in fact the u.s even went one step further and sold 13 billion dollars worth of weapons to iran this was the first strategy of the us wherein they overthrow an unsuitable candidate and place a puppet who will.

Make them a ton of money and give them access to valuable resources that did not even belong to them in the first place this exploitation went on for the next 20 years until a religious revolution sparked up in iran which overthrew the government this is when a leader named ayatullah khamenei rose to power and again he kicked the u.s and.

Brits out and nationalized the entire oil of iran so guess what we are back to square one right the us has lost control over both the iranian oil reserves and the weapons trade now the question is what can us do well this is where the second strategy of the u.s comes in which is funding and weaponizing the opposition it was a very.

Important year 1982 was the year in which uh ronald reagan dropped iraq from the list of states supporting terrorism so the u.s could start providing him with extensive aid including military aid including means to develop biological and chemical weapons and missiles and weapons of nuclear weapons.

By this time that is by 1979 the world had already found oil in uae saudi and iraq and out of these countries iraq was in strong opposition to iran and saw the emergence of a leader named saddam hussein and this guy started the world shaking iran-iraq war that went on for the next 9 years.

So guess what this time instead of overthrowing the government in iran the united states sold weapons and funded iraq to defeat iran so from 1983 onwards ronald reagan the then president of the united states offered aids worth billions of dollars to iraq this included funding weapons and even military intelligence to make sure that.

The iraqi army is able to destroy the attacks of irani soldiers so you see what happened over here both sides of war was sold u.s weapons and now people were dying on both sides property was being damaged in both sides economy was collapsing in both sides but the united states made money regardless then finally after eight.

Years of war half a million lives were lost another million people were injured and the economic cost of war exceeded one trillion dollars shattering the economies of both iran and iraq now mind you all this while sadha museum was a ruthless dictator who massacred hundreds of thousands of people and there were even estimates that say that.

He killed close to 2.5 lakh people in the process of a genocide and even used chemical weapons and torturous poison gases to kill the iranian army but all throughout this time the us in spite of knowing all of this kept on giving assistance to iraq and this led to one of the bloodiest wars in human history and eventually the.

Economic damage prevented both iran and iraq from becoming an oil superpower but you know what guys this is where a small twist came in just like any other war the iran-iraqi war destroyed the economies of both the countries and saddam hussein had taken a huge loan as much as 37 billion dollars from saudi arabia uae and others and.

After the war he was in no position to pay back the loans and coincidentally during that time even opec lowered the price of oil because of which iraq's economy was crumbling and this is where something crazy happened out of nowhere saddam hussein decided to invade kuwait which is the sixth largest oil reserve in the world but while most.

People thought that he was just giving out false threats this is what happened on 2nd of august 1919. saddam had taken his gamble whether it was part of a plan to capture the world's oil supplies whether he would go marching on to saudi arabia america didn't wait to see iraq will not be permitted to annex kuwait.

And that's not a threat just the way it's going to be the coalition took only a hundred hours to destroy the iraqi forces in kuwait in the hours before baghdad surrendered the oil wells of kuwait were set ablaze by saddam's retreating army kuwait which produced a half million barrels of oil a day before.

March of 1991 now as soon as this happened the united states turned against the same saddam hussein whom they once supported so the u.s formed a coalition of 35 countries and drove the iraqi army out of kuwait so again lots of weapons lots of blood lots of death and lots of damage now after the war just like russia today.

Iraq was imposed with sanctions the economy collapsed further and they were no longer a threat to us so for some time saddam hussein continued with his atrocity and iraq continued to struggle with its economy so after some years everybody thought that the saddam hussein u.s episode was over but but but.

13 years later the entire world was shocked to see this happen in 2003 on my orders coalition forces have begun striking selected targets of military importance to undermine saddam hussein's ability to wage war these are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign.

Beyond president bush's deadline for saddam hussein to leave iraq that u.s warships and planes launched the opening salvo of operation iraqi freedom so nearly three weeks after this war began u.s forces are now coming into the center of baghdad this is what regime change looks like so the question over here is iran and.

Iraq both were facing a crisis and they were no longer a threat to the us because both of them were far from being an oil superpower then the question is why did the u.s invade iraq well as it turns out after 1999 the demand of oil all across the world started increasing drastically this was.

Majorly because india and china both were beginning to consume an extraordinary amount of oil for that development as a result the oil prices started shooting up going from just 21.57 dollars in 1999 to 49.86 dollars in 2002 and the reason why u.s invaded iraq lies in this map here you will see that iraq had some of the.

Biggest oil wells in the world you see these dots these dots indicate oil wells with more than 5 billion barrels of oil in fact even today iraq is the 5th largest oil reserve in the world and the best part of iraq was that the cost of extraction of oil in iraq was very very less according to a study done in 2004 while in saudi the cost of extraction.

Was four dollars per barrel in iran it was 4.5 dollars per barrel in russia it was seven dollars per barrel whereas in iraq the cost of extraction was as low as one to one point five dollars per barrel so again it was a black gold mine waiting to be extracted so now the question over here is how can the u.s justify the invasion of an economically.

Weak and non-threatening country and this is where the third strategy of the us comes in which is to use propaganda and this is where the third strategy of the us comes in which is to use storytelling to educate the world about the potential threats that they would eliminate because they are the saviors of the world and how did they do that.

For this the united states used the horrific 9 11 incidents as an excuse to sneak into iraq and they somehow told the story that iraq and saddam hussein were involved in the 9 11 attacks and even speculated that sadha muzin was developing weapons of mass destruction saddam hussein has gone to elaborate lengths.

Spent enormous sums taken great risks to build and keep weapons of mass destruction sodom hussein is determined to get his hands on a nuclear bomb both of which by the way did not have any concrete proof at all and secondly they started painting sada muzin as an evil man who did terrible.

Things to people like using chemical weapons genocide and mass murders but the most disturbing fact of all over here is that during the 1980s the same united states gave military assistance to the same saddam hussein after which he dropped chemical weapons on the irani soldiers but during that time he was beneficial for the u.s so nobody.

Bothered about it and everything that he was being blamed for in 2002 and three that is genocide mass murders and tortures he was already doing that even during the 1980s and you see this picture i call this the picture of western hypocrisy you see this guy this is us envoy mr donald rumsfeld this guy provided iraq with weapons in 1983 and.

20 years later in 2003 the same guy actually oversaw the invasion of iraq that called saddam hussein killed and unlike the russian invasion which is being considered as a cruel act against mankind the u.s invasion was considered as a liberation and the harsh truth over here is that while ukraine invasion has killed 14 000.

People yet the invasion of iraq killed a minimum of 1 lakh 34 000 people but even then it was portrayed as an act of peace to protect the world from weapons of mass destruction so if killing 1 lakh 34 000 people isn't mass destruction i don't know what is and not so surprisingly after the invasion saddam hussein was hanged the.

Iraqi oil industry was privatized and again u.s oil companies like exxon and chevron set up their bases in iraq and since then till today they've been extracting billions of dollars worth of oil from iraq this is how the united states plays the game of thrones of geopolitics using warfare weaponizing and storytelling now.

You decide for yourself if this is ethically right or wrong and this brings me to the last part of the episode and that are the study materials to help you understand the brutal strategies of geopolitics before we move on i want to thank coco fm for supporting our content people if you want to learn business and geopolitics.

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Download the cuckoo fm app now moving on to the study materials the first thing i'm attaching are articles that will help you understand how the west has benefited from the weapons trade during the times of warfare secondly i am attaching a political science report on the invasion of iraq and lastly i am attaching a foreign policy report that.

Will tell you how the u.s helped saddam hussein during the iran-iraqi war and did not act upon in spite of it being illegal to use chemical weapons and then invaded iraq for the exact same reason that's all from my saturday today guys if you learned something valuable please make sure to the like button in order to make beauty bubba happy and for more.

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