How will the China-Taiwan War affect India? Will it cause World War 3? thumbnail

How will the China-Taiwan War affect India? Will it cause World War 3?

We start in china where president xi jinping has said reunification with taiwan must be fulfilled his comments come at a time of heightened military tension 10 000 eyeing the possibility of taking taiwan by force hi everybody ever since the russia.

Ukraine war has started every single person has been focusing on the russian invasion news but did you guys notice that in the background the world leaders have started raising serious concerns over the chinese invasion of taiwan and this threat is extremely serious because it could literally escalate to world war three itself and this will affect not.

Just india but every single country on the planet some say that because the world is already in an economic turmoil first due to covert and then due to the ukraine war now is the best time for the chinese to attack taiwan and this is a very very serious issue so the question is why does china want to invade taiwan why are.

The leaders of the world extremely concerned about the chinese invasion now how will this affect india and most importantly how can this conflict lead to the most horrific world war in human history this video is brought to you by hirek but more on this at the end of the video this is a story that dates back to 1945 during that time the world war two.

Had just ended and the japanese had surrendered and given up control over china and after the nightmare of the japanese rule the republic of china officially began ruling taiwan with the consent of its allies which were the us and the uk and even historically taiwan was a part of china since the 17th century but in the next five years a.

Massive civil war broke out in china and the then leader jiang kai-shek's troops were beaten by the communist leader mao zedong this is when zhang kai-shek and his remaining people fled to taiwan in 1949. this group then independently started ruling taiwan and dominated the taiwanese politics for the next 50 years.

Until the year 2000 this is when finally democracy was established in taiwan and this history is the reason why china by default considers taiwan to be a part of the chinese mainland so the question is just because a leader considers it to be a part of the mainland why would they invade right also essentially laid claim to ukraine.

After weeks of warnings the russian invasion of ukraine has begun this is about more than tanks and troops and artillery this is about power you get the point right this is the reason why the world considers the chinese invasion of taiwan very very seriously but this is not it china is so serious about this that in.

2005 they came out with something called the anti-secession law and in this law there are three sentences that make it very very clear that china wants taiwan by hook or crook and these are the three sentences taiwan is a part of china and the state shall never allow the taiwan independent secessionist forces to make taiwan.

Secede from china under any name or by any means number two solving the taiwan question and achieving national reunification is china's internal affair which subjects to no interference by any outside forces and it even says that if taiwan declares independence china shall employ non-peaceful means and other necessary.

Measures to protect china's sovereignty and territorial integrity so now the question over here is this law was made in 2005 right it's been 16 years now so why is this a concern for the world now well ladies and gentlemen that is because china's military strength has grown exponentially in the past 30 years and now they are so strong that they are.

As powerful if not more powerful than the united states itself secondly china has already started flying its planes near taiwan reuters actually made this beautiful easy to understand visual of how china has constantly been crossing the lines if you see this this is the median line of taiwan as in it is supposed to be.

Taiwan's territory and military planes are not supposed to enter this space without their permission but you see these red lines this is the chinese military frequently crossing this line not once not twice but hundreds of times in the past few years and this frequency has only been increasing with time and thirdly the world is already bearing the.

Cost of the russia ukraine war if you remember from our russia ukraine episode because of the war although russia was imposed with sanctions russia is the second largest commodity producer in the world 40 of the total gas consumption of the european union comes from russia and most importantly it is the third largest oil producer in the world which is why.

When the west started isolating russia it sent shock waves of inflation all across the world brent crude futures sowed to a 10-year high near 120 dollars a barrel european natural gas was about 218 dollars per megawatt hour and coal futures had surpassed four hundred dollars a metric ton in australia along with that aluminum heater record about.

Three thousand eight hundred dollars a ton on the london metal exchange now although these prices have come down now this volatility itself is too much for the economies around the world to handle and now when the entire world is trying to cope up with the ongoing economic turmoil if china invades taiwan it's going to be next to impossible for the.

World to recover without the trade of taiwan and china but now the question over here is taiwan is such a small country right and if you compare both their armies china has 10 times more ground force eight times more naval destroyers and 30 times more submarines then why didn't china attack taiwan till now.

Well that is because taiwan has been backed by none other than the united states itself when president biden was asked if he would come to rescue taiwan if china attacked biden openly said yes and yes and stated that america has a commitment to do that and that kind of upset china so if china attacks taiwan according to president biden the u.s.

Will intervene which means what we could be looking at a military war between two of the most powerful nations in the world and more importantly two nuclear superpowers will be head-to-head in what could perhaps escalate to world war three itself this is the backing that taiwan has now this begs the question what is so.

Special about this little island called taiwan that the united states of america itself is willing to take such a big risk to go head-on with china well the answer to that lies in something that the world has already witnessed and that is the semiconductor crisis and a giant taiwanese company called tsmc for those who don't know.

Semiconductors are by far one of the most important components in the world this is because they are used in almost every single gadget that you use starting from your mobile phone to your oven to your lights to even your automobiles and fun fact is that if you look at the market of the semiconductor contractors all across the world you.

Will see that while china stands at six percent south korean manufacturers stand at 17 rest of the world stands at 13 taiwan alone has a market share of 63 and in that also tsmc alone commands a market share of 54 it's the world's largest foundry that counts major technology firms such as.

Apple qualcomm and nvidia and all the major car makers around the world including volkswagen ford motors and toyota motors are super dependent on taiwan for its semiconductors furthermore replicating the manufacturing of semiconductors is an extremely costly tedious and time consuming process that involves.

Thousands of complicated procedures and if you remember from a semi-conductor episode i said that the world is dangerously dependent on taiwan for semiconductors why because this is what happened in 2020 massive worldwide chip shortage earnings being caught by up to 2 billion we don't have these chips we're in trouble there's a lot of.

Reasons why this is happening right now we still expect that through 2023 that we're still going to be facing uh supply shortage this is the first reason why the u.s and even other countries are extremely worried about taiwan secondly for the u.s it is a question of reputation and safety reputation because if the us does not defend taiwan then.

The rest of the countries that the united states has signed a defense patrick like japan and other countries including the nato allies will be extremely offended and thirdly there is something called the south china sea dispute and this is one of the most critical reasons why china would invade taiwan to tell you about it south china.

Sea is this region in the world map where you have indonesia malaysia the philippines taiwan and vietnam and this is by far one of the most important regions in the world why because 30 of the entire world's shipping passes through this region and it amounts to 3.37 trillion dollars in trade every single year and as far as.

The strategy resources are concerned according to council on foreign relations the sea is estimated to have 11 billion barrels of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and the most vital benefit of all is that the country controlling this maritime route will have natural military advantage over the rest of the.

World including the united states and china is so keen on taking control of this region that they have placed military ships conducted military drills and even built artificial islands yes you heard that right china has literally built artificial airlines to claim the south china sea and in our context if china attacks.

Taiwan if it wins it will have an insane upper hand over the second most important region in the world and this region gives them more control over a plethora of resources a strategic military advantage and most importantly dominance over this three trillion dollar trade route this is the reason why the united states is extremely.

Concerned about taiwan and takes its commitment to protect it very very seriously like i said not because human beings are in trouble but because there is a rival superpower that might rise to power this is the reason why the entire world is extremely worried about the china taiwan conflict and even the slightest.

Miscalculation can escalate this to a world war 3 itself furthermore because the world is already suffering due to the russia ukraine war if this war happens now it would be a nightmare for the world economy itself and this brings me to the most important part of the episode and that is how will this china taiwan scenario affect india.

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Taiwan and regardless of whether china attacks taiwan or takes it peacefully it could be a disaster both for india and the world itself disaster for india because just like the chinese vendors started abusing their monopoly position to increase the price of solar components they are more likely to do the same with the semiconductors and.

That could hit us very very hard secondly if a war breaks out the u.s is more likely to pressurize india because we are the closest allies they have to china and we might be forced to go to war this is because during such critical times the united states often puts forth the condition saying that if you don't.

Support us you are by default against us and that could put us in a catch-22 situation so all we can hope for is that all of these wars settle down and we never come to this situation moving on to the study materials the first thing you need to study about is how has china played games with the solar component supply and how much india needs to up.

Its game with the semiconductors for this i am attaching the link to our old video and a few documents to help you understand this concept better secondly i am attaching the link to a writer's investigation report which actually made a scenario study of what all could happen if the invasion of taiwan happens and how the forces of the world would.

Engage in warfare read through it and you will understand how international relations and power works and lastly i am attaching a document written by an expert that actually talks about the war plans of china and digs deep into the intricacies of their military operation so if you are a military operation or a strategy enthusiast do have a look at.

Them i think you guys will love it so go through all these documents and do let me know what you think about in the comment section that's all from my side for today guys if you learned something available please make sure to hit the like button in order to make youtube baba happy and for more such insightful business and political case studies.

Please subscribe to our channel and if you find time please drop a comment below about how you find these geopolitical series because we are planning to venture deep into it to cover the most important aspects of world effects thank you so much for watching i will see you in the next one bye bye.

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