That Sweeper Made Rs. 55 Crore Working at a Grocery Store | Investing Story of Old Sweeper | Business Case Study of Old Sweeper thumbnail

That Sweeper Made Rs. 55 Crore Working at a Grocery Store | Investing Story of Old Sweeper | Business Case Study of Old Sweeper

Think you wake up one morning And suddenly you get Rs 55 crore So what will you do with that money? But! If I tell you that a man who was a sweeper Used to sweep and mop the shops used to wear torn clothes but his net worth was 8.3 million dollars Ronald Reds was a sweeper, who used to sweep and mop inside the shops But when he died at the age of 92 years, his total net worth was 8.3 million dollars i.e. more than 55 crores.

And know what is the funny thing, no one in his family even knew that he is so rich. This story is an example in itself, a guidebook for those who always think that that it is more difficult to become rich and they will never be able to become very rich in life There are some such financial lessons hidden in Ronald Red’s Journey, which you can also become rich by understanding Whether you are in 10th class or working This video will change your life, so watch till the end This video is brought to you by Kotak cherry, which we will talk about next. So this story begins in 1940 When Ronald Reds, who lives in Vermont, starts working at a gas station after completing his diploma.

Ronald Reds was not very skilled, so he kept working at the same gas station for 34 years to meet his expenses. And with his hard-earned money, Ronald Reds took a house worth $12,000 inside which he and his family lived Every morning on his way to the gas station there was a local memorial hospital. In whose cafeteria, he used to sit in the morning and have breakfast of coffee and peanut butter toast Years Passed And Finally In 1979 When Ronald Rand Was 58 Years Old he Was Retired From That Gas Station but he still wanted to work So by going to a grocery store near the same gas station, he joins the job of a janitor. And guess what, he went there and worked for 17 more years.

If you see any sweeper, what question will come in your mind? Definitely, this man is very poor he definitely needs help why shouldn’t I help him? But It Wasn’t Distinctly With Ronald Reds When Ronald dies at the age of 92, his family comes to know that he was actually a multi-millionaire. But now the question comes that how did a sweeper become so rich after all? And if he was so rich then how did no one even know in fact his family that he is so rich Well to understand this, it is more important for you to understand the difference between Rich and Wealthy.

You look around you, seeing whom do you feel that he has a lot of money or he is very rich Obviously the person who has good house, good car, good watches, good shoes, looking at all these things, we feel that this person is very rich. but it doesn’t happen Now look what a wealthy person has STOCKS, BONDS, MUTUAL FUNDS, REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS, BUSINESSES But you know what, Rich is always visible and wealthy is always hidden. The wealth that is in these very simple words is known to you by looking through your eyes. But if they are wealth, they have actual wealth, then you will never know by looking at them like this.

“Wealth is always hidden” And know what is the most amazing thing Maybe if someone is rich, he may not actually be wealth Because shoes, clothes, house, car, all this can be brought through EMI too. So it is easy now to show yourself rich by showing off through these things But you know what the thing is If Someone Is Wealthy He Can Become Rich Automatically It is only on his personal choice whether he shows people or not, how much money he has. similarly Ronald Read was very rich but he never let anyone know how much money he actually had.

And this thing teaches us a very important lesson whose name is minimalism Now the biggest problem is that people compare minimalism with scarcity. They think that living in a minimalistic means start living in a tightrope and start living a scarce life but it’s not like that The basic meaning of minimalism is that you spend money on those things which are more important for your living. And don’t spend it on useless things without which you can live your life The reason behind Ronald Reid becoming so rich was the ethic of his simple lifestyle and powerful investments. Can you imagine that despite being so rich in his 90’s, he used to drive a secondhand Toyota.

Once upon a time, when Ronald Reid went to his lawyer, his lawyer saw him, then it came to her mind that he really needed help. Because at that time Ronald Reid was wearing a torn coat, a simple shirt, and a baseball hat. Infact, not only his lawyer, whenever anyone met him, seeing him, he felt that he was in dire need. Ronal Reid was richer than them all in the fetish reality I know you are thinking that after all how can someone become so rich just by saving money? After all, inflation is also a thing. Yes you thought it right and Ronald Reid thought the same thing And at the time of Ronald’s death, his family learns that he was a Quite Investor. And slowly he kept on investing his money in different stocks.

I know what are you thinking That Ronald Reid was a sweeper, wasn’t he? He had not studied so much, so how did he know after all Which stock will grow so much by investing money in it? Well the answer is also hidden in the same local memorial hospital where he used to go to breakfast in the morning After the opening of that memorial hospital when he go to that hospital So he see that hospital cafeteria closed When he goes and find out, he comes to know that the cafeteria is closed.

After which he goes to a nearby coffee shop whose name is friendly. Inside the same coffee shop he finds the development director of Memorial Hospital. They suggest to them that there is a library shop open nearby. Why don’t you go and try to read some books On hearing this, Ronald reaches the library. And after reaching the library, Ronald gets his library card made and starts borrowing some books. And all the books he borrows are mostly related to.

stock market or personal finance. plus his favorite newspaper The Wall Street Journal What he used to read daily became the biggest guide of his journey. Whenever Ronald Reid got time, he used to study the stock market and plan his investment. There were a total of 95 stocks in Ronald Reed’s portfolio. Including Healthcare, Telecom, Consumer Goods, Railway Transport, public utilities and banking communities But the question is, how did Ronald Reid choose all these stocks?.

The Answer Is Hidden In Ronald Reed’s Investment Philosophy So look what did he do Ronald Reid divided all his money in these two categories number one short lived cycle and number two long lived cycle Companies that have a forever changing market comes under short lived cycle That is, within their business, they get a lot of changes within a very short time. like IT industry, infrastructure business , power business, telecom business and electronic business on the other side.

Those businesses come under Long Lived Cycle, whose business lasts same for years. very less changes are seen in there businesses such as healthcare industries, food industries, public utility and to a lesser extent telecom industries. But do you know what his Goldmine was? So look, his Goldman trick was that he . invested very little money by distributing it in a lot of companies Instead of putting a lot of money in very few companies.

That is, instead of investing all his money in 30 companies, and expecting the growth of 4-5 companies. invested his money in 95 different companies What Ronald Reed did was not rocket science If anyone studies by spending a lot of time So he too can become rich by choosing good stocks and good bond investments. but there is only one problem time and energy Most of us neither have enough time to sit and study.

Nor do we have so much energy left that we can study for the end of the day. So have you thought that how can people like you and me become rich? And what are those long term opportunities available to us? And if you ask anyone to invest, then they will tell you only two ways. number one stocks and number two real estates But do you know that there is another market where you can earn good returns on your investments? that market is bond market Bond market in India has always been a game of bigwigs.

Banks, financial institutes, mutual funds or government These are the people who operate inside the bond market. but now times have changed Now you can also invest in the bond market with the help of Kotak Cherry Handpicked Financial Bonds are there by Experts in Kotak Cherry Like Kogta Financial India Limited Which can give you annual returns of up to 95% And not only that, you can also go through Kotak Cherry You can also invest in Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, TTFs, and MPS.

You can do both Savings and Investments simultaneously in Kotak Cherry App Because with this app you can track your money and it is safe and secure for investing And if you also want to grow by saving your money and investing it at the right place, then Kotak Cherry is the right choice for you. I have put the link inside the description box and comment box for all of you If you all like this idea then you can also try out cherry brought to you by kotak a brand that india trusts Ronald Reed did his investments regularly with great discipline.

And those same investments made him $8.3 million over the long term. and let me correct you Ronald was not a miser but was a very disciplined person financially And he used to spend that money only on the things which were most important to him. Of course, he used to work as a janitor So there was no necessity for him to wear fashionable clothes. Being rich and looking rich are two very different things So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be rich, look rich.

And the interesting thing is that not only did he become rich but he also gave back to the society. The local memorial hospital where he used to have breakfast He donated $4.8 million to that hospital The library from which he gained knowledge of stock market by studying Donated 1.5 Million Dollars to That Library And leaving 2 million dollars for his children before he left In short, all the money that he had earned by working hard all his life, he gave back all the money to society.

I hope you got to learn all those financial lessons from this video which we are not taught in school and college. And if you want to see more such videos So make sure to subscribe the channel And yes if you want to hear the secret stories of papal mafia So must watch this video on the right.

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