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The Harsh Truth of TikTok | TikTok Mind Blowing Business Model | TikTok Business Case Study |

At a time In India TikTok is one of the Most popular application But have you ever thought A normal Chinese application How got famous in the whole world And what is the reason Why it got banned in most of the countries again and again You will shock.

Twitter, Zoom, Dropbox, Snapchat, And Shopify, And the revenue of Spotify is Added then It will be less than the revenue of the Tik Tok TikTok looks simple from the Upside Really It is so mysterious And in this video.

We will talk about all the secrets of TikTok So let’s start the video The Chinese company names Bytedance Launched Tik Tok in 2017. In 2012 Zhang Yiming And Liyang Robo started the Bytedance company They want to make it the world’s number one Technology company That’s why this company. Launched twelve different type of apps But unfortunately They got failed And because of failure in the beginning.

The economical condition of the company becomes down But one day a thing happened Which changed the fate of the company forever Zhone Yiming was travelling by train And going somewhere.

Then He noticed that The person who were read newspaper in the train They all are using mobile instead of it Then He got idea that A application have to launch Which show the news to the people without selecting Than They start making that application.

In some days Bytedance launched their new application named Toutiao Which got lots of fame in China The main feature of this app was It shows the news to the user In which they are interested The company got the data from The AI and the combination of machine learning Prepared a mind-blowing algorithm.

Which select the interest of the people And then according to it Show the news article to the user This app is so much addicted If a user once open it then They will use it for hours After the success of it Zhone Yiming thought that With the help of the same algorithm.

A short video app will launch And in 2016, Bytedance In the China Launched an application names Douyin This was the Chinese version of Tik Tok The user interface of the Douyin Same as Tik Tok And the main feature of this app is This is so much addicted.

Actually This type of social networking app is not for the people Where we don’t need to send friend request Follow and subscribe And no need to search anything They have to open the app After that the content start automatically How much people use it They understand better the.

Interest of the people Like this every user See the content of their interest But the problem is People were spending much time on this app So it is important To available new content on the application Users got fresh videos daily To solve this problem.

Company make the production of content very simple Actually the platforms like Facebook and YouTube Before posting the video They give the video editing thumbnail And the tags and attachments Which takes to much time Bytedance Give the editing tools and features of adding music Make the creator’s work very easy.

In runtime the young creators Made contents And the problem of fresh contents got solved And to boost the interest of the creators Tik Tok make got fame very easily On YouTube and Facebook People work for months and didn’t get enough success.

On Tik Tok, with the help of on video People got fame and become star in night Bytedance give money to the famous creators and Influencers To create traffic on Tik Tok Which shifts the followers of them on Tik Tok These terrifying strategy Makes the Tik Tok very succeed in China.

And after seeing the success of it In 2017 Company launched the International version of it After entering in the market The competition of Tik Tok is with the Giants Google and Facebook To win this competition Bytedance Give the greed of double salary to the employees of Google and Facebook.

Start recruit them in their company And they run their advertisment on Facebook and Google Which help to target the Users of both platform If Google and Facebook want to Stop then they can do that time But they think that it is a normal lip syncing app and underestimate it.

When they realize that thing Tik Tok Stole their users and creators The growth speed of Tik Tok Is very fast that time The companies like Google and Facebook They can’t estimate the danger Before this the companies wants to take any action Tik Tok become the most useable.

Social networking You will shock Bytedance Who is struggling to be in market With the help of Tik Tok It will be the biggest global empire And like this app got famous in the people The different celebrities and the global stars start join it.

Means to take celebs to their platform Tik Tok doesn’t need to invest their money For celebs the joining of TIkTok It promotes company for free This enhance the spreading of application Instead of the strategies and the work of employee In the growth of Tik Tok Luck play an important role In 2020 when COVID is spreading.

Then all the places are locked down And the people have only option to use the mobile And because of this the users of Tik Tok are gained If we see This is very best than Bytedance think But suddenly The speed of Tik Tok become slow down And in the most of countries.

It is demanded to ban this Due to the border conflict Between India and China Tik Tok got banned in India forever Which cause approx 20 Crores of users loss of Tik Tok And due to electronics crime act In Pakistan Tik Tok got banned.

And in different countries It start banned This app is accused to collect the personal data of the people and share in China That’s why the different countries Seeing it as a threat If we see all the social media Platforms Collect the data of the peoples.

But the Tik Tok is different Because this is a Chinese application All are know that the communist party of China can access the data Of any company and no any country wants to handover their data to the Chinese Government But the collection of data.

Is not the only problem But the algorithm of working of it Is the concern for the countries The algorithm of Tik Tok Show the adult content to the Children And instead of that people got depressed by using it Because the Tik Tok Show them videos which are related to depression.

And the wastage of time because of the addiction of it This is also a big problem Because of them the growth of TikTok become slow But Tik Tok is gaining fame very speedy The reason is The way of earning of Tik Tok is different from the other sites.

Like the other company Bytedance also earn by running ads on Tik Tok The special thing of the Tik Tok is The ads of Tik Tok are like Normal videos Most of the users not known That they are actually watching an ad And because of this feature Tik Tok run most of ads.

Now Bytedance trying to come in e-commerce In future in this app a feature will be add In which the users can Purchase anything they see in video by clicking once For example if any user like the outfit of the user.

Like clothes and watches Then the user have an option They can purchase them Directly from Tik Tok This e-commerce features of Bytedance Launched in the Chinese version already And it is very successful there Means soon TIk Tok not only Facebook and Google.

But it will compete with amazon. Thanks for giving your Precious time for reading our blog.

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