Think School's Youtube STRATEGY to go from 0 to 1 Million subscribers | Think School Case Study thumbnail

Think School’s Youtube STRATEGY to go from 0 to 1 Million subscribers | Think School Case Study

Foreign sometimes i make this livething harder than it needs to be not that yet true [__] so why do iworry about what i can see i was raising sometimes i make this thingharder than it needs to be tomorrow's gonna be okay that's all we got one it's so hard to stay up and don't hide awaybehind the same old mask but tonight i got the cool and i wanna go dance with you so if youare in the mood it's worth it we don't belong.

Hi everybody my name is ganesh prasad andthis is paris kudhari and in this special video we first of all want to thank youfor helping us reach 1 million subscribers your school now officially has 1 millionstudents learning from all across the world and in this special episode we are here toanswer the 5 most frequently asked questions so that you can know your school better andyou can know me and parch better and today we have pasho here giving a candid video outof public demand so let's see how this goes let's get started the first question is what isthings school think school is an education startup that intends to put a dent in the indian educationsystem and we want to do that by teaching you what schools and colleges don't and you see guyseverybody knows that the indian education system.

Is messed up we live in a world wherein duringthe time of google our children are expected to mug up answers and useless information and theyjust ask to vomit it out in front of the paper we live in a time wherein we talk aboutdigitalization on one side on the other side our students are asked to write hundreds of pagesof useless assignments and you know the fun fact is while i was studying civil engineering therewas a subject called environmental engineering and in that paper we were talking about how toreduce waste and i was writing hundreds of pages of assignments and submitting that to theprofessor only for him to drop a signature and that's it it used to go in a truck which was againfilled with tons of paper so you see this irony is something that that made us realize that theindian education system is messed up so we started.

This company to make sure that we can use thepower of internet to break through these walls of mediocrity that the indian education systemhas built up and teach you those skills that actually have value in this capitalistic world andthe way we do that is through our youtube channel wherein we give out the best possible businesseducation so that the value of the content is so good that it could appeal to business graduatesand small scale investors at the same time the content is simple enough for a 12 year oldchild to understand the content is simple enough that an engineering student is able to understandbusiness without actually having a commerce background the second way in which we do that isthrough our courses we've got three courses right now communication master class when we teach youthe art of storytelling and how to present ideas.

In the most powerful manner the second coursethat we have is the linkedin masterclass and that is because ironically colleges are meant togive you placements but somehow they don't teach you how to use linkedin which you're goingto use for the next 10 years to get a great job and then we have the resume master class andin the pipeline we've got the art of storytelling course the entrepreneurship course and manyof the courses that are intended to teach you those skills that schools and colleges shouldbut they don't so that's what things school is all about so if this is very very clear to youlet's move on to the second question and that is how did we meet okay we met 16 years ago in schoolhe was my junior i was a senior i happened to be the school captain and this guy used to look upto me always he was an energetic kid he was always.

Dancing around very extrovert talking to everyoneand i was a very introvert guy but then he always looked up to me and he always wanted to talk tome he was like the famous child in school but an introvert and he was like my hero back then soit's not me okay well he is he is my hero now okay okay so the next question that we have is what didyou see in each other to start a business together i always saw a small brother in this guy he alwaysrespected and trusted me and the best part was our skills are always complimentary this guy is agood public speaker i am good at business so i knew how to monetize his skills and he knew how todeliver his skills so that's how he met and that's how he started a business as far as i am concernedbusiness is always secondary what is primary to me is friendship it's love and it's bonding you seewhen there is utmost trust when there is a lot.

Of love you can be with each other if not in thisbusiness then in the next business things tomorrow we might go and sell wine right but we know for afact that if we stick together we'll be able to do something great and more than the achievementyou know more than a million subscribers more than the revenue that you generate what'smore important to me is are we having fun and you know if you look at the journey that we've beenthrough we were teaching in a classroom wherein there were only two to three students we went tomeet so many principals in so many colleges waited in line for like what two hours three hoursso many people rejected us but all throughout that we were just having fun together and afterthe entire tiresome day was done we were like right we used to drink neera at the highway so.

You know those memories are things that iabsolutely cherish so what i saw in parsh is basically an elder brother who could be therewith me through the ups and downs and because i knew that we're going to have fun anywaysso why not give it a shot and you know guys most people don't know this but then i was justfalling out of college but this guy left his job for me and he trusted me with this businessventure and then we started so you know if someone is willing to trust you so much if someone iswilling to give so much up for you then business so yeah man so i mean that's that's what isaw in posh i mean we're just great friends we are brothers and uh i'm sure we'll have funregardless of what we do together and one of these ventures just happens to be things cool thenext question is how did you start things good.

Okay to understand how we started things cool youshould understand why we started things school as i already told you we are both in the same schooland in this school we had wonderful teachers these teachers were like our mothers theytook care of us they taught us a lot of things we had that creative confidence we learnedhow to talk to people how to convince people but soon after we passed out of school we hadstopped learning because we did not enjoy it and that's that was the experience that we wantedto create at things school and that is why we started a small school we took a small apartmentas rent we put a carpet we had some chairs and we started going to colleges and schools to getstudents into the into the school and started teaching them communication resume design thingetc over there we were by the way struggling to.

Pay rent and that's when we realized that youknow the moment these engineering colleges start having exams the classroom was completely emptyand we had no business at all and that is when i actually happened to read this book calledcrushed by garyvee which actually told me that if you want to really build a sustainable businessin the 21st century you have to be on the internet and he said go with youtube straight away but isomehow felt insecure and i was scared to go to youtube because i just thought it's too highof a level so we first started with instagram because on instagram when you post a content in24 hours your content is dead nobody watches your video after that so we said cello let's start withinstagram first let's make all the mistakes over here and you'll actually see a video of mineon instagram where and i'm literally standing.

In front of my whiteboard wearing some randomt-shirt and just teaching you concepts of business so that's how the second phase of things schoolstarted when we were just struggling in the world of social media to find recognition youknow to see how we could build this business and during this time by the way the classroomwas still there it was empty we were struggling to pay rent and there was no revenue at allso we started going to our friends parents houses and started teaching them public speakingenglish communication or whatever we could okay we used to go to colleges and talk to principalsrequesting them permission to give us a little bit of time one small workshop and they would neverpay us by the way and that's when we realized that you know this is not possible man we usedto travel by the way for 20 kilometers we used.

To go to that college sit over there for two hoursonly to get rejected to not get any appointment or the principal used to give us unbelievablenumbers like take 2 000 rupees for this workshop and teach 100 students that too for one week okayand uh you know that was that was quite pathetic so we used to come back to the classroom and justsit there idle just thinking and wondering where are we going to take this company and then afterone year we decided now it's time for youtube until then that is until april 2021 pars used tojust randomly post our instagram videos on youtube and we were not at all consistent so from aprilonwards we started posting videos consistently and by the time we posted our credit video thechannel blew up in fact cred was the turning point of our youtube channel and because of yourkind love and support because of each one of you.

Who trusted us who believed in us without actuallylooking at that subscriber count the channel hit a hundred thousand subscribers in ten dayswe hit two hundred thousand subscribers in the next twenty days and then we started hittinghundred thousand subscribers every single month and now we've hit 1 million subscribers in just11 months right but one thing to note here is it's not the credit video it was all the ninevideos that you put out which was of high quality and that is why it blew up yeah that's onething that you know most people often ask us is one video good enough to just blow up yourchannel well not really you have to have a collection of videos when people actually visityour channel this must have happened with you that you watched the credit video you liked it youwatched marlboro you liked it and then you started.

Watching other videos then you liked the channelgood enough to actually hit that subscribe button right so this is one thing that people oftenmisunderstand so yeah one great video is good enough to give you the visibility but the restof the videos will help you retain the audience right so now after having 1 million subscribersautomatically the channel generates enough revenue so we are at a pretty comfortable position ascompared to where we were one year back and now we can actually focus on our goals of buildingthis dream school on the internet rather than worrying about rent and pocket money so yeah guysso that's the story of things cool now this is a good place to ask you what is the future of thinkschool the future of think school is divided into two categories the first is a long term goal andsecond is we've got certain metrics to achieve by.

The end of this year the metrics that we want toachieve at the end of this year is that we want to lay the foundations for podcast we want to laythe foundations for our hindi channel and lastly when it comes to the production quality of thingsschool we want to reach the gold standards in case of youtube it is vox media for those who don'tknow vox media is actually an inspiration to many youtube creators because they put out world-classcontent with world-class production quality which is so good that sometimes you would chooseto watch a walk video over watching netflix so we have our standards that high i'm not sure howwe're going to get to that but we're going to do our best to get to that point so that's the shortterm goal that we have and as far as the long term goal of things school is concerned we've gotthree things in mind number one is to teach you.

Entrepreneurship by actually getting you on groundto do exercises like market research by talking to your mithai valla to do market research bytalking to a grocery buyer to understand how does he do stock keeping and stuff like that the nextthing that i have in mind is geopolitics and the reason why geopolitics is very close to my heartis because it's going to solve a major problem if you talk to the people around today and you askthem how's the government doing today they will compare that with congress now you see congressis not going to be your metric of excellence yeah if you have a yastic your yahtzee cannotbe mediocre you have to have yeah stick of excellence and this yesterday of excellence isnot because done a bad job but because there are several of the governments all across the worldthat have done a far better job than india itself.

There's the us government the israeli governmentthe singapore government singapurto we've covered it in one of our case studies butwe want to do a more extensive work so that you know what are the blunders that the countrieshave done at the same time you also know how small countries have been on a pursuit of excellence andhave done something far more extraordinary than even the biggest countries in the world and lastlywe have a podcast project in mind wherein we want to get the best ceos from different industriesto give you in-depth understanding of how their business functions how their industry functionsso that if you have the intent to start a business when you come to things school you should have 15different industries to choose from and regardless of which industry you choose when you start thatpodcast you should get game-changing insights that.

You'll not find in any book or any mba course sothose are the goals that we have for things cool and the last question that we have is by far themost popular question of all and that is what is the advice that you have for future creators andhow did things school hit 1 million subscribers in 11 months okay now there is no specific answer tothis but i know this that we were delivering value and people loved us so the answer lies withyou guys you were the ones who subscribed first nine videos did not get those kind ofviews but the 10th video got those kind of views but what happened next was amazing you guyswatched all the previous nine videos and like the content and that is why you subscribed andthese guys made youtuber happy so you guys hit the like button as a result the videosgot recommended and you know my channel.

For young creators what will that be advice toi've got three things to tell you first of all don't look at the numbers i know it's very easyto say in my case also he's seen me obsess over numbers it's very very difficult but the lesseryou focus on the numbers the more you'll be able to focus on creativity okay so that's thefirst advice that i have the second advice is do some market research and find out whatother creators in the same genre are making and that's when you'll understand what exactly isthe content that you're supposed to create that is one notch about the existing pieces of content inour case we realized that cnbc business insider and all these channels were covering businessinformation already but what we realized is that we found two things number one indian case studieswere missing number two it was just information.

And no insight as in they'll tell you that thisis how the business functions but they will not tell you what are the business lessons that youcan learn from them they will not tell you these are the starting materials and here's how you canactually go on to explore those industries so we found that delta and we capitalized on that andas far as the content strategy is concerned you know i was speaking to ayush back then and he putit very beautifully when he said that you either make something on time or you make somethingtimeless okay and if you see that's literally the blueprint of things cool's youtube channel you'llfind two types of videos the first type of video is where we put out something because there was ahunger to know about that particular subject like shark tank is going on people want to know whatboat so we put out a boat video and it blew up.

People wanted to know about ashnil grover sowe put out a video on bharate and it blew up at the same time you also have the other typeof videos like marlborough like lidget pappard like starbucks like haldiram and many such videoswhich will be relevant today they were relevant back then and they'll stay relevant even twoyears later right so this perfect balance of on-time content and timeless content is whatwill give you the balance of discoverability and long-term relationship with the subscribers andlong-term value to the subscribers and if you look at it from that standpoint i think that's all youneed to do rest is completely up to the algorithm to decide how it wants to take your content andhow it wants to blow up for us it was the 10th video for you probably it will be the 50th videobut the one thing is what is your intent is your.

Intent to deliver world-class knowledgeif yes then today tomorrow one year later youtube is bound to push your content you're boundto get 1 million subscribers we just happen to be lucky that we got it in 11 months that's all andlastly please don't depend on high tech setup as you could see our setup is as simple as it couldget right it's just a white wall a small ring light a mobile phone camera by the way this ismy oneplus 7 which actually broke into two pieces i started creating content from this phone untilwe hit 700 000 subscribers and even now it's actually being shot from a phone there's a boyamic that's attached which costs what 1500 rupees that's it that's all you need to get started don'tobsess over you know a great setup of fancy setup ops is all great content because that's where thereal gold is and before we say goodbye we just.

Want to thank you from the bottom of our heart forsupporting our content for forgiving my spelling mistakes and a few mistakes with numbers that ihave made it really means a lot to me i just can't express my gratitude in words but what i can do isgive you world-class content and that's what we'll continue to do as long as our youtube channelexists and that's my responsibility also i'll make sure that things school remains profitable sothat this guy creates contents for free so thank you so much guys and if you like this videodo hit the like button to make youtuber happy and to stay with us in our wonderful journey toput a dent in the indian education system please subscribe to this channel thank you so much forwatching i'll see you in the next one bye bye

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