Why is the USA manipulating India & the World about Russia-Ukraine war? : Geopolitical Case Study thumbnail

Why is the USA manipulating India & the World about Russia-Ukraine war? : Geopolitical Case Study

Military operation is now underway in eastern ukraine ukraine has declared a state of emergency the full scare invasion that intelligence officials had been warning about for weeks is now underway and there are reports of explosions and attacks at several major ukrainian cities hi everybody since the past 15 days we've been bombarded with.

The news of the russian invasion in ukraine and generally in today's day and time when global tensions between multiple countries are diffused through diplomacy and treaties war is by far the most unexpected outcome of all but in today's social media world warfare has taken a new dimension in the.

Form of propaganda and this propaganda is coming from both sides that's the russian side and the western side and more specifically in india this western propaganda has been so strong that has literally been instigating the indian citizens against our own government which is why in this episode today we are going to decode what exactly.

Prompted russia to invade ukraine which i'm sure most of you already know secondly we are going to throw light on how is the west hypocritically and very cleverly putting its concerns out how is this affecting india and most importantly in the indian context as citizens of india what exactly are we supposed to do in order to fulfill our.

Duties the right way this video is brought to you by cuckoo fm but more on this at the end of the video first let's go back in time to 1955 this is when the cold war was going on soon after world war ii the ussr was head to head with the uk and the us and back then ussr was almost the most powerful nation in the world.

But very recently the world saw the case of hitler wherein one powerful leader with a powerful army went on a rampage to conquer all smaller countries nearby and almost got hold of the entire european region so fearing the same could happen with the ussr in order to counter their power a military alliance was formed in 1949 by 12 countries.

Including the us canada the uk and france and this alliance came to be known as the north atlantic treaty organization or nato and the primary principle of making this alliance was that if any one of these nations in nato got attacked it would be considered as a personal attack on all.

Nations so all the nations are supposed to deploy their army if any one of them in nato was in trouble so in response to nato in 1955 soviet russia created its own military alliance of eastern european communist countries and this alliance was called the warsaw pact but this is what happened in 1991.

The soviet union itself is no more this is a victory for democracy and freedom i'd like to express on behalf of the american people my gratitude to mchale but fortunately or unfortunately the soviet union collapsed in 1991 and the.

Warsaw back country started switching sides to become nato members today this nato alliance has 30 members and if you look closely you will observe that today nato has almost reached the russian borders through estonia and latvia and of late ukraine started expressing its intent to join nato which means what if ukraine joined nato the.

Threat of 31 countries including the us and uk will stand at the border lines of russia and this is where putin's objection came in now just to give you a better context of why putin is angry let me ask you a question tomorrow if i tell you that the chinese have joined hands with bhutan nepal pakistan and sri lanka and they are not.

Going to attack india all they are going to do is place ballistic missiles at the border of nepal pakistan and bhutan and some warships in sri lanka all of this is just being done for the sake of its safety my question to you is as an indian would you feel threatened or not if yes you understand exactly why putin.

Is placing demands to push back nato now this in no way justifies the invasion of ukraine and the immense pain that is being caused to the innocent humans and animals in ukraine this is just to inform you as to why does putin feel threatened and what is the reasoning behind his demands and this is something that the western.

Propaganda channels will never ever tell you so coming back to the story when ukraine showed the intent of joining nato putin came out open and bold and said that the expansion of nato must stop immediately secondly nato must reverse and go back to what it used to be in 1997 and lastly he also said that ukraine should never.

Be allowed to join nato and as we all know nato refused to agree putin got angry and finally after multiple threats on 24th of february 2022 the invasion of ukraine happened and this brings me to phase 2 and that is economic sanctions now that russia has invaded ukraine the world has two options in which they can.

React number one they could take the war head-on and respond with their military that would lead to firing bloodshed and maybe no no this would cost every country very very heavily because russia has nuclear weapons and most importantly ukraine is not yet a part of nato so practically.

These nations cannot interfere with their army which is why they went with a second option and that is financial warfare this is the reason why we saw something called economic sanctions come in in simple words economic sanctions are often designed to hold a country's economy and to create an indirect.

Pressure on the government to stop the world in this case the eu us uk japan and canada have cut off all the key russian banks from the international payment network called swift this payment network allows smooth and rapid transfer of money across borders and this is expected to delay the russian import and export payments and.

It is even expected to slow down the borrowing which might cause a potential loss of millions of dollars to the russian companies secondly the eu uk and canada has shut off their airspace to the russian airlines personal sanctions are being imposed on putin and lastly germany has now halted the approval of russia's.

North stream 2 gas pipeline for those who don't know nord stream 2 is a joint venture between germany and russia it is a 1200 kilometer pipeline that costed 11 billion dollars and was completed in last september and the russian state-owned energy company called gasprom actually put up half of the cost of this project now although this.

Pipeline does not have an operating license yet in order to oppose russia germany has now put this on hold i'll attach a few links in the description to help you understand this deeper for now all you need to know is that this is what these countries are doing to wage a financial war against russia now the question over here is putin has.

Been in power since decades right so he obviously knew that these countries would impose sanctions on russia so the question is what is russia's strategy to oppose the west well the answer to that question lies in this line that i read in bloomberg which said that you don't just shut down the second largest commodity producer in the.

World and not expect bad things to happen what this means is that these sanctions are not just a threat to russia but will also have severe repercussions on the global economy itself why because russia is the third largest producer of oil worldwide according to over 12 percent of the global crude oil.

Production in fact in 2021 the european union alone imported 155 billion cubic meters of natural gas from russia which is around 45 percent of eu's gas imports and close to 40 of its total gas consumption so guess what what followed next was an energy mayhem that the world will remember for decades.

Brent crude futures soared to a 10 year high near 120 dollars a barrel european natural gas is about 218 dollars per megawatt hour and coal futures are surpassing 400 a metric ton in australia apart from that russia and ukraine also large exporters of wheat and corn as well as essential metals like palladium aluminium and nickel and these metals.

Are used in everything from mobile phones to automobiles as a result weed has jumped to its highest level since 2008 about 400 euros a ton in paris aluminium hit a record about 3 800 a ton on the london metal exchange and copper has already closed in on an all-time high this is the cost of imposing sanctions.

On a global superpower like russia and now there are two schools of thought the first says that the russian fortress will [__] due to the sanctions and will eventually withdraw while the second school of thought say that the world itself cannot afford to keep the war going because if crude oil touches the expected cost of 185 dollars per.

Barrel it's going to result into inflation all across the world and just like the 70s this will be nothing short of an economic disaster and this brings me to the most important part of the episode and that is where does india stand amidst all this drama and what do we need to do about the western propaganda first of all you need.

To understand the harsh reality of the world that we live in that is in geopolitics world leaders care more about the rivals rising to power than actual human beings and the entities that might appear to be ambassadors of peace may sometimes do things that are not exactly peaceful for example president biden and obama put out.

Heartfelt messages about how much they feel for ukrainians and how they condemn the acts of warfare by russia and you see every single media house screaming it out to the world talking about the bombings done by russia but did you guys know that in 2016 alone the united states dropped 26 177 bombs in syria iraq afghanistan libya yemen.

Somalia and pakistan that 72 bombs every single day for 365 days a year and three bombs every hour for 24 hours a day and obviously not all these bombs ended up killing a terrorist my question to you is how many of these media houses covered this and turned this into a sensation how many of these bombs actually made into twitter headlines and.

Turned into twitter trends my question is why didn't the west outreach over that well that is because during that time even though people were dying children were dying women were dying they weren't threatened by any rival nation but this time russia is rising to power and suddenly they have become ambassadors of peace now listen to me.

Very very carefully does this mean that you shouldn't talk about ukrainians and the refugee crisis absolutely you must in fact you must donate raise funds and do everything to help because innocent men women children and innocent animals are dying for no fault of theirs but at the same time my dear friends.

Always remember that the world leaders that you see are not standing up because they care about humans or animals they do that because they care about power and secondly as citizens of a giant country like india you need to understand that love between individuals and love in statecraft are two different things so as humans as indians you must.

Feel for ukrainians you must donate raise funds and do anything necessary to help them out because after all humans and animals are suffering but when it comes to a state like india supporting a state called ukraine it's a whole new dimension altogether if you saw the u.n walk out while all other countries walked out on russia india did not why.

Because india and russia have fostered a very strong relationship for 50 long years in the past 20 years russia accounted for 66.5 percent of india's armed imports in 2021 alone india exported 3.3 billion dollars worth of goods to russia and most importantly in 1971 indo-pakistan war the british ships were.

About to target the western coast from the arabian sea and the us was looking to move into the bay of bengal in the east this is when russia sent its army and came to our rescue to push both the brits and the u.s back to their houses this is the reason why india cannot oppose russia and that too during a time.

When the notorious chinese troops are right at our borders so although as citizens you could help the ukrainians out as a state if india does that we will lose out on a 50 year old friend making us extremely vulnerable to probably a chinese invasion and at the same time we cannot oppose.

The west because over the due course of years we have developed good ties with the uk and the united states so basically india is and must stay out of this war as much as possible and what we need to do is stop cursing the government and blaming our own country under the influence of the propaganda so please note that as a state this is.

Not our war and we must not fight it as once a great man said war is a strange game the only way to win it is to not play it at all and this brings me to the last part of the episode and that are the geopolitical lessons that we need to learn as indian citizens from the russia ukraine saga before we move on i want to thank our partners kuku fm for.

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Moving on the first thing that we need to understand as citizens of india is that every time you hear the west talk about peace always try to dig deeper and find out what exactly is their real concern is it power or genuinely people lesson number two love and peace between individuals is not the same as love and peace between states.

So always choose to differentiate both of them very very carefully before putting out a social media outreach and lastly as citizens of india and the world always remember war is a strange game the only way to win it is to not play it at all that's all from my side for today guys if you learned something valuable please make sure to hit the.

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