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Your Business Isn’t Growing In 2022 Because You’re Not Doing THIS!

– Hey, everyone. It's Rimi from HubSpot. Well, welcome back to the channel. In this video, I'm gonna talk about six digital marketing trends that you need to know about, and that are happening right now in 2022. We're a couple months into the year and digital marketing hasexperienced some changes.

The good news is thatyou don't have to hop on all of these trendsall at once to see results for your business, but I definitely recommendyou grab a pen and paper and jot down two or three of these trends that you can go all in onfor your business this year. HubSpot actually has adigital marketing course that you can take for freeto broaden your skillset and learn about things like ad strategies,.

Optimizing your website andgrowing organic followings for your business platforms. This course is great especially for trend number three that I'll be talking aboutlater on in the video. So make sure to check it out. The link for it is down below. All right, so trend numberone is influencer marketing. You've probably already heard about this.

But I can't stress enough how influencers are essentially the newdigital ads to invest in. In 2021 influencer marketingwas a $13 billion industry and it's expected to reachover 84 billion by 2028. This is great news formarketers and business owners because there are nowthousands of influencers all over the globe that you can partner with no matter the size of your budget. Depending on who your target audience.

Is you'll wanna choose your influencers wisely to make sure thatthey are worth investing in. And before reaching out to influencers you'll wanna determine what your budget is and who you think thatbudget would align with. A great way for you tofigure out if an influencer is a good fit for you or notis to ask for their media kit. A media kit is basicallyan influencer's resume. You'll be able to see things.

Like the rates that they charge for posts across theirdifferent platforms, their demographics, past brands they've worked with, their engagement rates and so much more. From here your team can decide if they wanna give thegreen light to move forward. Well, let's face it, people trust people more than they trust brands.

And if you can work with an influencer thathas a dedicated audience you can see so major ROIfrom collaborating with them. Influencer marketing is big and it's going to keep getting bigger so make sure you'reinvesting in your brand by increasing your influencermarketing budget this year. Trend number two, have the human in mind. Over the past couple of years.

Brands have realized how important it is to be more personable. When you think about how companies used to market their products or services it was all about being buttonedup and super professional. But if you scroll throughsocial media today you'll see that brands haveit shifted away from that and now have stronger brand voices. They understand now thatthey're making sales.

To other humans behind the screens and aggressive marketing tacticsjust won't cut it anymore. One of my favorite of TikTok accounts that's seeing tremendous growth by doing this is Duolingo. Duolingo is a language learning platform and they currently have3.4 million followers just by adding humor totheir marketing strategy. Not only does their team createentertaining TikTok content.

But they also engage withregular user accounts by leaving funny and witty comments. Their team noticed an increasein the amount of people reporting that they downloaded their app after seeing their content on TikTok. So it's safe to say that this part of theirstrategy is staying. Or to put it in TikTok terms the brands that get it, get it.

And the brands that don't, don't. If you're able to berelatable to your audience, they'll try and trust your products more. Moving on to trend numberthree, organic content. The algorithms have gotten smarter and quality organic contentis important to keep up. Organic content is very effective because brands and customers can learn about each other simultaneously.

If potential customers found your brand through paid advertisingand have any questions, they'll stick around for the long haul if you're communicating with them via yourorganic content regularly. Remember that HubSpot coursethat I mentioned earlier, that course will help with this. It's a great introductionto digital marketing because it goes in depth on things.

Like finding an SEO strategy, that fits your business,creating quality content, developing successfulmarketing strategies, and so much more. These are all things that you need to know about when creating your organic content because let's be honest, algorithms are always changing. Many businesses that move online.

Have no idea where to start and they end up not seeingthe results that they want. This course will set your up for success and after you've learned allof this valuable information you can plug in your new strategy into HubSpot's marketing plan template, which is also free to download. So that way you can stay organized and on top of your game this year.

I'll have the links to these down below (suspenseful music) – This data is wrong every freaking time. – Have you heard of HubSpot? HubSpot is a CRM platform where everything is fully integrated. – Whoa, I can see theclient's whole history. Call, support tickets, emails, and here Is a task from threedays ago I totally missed.

(bright upbeat music) – HubSpot grow better. (bright upbeat music) – Moving on to trend number four, and this trend is here tostay, conscious marketing. It's one thing to be conscious as a brand but it's even better to beconscious and active about it. Consumers care about the brands that they support and buy from.

And something that theyreally value is transparency. How are you making theworld a better place? Are you environmentally conscious? Do you have recyclingstations in the workplace? Do you participate in localor global social projects? There is many ways to bemore conscious as a brand whether it's in theworkplace or outside of it. Many companies are nowaware of the importance of diversity in the workplace,.

But also in their ads and campaigns that their customers will see. Brands like Nike and Dove have been doing this forthe past couple of years and smaller brands are catching on and incorporating this intotheir strategies as well. Being transparent used tobe about not masking prices or sharing company performance, which are still very important things.

To be transparent about but the consciousness has expanded and this is an importanttrend to maintain long term for overall company success. Trend number five, offer freebies. Have you ever been to the grocery store and they're giving outfree samples of food. People swarm becausethey love free things. Especially if they'rehearing about your product.

For the first time. When coming up with a marketing strategy, keep this in mind forthings like campaigns, sales or upcoming holidays. An example of something youcan do is offer free shipping on an order of X amount of dollars or offer a free product with any purchase. A 2021 article titled”The Psychology of Free” said that free things areconsidered to have a higher value.

Because the risk of dissatisfaction and value for money is eliminated. When consumers are given free gifts for spending a certain amountof money they feel rewarded. If you don't sell products you can still do this byoffering free services like a free consultationor a webinar or a course. You know, like the HubSpot course linked in the description box.

The last trend I'm gonna talk about in this video is live streaming. When you're creating your content online it's important to have avariety of still images and videos on your pages, but a popular trend that not many brands have taken advantage of is live streaming. This trend ties in the first five trends together because you'llbe able to do things.

Like partner with an influencerto do a live stream for you. Have a team member run a live stream to interact with your followers in a real human way whileestablishing your brand's voice at the same time. Be transparent. And you can announce any sales or freebies to your loyal customers that are tuning in.

With apps like TikTok,Twitch, and Instagram where live streaming plays a big role in how brands sell product and communicate with their followers. Right now is the perfect time to try it out for your business. With Instagram's updatedlive shopping feature you can even pin specificproducts that you wanna promote and sell to your customersthat are tuning in.

I'll have an article linked down below if you wanna learn howto do this step by step. So those are six trendshappening right now in 2022. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, let me know your thoughts on these trends down below in the comments. Thank you so much for watchingand I'll see you next time. Bye. But a popular trend that not many brands.

I presume that I'm on roll. Okay. It's literally on roll.

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